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How quality is maintained in manufacturing industry.

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  1. 1. Minor ProjectStudy of Quality Assurance in manufacturing Industry
  2. 2. Overview• Objective Of Study• Scope Of Study• Defining Quality• Introduction Of Study• Analysis : Questionnaire• Limitations Of Study• Conclusion
  3. 3. Objective Of Study• The objective is analyze the quality in manufacturing Industry and to see how quality can be controlled and what kind of policies are followed by industries to measure the quality.
  4. 4. Scope Of StudyThe scope of the project includes:• To study the quality process followed in manufacturing industries.• To study the various activities that takes place in the organization to ensure about the quality.• To study the various tools and policies of the Quality process.
  5. 5. Defining QualityPerfection Fast delivery Providing a good, usable products Eliminating waste Fitness for use Consistency Doing it right the first time Total customer services and satisfactions
  6. 6. Introduction Of Study QUALITY ASSURANCEQuality assurance is a process centered approach to ensuring that a company or organization is providing the best possible product/services.
  7. 7. Manufacturing Process Flow MINPUTS A• Employees N OUTPUT• Equipment U• Gauging F Product/Services• Process Flows A• Risk Analysis C T• Control Plans U• Work Instructions R• Blueprints / Specs I• Raw Material / Parts N• Change Requests G
  8. 8. Functions of Quality Assurance
  9. 9. Importance of Quality Assurance in Manufacturing • Improve Quality • Low Cost • Reputation • Time • Compliance To Standards
  10. 10. Analysis The 1st part of this Questionnaire is : Quality Assurance General• Do you have a documented Q.A. System? the system include : ● Quality Assurance Manual Yes / No ● Quality Procedures Yes / No ● Work Instructions Yes / No• Do you have a Current Q.A. Manual? Yes / No a) What National/International Quality Standard (i.e. ISO 9001 or equivalent) does your quality system meet ? Ans: b) Is your Company’s Quality System certified to that standard ? Yes / No• Do you have a documented procedure for maintaining, updating and tracking the Q.A. manuals? Yes/No• Is the Q.A. department’s authorities and responsibility clearly defined in writing? Yes / No
  11. 11. Quality Assurance General
  12. 12. The 2nd part of this Questionnaire is : Procurement Control1. Are there written procedures for the control of purchased materials? Yes / No2. Are certifications/test reports required from subcontractors? Yes / No3. Does the Q.A. department requite their vendors to have an adequate Q.A.Program? Yes / No4. Does the system provide for effective corrective action with a subcontractorwhen required? Yes / No5. Is there a flow-down of customer requirements to the subcontractor? Yes / No
  13. 13. Procurement Control
  14. 14. The 3rd part of this Questionnaire is : Inspection and Testing• Do you have “receiving” inspection procedures? Yes / No• Do receiving inspection records indicate acceptance or rejection of incoming materials? Yes / No• Are materials inspected to verify conformance with the purchase order requirements including receipt of certifications and/or test reports? Yes / No• Are receiving materials properly handled and protected during the receiving process and controlled ? Yes / No
  15. 15. Inspection and Testing
  16. 16. The 4th part of this Questionnaire is : Handling, Storage, and Packaging•Are inspections preformed on incoming and out going materials? Yes / No•Are materials and/or supplies segregated by lot numbers? Yes / No•Are shelf life materials controlled? Yes / No•Are customer-supplied materials and/or supplies controlled? Yes / No 
  17. 17. Handling, Storage, and Packaging
  18. 18. The 5th part of this Questionnaire is : In-Process Control & Final Inspection Acceptance• Are there in-process inspection/ controls performed by quality personnel? Yes / No• Are in process inspection / controls designed, planned and compatible with operations? Yes / No• When applicable, is sampling inspection performed in compliance with established standards? Yes / No
  19. 19. In-Process Control & Final Inspection Acceptance
  20. 20. The 6th part of this Questionnaire is : non-conforming item• What controls are applied when a non-conforming item is found at : Receiving Inspection In-Process Inspection Final Inspection• Are defective materials properly identified, segregated from acceptable material and held in a controlled area pending disposition? Yes / No• Is appropriate corrective action taken on non-conforming materials in accordance with the applicable standard? Yes / No
  21. 21. Non-conforming item
  22. 22. Conclusion The following Conclusion can be drawn:• There are signs that Quality Assurance concept improves the performance of an organization in terms of cost reductions, increase in corporate performance and productivity, profitability and market shares.• Quality Assurance also improves the customer satisfactions and competitiveness.• The concept of Quality Assurance has been highly welcomed in the company as a way of life for customer satisfaction, making the customer delighted as well as staff and in achieving corporate goals and objectives.
  23. 23. Recommendations• The practice of Quality Assurance should be regarded as ongoing activity.• There is need for top management to be more committed to Quality Assurance.• The company should intensify efforts on cost reduction exercise.• The Quality Assurance approach to any process should be based on the requirement of external customers for the sake of their satisfactions.
  24. 24. THANK YOU