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Hot to Model and Build an SMB Team

Deep-dive into how Gainsight planned and built the SMB model into their CSM team. See how we approached, planned and implemented the right strategy and processes to engage with SMB tier customers.

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Hot to Model and Build an SMB Team

  1. 1. Gainsight on Gainsight: How to Model and Build an SMB Team 12 | 2 | 2015
  2. 2. Presenter Introductions Sonam Dabholkar Manager, SMB Customer Success Team Chelsea Taylor CSM
  3. 3. When deciding to segment your customers… • What’s the ARR that each of your CSMs should manage? • Do you sell to companies of different sizes and stages of maturity? • How do you handle customers with complex implementations? • How do you manage customers that have new use cases for your product? • How do you manage customers with huge up-sell potential? • How do you manage high-profile customers (huge logos)? • What do your customers need from you in order to be successful? • Do your CSMs have different levels of engagement with each of their customers? • Which ones are they higher touch with, and which are they lower touch with? Are there any patterns?
  4. 4. When deciding to create an SMB CSM team… • How will your CSMs engage with your SMB customers? How will this differ from how they engage with customers in other segments? • Ideas: 1:many webinars or workshops, best practices content, attending events, engaging with the community of your customers • How will the SMB experience be unique / different from the other segments’ experiences? How will this be positioned in the sales cycle? • Is it possible for your customers to be successful with your product through a lower touch engagement? • Is it possible for your customers to be 100% self sufficient (post- implementation)? • What are the metrics you’ll track to ensure the success of your SMB customers?
  5. 5. How we segmented our customers We carved out 3 segments based on CSM/Support plan purchased and whether or not a customer represents a strategic relationship. Strategic Enterprise / Mid-market SMB Overview Present a major upsell opportunity or help us open up a market for a new use case for Gainsight; likely purchased Premier+ CSM/Support Plan Customers that purchased Premier CSM/Support plan, and are not strategic Customers that purchased Standard CSM/Support plan, and are not strategic Customer Needs • Need guidance in shaping the evolution of their CS organizations • Want us to support the change management effort • Already experts in growing their team, but need guidance in executing their CS strategy within Gainsight • Starting to build their CS teams and want to digest all the information they can get on best practices Value to Gainsight • Highest potential ARR customers • Huge expansion potential • High retention rates • Strong brand value • Significant ARR & high retention rates • Fast sales cycle • High advocacy rate • Can be self-sufficient, with the right lower touch support • Forces us to innovate internally GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  6. 6. Goal for segmentation We aim to achieve net CSM fully-loaded cost / revenue = 15% or less Factors that affect this number: • ARR / account • # of accounts / CSM • Cost / CSM, including overhead • Pricing for post-sales, i.e. charging for CSM/Support plan For the SMB Customer Success team to achieve the 15% metric, we: • Identify upsell opportunities, to achieve higher ARR / account • Increase the # of accounts / CSM, by leveraging a lower touch engagement model, using 1:many programs, and introducing specialization among team members • Lower the Cost / CSM by hiring junior team members GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  7. 7. Building a pooled CSM team to manage SMBs Questions to consider: • How do you want to structure your pooled team? What kinds of backgrounds do you want to hire for the team, and what will their roles be? • How do you want to engage and communicate with pooled customers? (send an email to a shared address? file a Zendesk ticket? post to an online forum?) • How do you resolve CTAs from pooled customers? Who on the team has ownership of each CTA and how do they get alerted to the CTA? • What 1:many programs can you develop to proactively engage with your SMB customers in a scalable way? • How do you enable your SMB customers to become more self-sufficient?
  8. 8. Our pooled team structure Specialist 1 Specialist 2 Specialist 3 Lifecycle events Strategy session webinars and office hours (2x/month) Train the Trainer webinars for rollout 1 and 2 (2x/month) 1:many email communications via CoPilot Risks Product Risk Bugs Risk Support Risk Readiness Risk Opt Out Risk Implem. Risk Company Risk Sentiment Risk Habits Risk GS Features Cockpit Report Builder Dashboards / Views C360 incl Scorecard, Success Plans, Relationships NPS Surveys CoPilot GS Best Practice Process Areas Risk Management Customer Insights Expansion / Advocacy Management Lifecycle Management Operations Management All customers that purchase the Standard CSM/Support plan are managed by our Team of CS Specialists GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  9. 9. Hiring for the pooled team • Who should you hire to manage your SMB accounts? • What is the ideal background and qualifications/skills required for this role? SAMPLE JOB POSTING: Gainsight Customer Success Associate
  10. 10. Operationalizing the pooled model in Gainsight • We use a shared mailbox to manage customer success-related questions / requests from customers • Soon we will be moving to Zendesk to manage customer requests; longer term, we are exploring how to use Gainsight for this use case • We use Cockpit as an “inbox” for CTAs • CTAs get assigned to an alias (“Gainsight Customer Success”) and our Specialists check Cockpit daily and re-assign CTAs to themselves based on their area of ownership • Customers are able to log support tickets by emailing, for technical help, questions, or problems • Customers are also able to post product enhancement requests, questions, and ideas to the Gainsight Community ( GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  11. 11. The pooled team’s Cockpit “Inbox” GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  12. 12. Designing a lifecycle strategy for SMBs • Will your SMB customers follow the same lifecycle stages as your other customers? • What kinds of lifecycle touches will you have for your SMB customers and how will they differ from your other segments? • What types of 1:many communication (emails, blogs, webinars) will be most effective with your SMB customers?
  13. 13. Sample lifecycle CTAs for SMBs CTA for new customer Strategy Session Webinar: CTA for “Train the Trainer” Webinar for Rollout 2: GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  14. 14. Empowering SMBs to be self sufficient What 1:many forums and outreaches can you employ to deliver useful content to your SMB customers in a scalable way? Gainsight Go / Support Website 1:many Office Hours for Admins GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  15. 15. ©2015 Gainsight. All Rights Reserved. Gainsight’s Risk Management Process Support Company Sentiment Habits Exec Owner Director of Support VP Customer Success VP Customer Success VP Customer Success Definition What volume of open support tickets does the customer have, and what’s their priority and duration? Is there a change at the company that will affect the customer’s use of Gainsight? Is the customer generally happy? (e.g. NPS) Is the customer using our product in a significant, sticky way? Readiness Implementation Product Bugs Exec Owner VP Sales VP Services VP Product VP Engineering Definition Was the customer ready to purchase Gainsight? Is the implementation project plan on track? Does the customer require a product enhancement? Does the customer have a high volume / priority of bugs open? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  16. 16. Designing risk management playbooks for SMBs Company Risk Playbook: Sentiment Risk Playbook: GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  17. 17. Gainsight’s Internal Escalation Process Team Leader Rest of Team + Allison Other departments • Flagged CTAs, when you @-mention the team leader • 1:1s: Can cover all CTAs • Friday CSM team meeting: Flagged CTAs for Habits, Sentiment, Company, Renewal, Opt-out • Monday Leadership meeting: Flagged CTAs (Red Scorecards) for all categories, for customers > ARR threshold • Other departments to review all Flagged CTAs in real time + CSM should @-mention the right person on your Chatter update • Manual Product risk: fill out "product feature request" form to provide info to product team Allison • When team leader asks Allison for help with a Flagged CTA, especially when: • Renewal is at risk (within 90 days) or pending Opt-Out • Yellow/Red Habits (need better strategy for using Gainsight) • Loss of exec sponsor (type of Company Risk) Who can provide help… …in which situations Services / Support • Wednesday Support Risk meeting: Flagged Support Risk CTAs • Friday Launch Risk meeting: Flagged Launch Risk CTAs GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  18. 18. Team metrics to drive success What are the metrics you’ll track to ensure the success of your SMB customers and your team members? • Habits/Adoption target: • Measures if the customer is using your product in a healthy, sticky way • What will your habits target look like for SMB customers? • How will the target differ from your other customer segments? • Retention target: • What will your target retention rate be for your SMB segment? • How will the target differ from your other customer segments? • Other team targets could include: • # of advocacy events that customers complete (sales reference calls, case studies, speaking events)
  19. 19. Dashboards for SMB CSM team management What dashboards and reports should you create to manage your SMB team members and your SMB customers? GAINSIGHT EXAMPLE
  20. 20. Questions?

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    Apr. 27, 2018

Deep-dive into how Gainsight planned and built the SMB model into their CSM team. See how we approached, planned and implemented the right strategy and processes to engage with SMB tier customers.


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