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INSTACOACH Presentation at World Coaches Conference 2015 in Turkey

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This is the presentation that Kris Koik, Co-founder and CEO of INSTACOACH gave during World Coaches Conference 2015 in Turkey. If you are a tennis coach, head of a tennis academy or national tenis federation and you missed his presentation, now you can access it here.
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For tennis coaches in Spain, visit to discover Talent ID, the new mobile app for tennis coaches.

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INSTACOACH Presentation at World Coaches Conference 2015 in Turkey

  1. 1. Irish Tennis Coach • Coached many players from beginner to top in country • Founder of INSTACOACH, award-winning sports Apps for tennis coaches, federations and academies . KRIS KOIK
  2. 2. REALITY IN TENNIS WORLD  Federations must add value to coaches  Federations must be relevant  Federations, academies, and coaches should work together to find the next tennis superstar! Their problem: Lack of a truly interactive communication platform
  3. 3. POOR COMMUNICATION IN TENNIS WORLD Federations and academies try lots of ways to communicate with coaches and players such as email, WhatsApp, newsletters, Facebook, letters, phone calls etc. But it’s not effective And this is a problem for developing new talent
  4. 4. Coaches are extremely busy and often don’t read emails or newsletter. POOR COMMUNICATION IN TENNIS WORLD • Coaches use lots of different video analysis tools (Coach’s Eye, Ubersence, Dartfish, edufii etc.) but they are not interactive and the videos usually just stay in their phone, not shared with the other coaches
  6. 6. IMAGINE if you had a single place for all communication, for all coaches in a federation or an academy, including all videos and player profiles. INSTACOACH Talent ID does this for you. AND it’s not one of those apps that is made to suit skiers, body builders and also tennis players – this app has been built by tennis coaches for tennis coaches COMMUNICATION IN THE TENNIS WORLD
  7. 7. TALENT ID Talent ID unites coaches across your country or academy into a single place where the coaches and federations can interact and improve the standard of tennis faster. Video analysis now becomes INTERACTIVE PLUS: federations don’t need to manage multiple communication tools like web, newsletter, email, Facebook, Twitter, video apps. It’s now all inside ONE app.
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF TALENT ID • Access to leading coaches instantly • Improves coach education by better collaboration • Discover new talented kids faster • Improve development of talented players • Use built-in video analysis tools and pro library
  9. 9. TALENT ID IS GREAT FOR COACHES • Quicklysendprofilesofplayerstoregionalcoaches • Profiles are based on 4 videos that coaches send to regional coach along with player statistics.
  10. 10. Feedback how to best develop the player is fast and interactive, and within the app TALENT ID IS GREAT FOR COACHES
  11. 11. Video analysis is just one tool within the INSTACOACH communication platform. INSTACOACH is the only app that brings all your communication apps into unique video analysis platform, so everything is in one place Customized to needs of your federation or academy. • You get your own App. TALENT ID IS MORE THAN VIDEO ANALYSIS
  12. 12. • Communicate through national or global forum • Post videos, photos and images to collaborate. • Chat to other coaches, comment on videos and create groups just like in WhatsApp. TALENT ID IS MORE THAN VIDEO ANALYSIS
  13. 13. NEXT STEP • Talk to us or your federation in order to get access to app
  14. 14. THANK YOU Teşekkür