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Why Prototypes Matter: From User Experience to Design Thinking

Until 2015, innovation came from outside newsrooms. Today, journalists, developers and graphic designers are able to set up prototypes and test new editorial services internally: innovation is back in the newsroom! How do these media innovators understand user engagement and practise a new collaborative process to craft better quality journalism?

Justin Ferrell, Media Experiments & Fellowships Director, Institute of Design, Stanford University
Mariana Santos, Director of Interactive and Animation, Fusion Media
Adam Thomas, Chief of Product, Storyful

Moderator: Gerold Riedmann, CEO, Russmedia Digital

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Why Prototypes Matter: From User Experience to Design Thinking

  1. 1. the human algorithm.
  2. 2. Storyful Technology.
  3. 3. Storyful Technology. Full-stack. No more silos. Clear focus. User-oriented goals. Fail fast. Two week sprints. Time to collaborate. 10% time given to face-to-face planning. Diversification. Different people = different solutions Data-driven. Metrics drive smart decision making. Breed culture. Help new people.
  4. 4. We research.
  5. 5. We talk to people.
  6. 6. We use data.
  7. 7. We understand old solutions.
  8. 8. We define problems.
  9. 9. We prototype.
  10. 10. We ship.
  11. 11. We iterate.
  12. 12. We prototype some more.
  13. 13. We iterate some more.
  14. 14. …and more.
  15. 15. …and more.
  16. 16. …and more.
  17. 17. …and more.
  18. 18. (we create style guides as we go)