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“Paying for SEO”: A Method For Increasing Lead Volume By Over 300%

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As marketers, we are judged not only by the quality of our work; but also, the leads we generate. Managers and clients do not like to wait for these leads either. Fortunately, in every industry there are plenty of opportunities to "pay to rank" for competitive keywords. Not in the sense of buying links or even search ads, but in the sense of placing oneself on paid lists, review sites, and GDN placements that rank well for your primary keywords.

In this session, we will walk through how to “pay for SEO”, the impact we’ve seen it have on businesses, and what you can realistically expect.

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“Paying for SEO”: A Method For Increasing Lead Volume By Over 300%

  1. 1. “Paying for SEO”: A Method For Increasing Lead Volume By Over 300% Garrett Mehrguth CEO and Co-Founder at Directive Consulting @gmehrguth
  2. 2. Have You Heard About Share of SERP Yet? @gmehrguth
  3. 3. Share of SERP? Share of SERP is the practice of taking as many positions in Google as possible for your most valuable queries.
  4. 4. It’s More Effective To “Supply the Demand” Than To Generate It. @gmehrguth
  5. 5. A New Approach To Search Marketing You have identified the best trade show in your industry. What would happen if you had more than one booth at a trade show?
  6. 6. The Reality of SERP’s in 2018
  7. 7. The Reality of SERP’s in 2018 B2C Search “DC Therapists” 7 of 10 Organic listings are review sites or paid lists
  8. 8. The Reality of SERP’s in 2018 B2B Search “Top ERP Software” 10 of 10 Organic listings are review sites or paid lists
  9. 9. The Reality of SERP’s in 2018 61% of B2B Buyers Look To Third-Party Sources for Reviews
  10. 10. The Solution Share of SERP
  11. 11. The Process for Taking Share of SERP @gmehrguth
  12. 12. 1 2 3 4 Process Overview Analyze SERP Analyze Competitive Landscape Launch and Test Measure ROI
  13. 13. Analyze SERP Is my site the best answer for this query or do I need to think outside the box? 1
  14. 14. Analyze Competitive Landscape Would my target customer shop here? 2
  15. 15. 3 Launch and Test Are paid lists outperforming paid search or organic?
  16. 16. Measure ROI When looking at my cost per sales qualified opportunity does it make sense to re-allocate budget? 4
  17. 17. 7 Tactics You Can Execute Next Week to Improve Your Share of SERP @gmehrguth
  18. 18. Custom Landing Pages You need to be able to control the landing page experience across every channel. 1
  19. 19. We like Unbounce 1 Split test everything Use DKI’s if too many Ad Groups (you should have “too many” ad groups)
  20. 20. Free Demo Video We see conversion rate increases by up to 300%. 2
  21. 21. 1 Lower psychological friction Helps push prospects down the funnel How can you decrease friction next week?
  22. 22. Increase CTR Ditch your brand name if you aren’t the BIGGEST. 3
  23. 23. 1 Try to get 1 top 5 result Your “brand” is in your URL If you can allude to the value they’ll get on the page you increase CTR
  24. 24. Targeted Placements via GDN Build custom display ads for targeted placements 4
  25. 25. Find all sites with GDN 1 Build GIF ads Place in banner and sidebar for pages that rank for keywords you are targeting
  26. 26. Experiment with Ad Networks That Rank 5
  27. 27. Add quora to SEMrush 1 Filter by your keywords Launch ads on most relevant topics + answer questions
  28. 28. Use the Wildcard to Expand Ranking Well? Start taking more Share of SERP 6
  29. 29. 1 Export into CSV Prioritize via Moz Keyword Explorer: Volume, Difficulty, Brand Fit Copy primary keywords into Answer the Public Search primary keywords and add
  30. 30. Double Down on Top Performing Lists Once you know a directory is working launch ads on those terms 7
  31. 31. SEMRush > Organic Research > URL 1 Paste URL Analyze Keywords and choose which ones to build Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) around
  32. 32. The Time for Taking Share of SERP Is Now @gmehrguth
  33. 33. The average CPO from 3rd party sites is about $3,293 lower than Adwords, which comes out to be a 230% difference between the two. **based on the last 6 months (Nov. '17 - Apr. '18)** 3rd Party Sites Adwords $1,434 $4,727
  34. 34. @gmehrguth Thank You!