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Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership Semi-Annual Membership Meeting

The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership hosted its 2011 Semi-Annual Membership Meeting on June 22, 2011. Ron Kramer from Schneider Downs presented on the potential changes to charitable deductions. Members Laura Maines, Bernadette Turner, and Dave Coplan provided a PA budget update, an update on our three committees' work, and an introduction to our 2012 dues changes, respectively. Thanks to all, including our Chair, Colleen Fedor and President, Diana Bucco for leading the meeting.

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Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership Semi-Annual Membership Meeting

  1. 1. Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership Semi-Annual Member Meeting Wednesday, Wednesday June 22 2011 22, 8:00AM – 10:00 AM
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaBreakfast + NetworkingWelcomeW l Colleen F d Th Mentoring C ll Fedor, The M t i Partnership, chair GPNP Advisory TeamImplications of the changing charitable giving Ron Kramer, Schneider Downsincentives in the federal tax codePA Budget Update Laura Maines, Wesley SpectrumCommittee Reports Bernadette Turner, Addison Behavioral Care2012 Dues Change Dave Coplan, Human Services Center Corporation C tiClosing Diana Bucco, The Forbes FundsWorkshops – 10:15 to 11:15 Advocacy 101, Joe Geiger, PANO Technology, Joe Polk, Penn State
  3. 3. Ron Kramer Schneider Downs Kramer, Implications of the changing charitable giving i h it bl i i incentives i th ti in the federal tax code
  4. 4. The Charitable ContributionDeductionsD d ti Section 170(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) provides a tax deduction for any charitable contribution ( defined in IRC Section 170(e)) to or for the y (as ( )) use of certain nonprofit organizations Under the general rule of IRC Section 170(b)(1)(A), an individual’s tax deduction for charitable contributions to public charities and private operating foundations is limited to 50% of their contribution base (generally adjusted gross income “AGI”) for the year A 30% limitation applies to contributions to semi-public charities and private foundations and to contributions of capital gain property to public charities Contributions of appreciated property to semi-public charities and private foundations are deductible only up to 20% of the donor’s contribution base (AGI) The charitable contribution deduction for a C corporation is limited to 10 percent of its taxable income for the year Both individuals and corporations may carry over to the five succeeding taxable years any amount of charitable contributions that exceed the deduction limitations
  5. 5. PA BUDGET:WHERE ARE WE NOW?• In late May, HB1485, the budget proposal of the PA House of Representatives, passed by a vote of 109-92 virtually along party lines. Although the House budget follows the Governor’s proposed budget by keeping funding at $27.3 billion, it shifts funds through various cuts and $27 3 billion restorations. The House bill does not include the use of the $544 million in unexpected, additional revenue.• The Senate has begun work on the budget bill, and Senators generally would like to pass a budget bill by this week. However, Governor Corbett has indicated that any budget coming in even slightly above his proposed $27.3 would be vetoed.• While the House budget adhered to the Governor’s $27.3, the Senate has indicated a willingness t move slightly on th t number. S ifi ll on our J illi to li htl that b Specifically, June 13 2011 Harrisburg 13, H i b visits, it was clear that both the Senate and the House are open to using the $544 additional revenue. However, all indicated trepidation that the Governor would support such a use of the additional revenue.• The Senate’s budget has yet to be made public and the word is that once it is made public, it should be considered final.• Although Representatives and Senators continue to indicate that the budget will be completed on time this year, increasing discussion of the additionall revenue, as well as l t d ti thi i i di i f th dditi ll debate regarding potential plans to include a fee on natural gas drillers may delay the budget into July.
  6. 6. Key Advocacy Areas Early Childhood Community & Economic Arts & Culture Welfare Education Development• Restore quality child • Restore the 70% cuts • Restore funds to Main • Restoring funding to care subsidies, cuts to to arts funding to Street and Elm Street Medicare/Medicaid, Pre-K classrooms leverage another $8 programs that have family support centers, funded through million to serve over proven to be effective afterschool assistance accountability block 840,000 840 000 children and in creating tax base in homeless shelters grant, state funding for youth and transform and other programs TEACH scholarships, neighborhoods under DPW that are Keystone STARS critical to our award community well being Invest in Our Future! Cutting many of these cost cutting measures will cause explosive increases in the future. Average cost per child through Family Support Centers is $1,610 compared to the average cost p y to house a state p g per year prisoner of $22,650. Why Cut What Works? Now is Not the Time!
  7. 7. Current Efforts and Next Steps District and Harrisburg Visits with Legislators  What are the consequences and the impacts of the reduction in funding to vital services?  Spend now for future cost savings – destroying existing infrastructure p g y g g will obliterate necessary services now as well as in the future.  June 13, 2011 Hill visits Action Alerts, Web site updates, text messaging, mobile platform Alerts updates messaging WHY CUT WHAT WORKS?  PA Budget Watch Se es udget atc Series  May 18 rally in Market Square, Downtown  Press Conference June 9, 2011 at Family Resources
  8. 8. Membership Committee 316 Members 43 New Members 2011 Membership 93% Retention Rate!
  9. 9. Membership Committee
  10. 10. Membership Committee
  11. 11. Communications + Public Policy
  12. 12. Communications + Public Policy
  13. 13. Communications + Public Policy
  14. 14. Communications + Public Policy
  15. 15. 2012 Dues Changes Strategic Plan calls for more active public policy and advocacy agenda t make a significant impact iin th region. d to k i ifi t i t the i To accomplish this, we need to have additional income to support skilled staff. Past 6 years, member dues have accounted for < 50% of total budget; additional expenses have been covered by The Forbes Funds ( (2011 member dues = $31,200). $ ) Just as our members are moving towards financial self- sufficiency, sufficiency we must move in that direction as well well. Three-pronged approach to income generation: Member Dues, Sponsorships + Foundation Grants.
  16. 16. 2012 Dues Structure Current Increase in Fee Operating Budget Dues 2012 Dues proposed for 20120-$999k $100 $100 0%$1M-$4M $100 $200 100%$4M-$10M $100 $300 200%>$10M $100 $500 400%Associate Members $100 $500 400%
  17. 17. Additional Considerations Associate Members – potentially two levels of membership based on annual income. S h l hi Support – members and sponsors will h Scholarship S t b d ill have the opportunity to contribute to scholarship fund. Your input + comments are welcome and encouraged. Please connect with staff. ease co ect t sta
  18. 18. Stay Tuned! Continuous updates on the PA State Budget. Member orientation session on July 6th from 8:30AM to 9:30AM h t d b A h Sh 9 30AM hosted by Aryeh Sherman at JF&CS – new and t d existing members are encouraged to attend. Please complete your meeting evaluation and leave it at t e eg st at o desk. the registration des Workshop Details W k h D t il
  19. 19. Workshops 10:15 to 11:15 Advocacy 101, Joe Geiger, Executive Director, PANO in ALC 2 which is located up one level and you can take the stairs or the elevator. Technology, Joe Polk, Senior Technical Specialist with the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) Penn State University, in the Falk Library which is just across the main hallway.