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  1. 1. MEET The First Digital-App-Rewriter Digital Reverse engineering Digital Forward engineering It’s the new ROI-driven approach to app re-engineering Cost Efficiency [$ / line of code] Accuracy [bugs / lines of code] Speed [Lines of code per day/per dev] $500 – 1,500/1000 1 / 1000 1000 - 3000 Improvement Factor Digital Rewriting Manual rewrite X 12 - 30 X 20 - 50 X 10-30 $4,000- 50,000/1000 20-50 / 1000 100 An innovative (patent) reverse and forward engineering approach to app modernization: · Interactively, machine guided & human controlled re-architecting apps from one platform to another · Analyzes and rebuilds apps by AST (Abstract Semantics Tree); structure, functionality and dependencies · Best fit for app re-architecting from platform to platform while leveraging existing business logic, up to 30 times faster and more accurate in comparison to manual rewrite · The only tool-based approach to re-architect monolithic apps to multi-users: Web, Mobile and Cloud · Overkill If you only need a simple version to version upgrade by code syntax translation. Auto-migration- approach might be a better fit for you We are proud to say we have found the golden path to app rewrite: human control with machine guidance in no-time, with almost zero errors and the best ROI in the market. The Rewriter interacts with the Architect-Operator in a standard IDE The entire Digital-Rewriting process is interactive. The Rewriter points out gaps to target and suggests solutions with existing or new rules. The architect-operator communicates with the rewriter with rules, via Visual Studio or Eclipse (in roadmap) IDEs. Best of machine speed, human intelligence and control Only a machine can find & replace millions of code fragment or component occurrences, without errors and in seconds! Only a machine can reassemble an app by checking collisions and integrity of millions of code lines in no-time. Now, imagine how long it would take human programmers to do the same...months or years? Digital Reverse Engineering Digital Forward Engineering Standard [Re-Architect] based on virtual AST new components & integration components & code replacement chosentarget QA with standard tools / low bugs rate Reads source App Recreates it Analyzes it [ ] We are the first innovators to reverse & forward engineer using an AST (Abstract semantic tree) The Rewriter “Scans” the source app, and virtually rebuilds its AST (blueprint). Based on the AST, The Rewriter forward-engineers (re-architects) new application. +97245947123 WWW.GIZMOXTS.COM We take you to the target architecture of your choice We can re-engineer to the target-architecture of your choice. Our approach is replace rather than extend: The Rewriter replaces legacy components based on the AST with targeted new ones. So, If you'd like your monolithic app to be re-engineered to layers, The Rewriter can do it. Can you imagine the ROI you could achieve with the Digital-App-Rewriter? Standard Acceptance
  2. 2. The First Digital-App-Rewriter Digital Reverse engineering Digital Forward engineering Standard Acceptance +97245947123 WWW.GIZMOXTS.COM It’s the new ROI-driven approach to app re-engineering What rules do we currently have in store? * Visual Basic to latest .NET Desktop or .NET HTML5 Web, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization * Visual Basic to latest Java Desktop or Java HTML5 Web, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization * VB.Net or C# (Win Forms or WPF) Desktop to .NET HTML5 Web, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization * VB.Net or C# (Win Forms or WPF) Desktop to JAVA HTML5 Web, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization * VB / Classic ASP to ASP.NET or JAVA WEB, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization * Power Builder to .NET Desktop or ASP.NET MVC WEB and Mobile or JAVA WEB, Mobile with or without Cloud optimization Only a machine can be as accurate up to 50 times the improvement factor The average of the machine output code is one bug per 1000 lines of code vs. 20-50 per 1000 lines by manual rewrite. Imagine how this contributes to the cost and speed process… The Rewriter is a learning machine Solution-rules are being stored for reuse. Whenever the same need rises again the machine will apply an existing rule. It will also suggest the architect-operator, new rules for unhandled past challenges. App downtime? NOT AT ALL! Feel free to maintain and extend your existing application during the Digital-Rewriting period. No code freeze is required until final compilation due to the Rewriter's code pattern recognition and learning. As long as it is implemented with the same pattern, the machine will integrate new code drops, automatically. It's a major contribution to the ROI, since your existing app processes (maintenance for example) can continue while the new app is being rewritten, with no interruption. We add source and targets continuously The basic approach is: technology and engine is generic, adding source or target technologies is a matter of adding new rules. What rules would you like to add? We would like to know of the technologies you'd like to digitally rewrite. It's a matter of priority along our busy roadmap, but eventually, we'll have them all. Rewrite with software-architect intelligence as if you built it from scratch The architect-operator evaluates and decides over each Rewriter's suggestion. The operator can decide to integrate new external code fragments, or customize rules to specific specs, architecture or customer requirement. The human intelligence is an important input in the Digital- Rewriting process where we can apply an “open discussion” between a customer, a machine and a human architect operator. This is the power of flexibility... 