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Customer Success Showcase: How IBM Exponentially Increased Customer Adoption with Gainsight

If you're tackling Customer Success in a large enterprise, you likely have some enterprise-sized challenges to address. Does this sound familiar? You're leveraging multiple CRM systems. You have numerous different products and equally numerous business units. You've got different stakeholders and each of them wants things done their own way.

And above everything, you need to drive results in this complex environment.

Join Sanders Slavens, VP of Professional Services, Customer Success and Product Support at IBM Collaboration Solutions, to learn how IBM increased customer adoption of one of their cloud products over 10x in a year. Find out how IBM Collaboration Solutions brought together data from multiple CRM systems into Gainsight to drive exponential business outcomes for both IBM and its customers.

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Customer Success Showcase: How IBM Exponentially Increased Customer Adoption with Gainsight

  1. 1. 08.30.2017 Professional Services, Customer Success & Product Support IBM – Collaboration Solutions Sanders Slavens - VP Customer Success Showcase: How IBM Exponentially Increased Customer Adoption with Gainsight
  2. 2. Agenda • About IBM Collaboration Solutions • IBM Collaboration Solutions Customer Success Journey • Major Focus – IBM Verse Adoption Play • Email Campaign – Expanding IBM Verse Adoption Play • Results • What’s Next?
  3. 3. About IBM Collaboration Solutions
  4. 4. On premises Dedicated private cloud Public cloud Hybrid Providing Choice and Extensibility and Broadest Range of Access Modes • Web • Mobile • Tablet • Rich Client • Desktop Plugin What is IBM Collaboration Solutions?
  5. 5. Messaging IBMVerse WISPr Notes Watson Workspace WatsonWorkServices Valueaddedcognitive ConnectionsCloud ConnectionsOn-Prem Collaboration SametimeMeetings Multi-Client SametimeChat Cognitive Social IBM Collaboration Solutions – Major Offerings
  6. 6. IBM Collaboration Solutions – Customer Success Journey
  7. 7. Mid 2015 – Collaboration CSM Team - Challenges Fully Reactive • Support Ticket/Customer Escalation based No CSM Strategy (or Process) • Limited understanding of CS • CSM job description poorly defined • Customer Health 100% subjective • No Market Segmentation No Tooling • No applications to support CSMs • Multiple CRM Systems - with NO integration • No knowledge of customer usage/adoption • No Measurements
  8. 8. • Started researching industry best practices Found this really smart person Looked to the Industry for Solutions
  9. 9. Team • Created a Team mission statement reflective of Industry Best Practices • Revamped players - pulled from Services “Premium Support” • Made the Team read Consumption Economics • Started an internal campaign to change organizational expectations Tools Reorganized CSM Team Gainsight POC Gainsight Pilot Gainsight Production (Mail) Co-Pilot (Verse) Jan Feb Apr Jun Feb Mar Gainsight Production (Social) 2016 What Changes We Made
  10. 10. Usage Information! Health Score Monthly Usage Reports What We Put In Place
  11. 11. IBM Success 360 Gainsight Getting data into Gainsight Sales Support Ticketing Entitled/Provisioned Cloud Usage Early Challenges - Hills to Climb Our IBM Collaboration Solutions Experience IBM Systems
  12. 12. • No Complex Customer Relationships capability • Gainsight listened to our needs and then addressed in their Cloud in ~6 weeks This did not exist when we first started… It does now! Early Challenges - Complex Customer Relationships
  13. 13. Complete - True Customer Success Organization • Clear definition of role and success • Clear focused actions • Assignment based on Market Segmentation • Objective Customer Health Scores Complete - World Class Tooling • Integrated Solution based on multiple Systems • Automated CTAs and Dashboards • Understand and Drive of Customer Usage/Adoption • Ability to measure success Collaboration CSM Team – Results
  14. 14. Major Focus – IBM Verse Adoption Play
  15. 15. What is IBM Verse
  16. 16. • Target Customers • Entitled to Verse • More than 1K Mail Seats Provisioned • Less than 90% Verse usage • Play (started during Pilot phase in April) 1. Make Customer Aware 2. Host Remote Adoption Clinic - Key Value Points + Demo 3. Provide materials - including enablement to help the customer drive adoption 4. Monitor, Report, Update (on new capabilities), Follow Through Why run this play? 1. Data Available 2. Unlocks expansion areas of cloud. 3. Tests system 4. Proves value of CSM mission Core Play – Drive IBM Verse Adoption
  17. 17. Our Philosophy • Start small, Go fast, Learn fast, Adjust and Expand • Continue to Refine/Revise and “share what’s working!” Sample Customer - from virtually no users to 7,200+ in 4 months IBM Verse Adoption Play Considerations
  18. 18. Verse Adoption Growth
  19. 19. January 21, 2017 - February 10, 2017 Global Verse Customer Usage (without IBM) 139 per day Verse Page Access Avg per Business Day Per User Verse Page Access Avg per Business Hour Per User 17 per hour Sanity Checks are Important!
  20. 20. Customers are interested. CSMs have traction with the CTAs/ playbooks and and can see measured increased adoption Actively Moving Customers are somewhat interested. CSMs are running plays to drive additional interest, show Verse value and seeing additional adoption. We also have email campaigns to reinforce value. Piloting/Evaluating Customers who think Verse lacks features (or are worried about other issues- not Verse specific). CSMs are still working with them and are feeding feature gaps to OM. Note: some of the feature gaps are historical and we have CTAs to cover when that feature gap is closed. We also have email campaigns to re- establish value. Not Sure Customers are not interested in Verse at all. In many cases, these customers do not want to change from our Notes and browser client. We will only "pry the Notes client from their cold, dead hands". Not Interested Customer Insights Based on Adoption Play
  21. 21. Expanding Verse Adoption Play
  22. 22. Hi xxxx Have you ever missed an important email? Never again. Verse has you covered with the "Important to Me" bar. 
 Add people who are important to you. From then on, Verse alerts you on your desktop and on your phone. You won't miss a beat! 
 It's fast and easy. Try it now and spread the word! 
 Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions For more info, click here: For more info, click here: "Important to Me" bar Hi xxxx, Have you ever received an email, read it, but were just too busy at that time to respond or take action? The email just dies in your inbox until someone reminds you about it... Let's face it... It happened to all of us, and frankly, it's embarrassing.
 Verse to the rescue! One click, pick a date and you're all set. Verse will remind you to respond to that note. In addition, you can save time by making a quick comment on the e-mail with your intended next step.
 With Verse, email is no longer where the information goes to die. It's where action happens! Get into the action now and see the difference! Spread the word! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions For more insight on action items, visit Eight things you can do with Verse Hi xxx, The days of having an administrative assistant schedule meeting are long gone. We are now left with the time consuming tasks of having to schedule them ourselves... A tasks that takes quite a bit of time considering everyone's busy schedule. Stop spending time finding a open slot for a meeting. Verse helps you save time by allowing you to schedule meetings on the fly. With quick calendar creation, you can schedule a meeting in seconds. Just click on a free time slot in your calendar time line, pick your attendees and Verse will suggest the time slots when everyone is available. Choose the time and you're done. Back to getting work done! Try quick calendar creation right now and see for yourself! Spread the word! Everybody needs this tip! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions For more info, click here: Quick calendar creation Hello xxxx, How would you like to be guided through your day? 
 Verse's calendar time line scrolls as the day progresses and informs you of your next appointment. Your eyes don't have to wander around a calendar, nor scroll through screens to find what your next commitment is. It's right there under your eyes. 
 Check it out now! 
 Spread the news! 
 Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions For more info, click here: Up-to-the-moment calendar awareness Hello xxx, Your important contacts change through business cycles, with projects or through assignments. Rather than worrying about adjusting your preferences to keep an eye on them, let Verse adjust your "Important to Me" bar dynamically! All you have to decide is which suggestions you want to pin down, at least, for a while! You automatically get instant access to mail that involves them and a visual alert about any new incoming message from them! 
 Give Verse a shot and discover how helpful this is! 
 Spread the word! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions For more info, click here: Important to Me bar Hi xxx, 
 Verse makes a difference between NEW mail and IMPORTANT mail! Some communications are more critical or more time sensitive than others. When you designate an IMPORTANT contact, you instruct Verse to raise the flag when IMPORTANT mail arrives. It won't bother you with just any mail! That's how Verse understands priorities and supports your focus. Give Verse a shot and see the difference!
 Spread the word! 
 Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions Good morning xxx or is it good afternoon? Time zones can be a challenge for workers that collaborate globally. By presenting the local time on the business card of your correspondents, Verse takes this worry out of your way. No calculation needed: their local time is right there. You can also see the status of the person and initiate a chat.
 Check out one of your contacts and see the difference. Share this tip with your peers across the planet! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions Tell me xxxx, Does catching up with your inbox feel like a punishment? 
 Catch up with Verse in half the time you can with Notes or SmartCloud Notes thanks to the convenient positioning of the most often used action buttons on the screen.
 Verse helps you get back quicker into the beat. Give Verse a shot right now. Share this tip for more happier returns! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions Hi xxxx, 
 Are you having a hard time keeping track of the todo's flooding your inbox? Verse helps you easily turn e-Mails in action items and organize them in two lists: yours and what others owe you. A count of due actions for each list is flagged to your attention at all times. All you have to do is apply your tact in due time to get these action items closed by their due date. Check out how Verse can help deliver on time! Spread the news! Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions How are you doing xxxx? 
 Would you like to get back 10% of the time you spend administering your mail to instead devote it to real work? Or perhaps to do less overtime? With Verse, filing is optional. You can continue to file but only if you anticipate added value for this effort. Our powerful search engine makes finding an email just as fast as retrieving it from an meticulously maintained folder structure. Give Verse a shot right now and save valuable time! 
 Share the news!
 Your friends at IBM Collaboration Solutions CoPilot Verse Adoption Email Campaign
  23. 23. Email 1 Email 2 Email 3 Email 4 0 23 45 68 90 Total Contacts (companies) Unique Open Total Opens Clicked Link Total Clicks 25% 42% 30% 20% 32% 45% 29% 42% Total vs Unique Opens Unique Opens = number of our contacts that opened the email Total Opens include: -Reopens -Shared mailboxes -Opened by others to whom the email was forwarded Email Marketing Averages Q4 2016 per Unique Open 17% Clicked Link 11% (Click-to-Open) Results in First Month
  24. 24. Overall Impact
  25. 25. Adoption: 11x adoption growth in 13 months Leading Satisfaction indicators: Health Score - 33% better Score for Verse users! NPS - Not enough data yet. Early data is positive though Lagging Satisfaction Indicators: Renewals - Too soon to tell - need 6-12 months Verse Play Impact
  26. 26. What’s Next
  27. 27. 2 1 3 Our Customer Success Roadmap
  28. 28. Thank YouThank YouThank You VP Professional Services, Customer Success & Product Support IBM – Collaboration Solutions Sanders Slavens Questions?