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Digital Re-print -
July | August 2013
Turkish milling industry review - part 2
Grain & Feed MillingTechnolo...
See part one of this
feature in the May/June
2013 edition of GFMT
Turkish milling
industry review
by Tom Blacker, director...
packaging machinery and equipment
and the latest innovations in spare
parts and supplier industry products
will also be on...
Optivite shares
knowledge with Turkish
egg producers
Increasing performance through
good bacterial control in both
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Turkish milling industry review - part 2
Turkish milling industry review - part 2
Turkish milling industry review - part 2
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Turkish milling industry review - part 2

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Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine is keenly aware of the rise of Turkey. In modern times, especially since the start of the 21st century, Turkey has become more and more important to the region and beyond.

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Turkish milling industry review - part 2

  1. 1. Digital Re-print - July | August 2013 Turkish milling industry review - part 2 Grain & Feed MillingTechnology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2013 Perendale Publishers Ltd.All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872
  2. 2. See part one of this feature in the May/June 2013 edition of GFMT Turkish milling industry review by Tom Blacker, directories coordinator, Perendale Publishers Ltd, United Kingdom A new venue and new date top of the list of changes as IDMA thrives IDMA has been running for just five editions but it has already made its mark on the interna- tional milling events circuit. No longer just a local show, the exhi- bition has gone from strength to strength, attracting visitors and exhibitors from far and wide. However, after the success of IDMA 2013, event organiser, Parantez, has not been content to sit back and relax. In fact, the team has already begun work on the next edition and has revealed several changes to look forward to for IDMA 2014. The next show will take place between December 11-14, 2014. The shift from its usual March/April date to December is in order to attract as many visitors as possible. The new date falls in the relatively quiet period between planting and harvesting, which Partenez hopes will appeal to the cereals and pulses sector. A new date is not the only change for IDMA 2014. The show will also have a new home at the TÜYAP Istanbul Fair Center. Visitors to the 6-hall, 44,000 m2 venue will be able to enjoy a greater product range, while exhibitors will be able to showcase their products on larger stands. The great attraction of IDMA is the wide range of machinery, products and services under one roof and the larger venue will help accommodate this further. Visitors will be able to see the lat- est technologies from the world giants in the cereals and pulses processing industries. The participating companies will present their latest technologies developed for flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed mills and pulse cleaning, packaging, pasta and biscuit manufacturing plants to the taste of the visitors for the first time. Besides these; grain storage silos, fill- ing, conveying and unloading systems, laboratory equipment, additives, â PART 2 Obial Obial and its parent group, Altuntas are located in a wonderful spot near Aksaray. Mount Hasan looms near the head office and factories for Obial and Alfan where a sur- prising amount of products are manufactured. We loved that the office has a circular part to resemble a silo, and the separately housed mosque for staff is also designed in the style of a silo! Inside the factories, staff were busy working with elevator buckets, augers, industrial fans and all kinds of silos in mass production. It was an impressive surprise to see the range of products the company has moved into. Obial has recently opened an enormous new factory, which really shows that its expansion is still ongoing and they truly wish to keep up with demand. There is even a 1 km² area of land reserved for fruit trees providing food for the com- pany too. We also noted that Altuntas has developed its customer base far and wide outside of Turkey. This enables Altuntas to be there for its customers in many regions of Africa and Asia especially. After these visits, we were taken back to the offices for tea and conducted interviews with Aybek Kali who spoke in five languages for a very international set of interview videos. A pleasant group of people in a very pleasant and scenic area. The only way is up for Obial. Grain&feed millinG technoloGy40 | July - august 2013 FEATURE
  3. 3. packaging machinery and equipment and the latest innovations in spare parts and supplier industry products will also be on display. Once again Perendale Publishers Ltd will be a media partner of the show. “Wearereallyhappytobeinvolved with IDMA again. The show just keeps on improving which is great,” says Tuti Tan events manager, Perendale Publishers. In addition, Perendale Publishers will be the sole UK agent for the show. The company will be responsible for selling stands and promoting the show. “We are delighted to work with the team at Parentez to promote and support this event espe- cially as it is growing in impor- tance each year,” says Tan. UK companies can apply for government funding to attend IDMA 2014 as part of a European-wide scheme for trade show access and seminars. The UK branch of the scheme is run by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), a government organisa- tion which helps companies rise to the opportunities and chal- lenges that globalisation offers. UKTI’s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) provides grant support for eligible SME firms to attend trade shows overseas. Grants are available to help with travel costs and to pay for trade stands at exhibitions across the world. Interested com- panies and individuals can apply via an accredited trade organisation such as the British Pig Association. More InforMatIon: For stand information at IDMA 2014 email Tuti Tan For more information about UK funding for trade shows visit Bastak Bastak is located near the capital city, Ankara in central Turkey. We met with Mr Zeki, managing director and Suzan Kızılok, marketing manager for a wide-ranging talk about the development of Bastak and their relationship with us. The staff at Bastak were brilliant in showing us all their products which were especially lined up in the main laboratory. There was even a new laboratory-friendly sized roller mill for testing grains and feeds which was proudly shown off. This is a very inter- esting product and one we will be watching for its full range of applications. Their ambition and dedication is really impressive. We wish them well for the future. Imas Imas took us on a rapid but comprehensive tour of all parts of their production facilities in Konya. We saw many milling and semolina roller machines in different stages of production, as well as sieves and sifters being crafted in another area of the factory. We were interested to talk to our main contact, Muhammed Yiğit, marketing executive who was happy to pose for photos with the other executives and factory workers. We were later introduced to Muhammed Uzun, marketing manager for Imas who pro- vided some good feedback about IDMA and how posi- tively busy he had been since the exhibition. Aybek Kali with head office staff from Altuntas Mount Hasan and Altuntas group silos Ugur Makina marketing team Our visit to Bastak was documented on their company website at: Grain&feed millinG technoloGy42 | July - august 2013 FEATURE
  4. 4. Optivite shares knowledge with Turkish egg producers Increasing performance through good bacterial control in both broilers and layers, improving egg shell quality and reducing bacte- rial loading on the farm were some of the key issues cov- ered at a series of meetings with Turkish egg producers. These were undertaken by natural ani- mal feed additive manufacturer, Optivite, UK and their long- standing Turkish distributor Ekol. In recent years, Turkey has always been ranked near or in the global top ten producing countries for chicken meat and egg production. The Turkish Statistical Institute reports that egg production has increased by 10 percent over the past 12 months to 1.4 billion units and the number of slaugh- tered chickens rose 2.8 percent over the same period. “We were delighted to be able to advise Turkish farmers on how best to improve the perform- ance on their farms and overcome their current challenges,” said Richard Remmer, director of technical support, Optivite. The presentations were to rep- resentatives of several layer farms in the central Konya region and to a number of broiler integrators in Adana on the southern central Mediterranean coast; Tuna Sevgi, the local Ekol sales manager explained that here climate and heat are important factors to be considered. In addition to the Optivite presentations, Prof Hasan Kutlu from Çukurova University gave a presentation on the importance of balanced nutrient levels for egg quality and the impact of contamination of feedstuffs with mycotoxins. This he explained can lead to lower eggshell qual- ity, blood and meat spots and a creamy yolk. Flour treatment specialist invests in production and research facility in Izmir Turkey is one of the most dynamic and complex markets in the world. In order to meet the increasing demands of local bakeries producing bread and pastry goods, Mühlenchemie and its long-standing distribution part- ner ABP are intensifying their cooperation. With the opening of a production plant of its own for flour improvers and flour fortification premixes in Izmir, the joint venture intends to meet the challenges facing flour improve- ment in Turkey and its neigh- bouring regions. ABP has been the distribution partner of the flour treatment specialist Mühlenchemie since 1992. The two firms have now established the joint venture ABP Mühlenchemie Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi as a partnership on a basis of equal- ity. In this context, the new company has set up a research and production facility of its own in order to be in a better position to meet the needs of the region’s milling industry. By doing so, it has cleared the way for sustainable growth in Turkey. “Thanks to the new production plant and our joint venture with ABP we are now able to serve the dynamic Turkish market for agricultural prod- ucts and food more systemati- cally and flexibly”, says Lennart Kutschinski, managing director, Mühlenchemie. “A knowledge of local condi- tions and good relations with our customers, including thor- ough advice, are essential for our business if we are to offer additional value with individual system solutions. In ABP and Mühlenchemie, two excellent partners have intensified their cooperation to ensure a suc- cessful future.” Kemal Kantar, the owner of the ABP group, welcomes the clos- er business relationship, “The two companies have the same attitude to quality. We have been importing Mühlenchemie’s products for over 20 years. But since the demands made by our local mills are much greater these days, production on the spot is the logical conclusion if we are to continue our partner- ship.” Turkish industry news Grain&feed millinG technoloGy July - august 2013 | 43 Staying ahead of the competition requires smart feed formula- tions. You – as formulation manager – are key in this strategy. But how do you create the best quality and lowest cost recipes – under any conditions and at any time? BESTMIX® provides the answer. This user-friendly software makes it easy to manage accurate nutritional values, production parameters and recipe specifications. You can adapt instantly to volatile material costs, ingredient stocks and purchasing positions. The results are per- fect recipes that can be translated directly into practical products and synchronized automatically with labelling and safety data. Want the least cost recipe, no matter how challenging the requirements? Call us today on +32 50 30 32 11 and get BESTMIX® . The smartest way to beat the competition. Adifo develops and services sector-specific software tools for the international nutrition industry. We enable you to gain maximum control over your core processes and guarantee the protection of critical business knowledge. Optimize your feed formulation FEATURE
  5. 5. LINKS • See the full issue • Visit the GFMT website • Contact the GFMT Team • Subscribe to GFMT A subscription magazine for the global flour & feed milling industries - first published in 1891 INCORPORATING PORTS, DISTRIBUTION AND FORMULATION In this issue: • Pig feed pelletizing technology • Feed focus Cattle • Exploring the challenge of single versus multi- enzyme dosing comparisons July-August2013 • Improving poultry health and production efficiency with probiotics • Aflatoxins in Europe: a new risk in maize production? • Sweeping changes to OSHA’s sweep auger enforcement first published in 1891 This digital Re-print is part of the July | August 2013 edition of Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine. Content from the magazine is available to view free-of-charge, both as a full online magazine on our website, and as an archive of individual features on the docstoc website. Please click here to view our other publications on To purchase a paper copy of the magazine, or to subscribe to the paper edi- tion please contact our Circulation and Subscriptions Manager on the link adove. INFORMATION FOR ADVERTISERS - CLICK HERE Article reprints All Grain & Feed Milling Tecchnology feature articles can be re-printed as a 4 or 8 page booklets (these have been used as point of sale materials, promotional materials for shows and exhibitions etc). If you are interested in getting this article re-printed please contact the GFMT team for more informa- tion on - Tel: +44 1242 267707 - Email: or visit