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The Social Integration Journey: An Indian Perspective

Most corporations go through the six stages of social integration. They start with inaction, then move to incubation and experiment with stanadlone platforms and tactical programs, before they are ready to integrate social into their technology platforms, marketing programs and business processes.

This simple framework helps business leaders not only contextualize their own experience with social, but also plan to extend it. This talk will help you map which stage of social integration you are at, then build a case to integrate social into your most important platforms, programs, and processes, to drive strategic change and real ROI.

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The Social Integration Journey: An Indian Perspective

  1. 1. The Social Integration Journey: 
An Indian Perspective" Gaurav Mishra | Gauravonomics" Asia Director of Social " MSLGROUP | Publicis Groupe"
  2. 2. Why am I talking about this topic?"To learn more about Gaurav/ Gauravonomics, subscribe or follow @gauravonomics on Twitter. "Gaurav helps global brands Gauravnomics writes and talksinspire, organize and energize about minimalism, mythology andpeople by rethinking purpose, movements. Watch out for theparticipation and performance." upcoming novel on this theme."" "- MBA from IIM Bangalore " - Award-winning blogger, speaker- Brand Marketer at Tata Group " and changemaker"- Co-founder of 2020 Social" - The marketer who went off- Asia Director of Social at consumption"MSLGROUP" - 2008-09 Yahoo! Fellow at" Georgetown University" - Co-founder of Vote Report India" - 2009 TED India fellow "
  3. 3. Social integration journey"
  4. 4. Social integration journey"Helps corporations build enterprise capabilities for social by integratingsocial into their technology platforms, marketing programs and businessprocesses, to drive strategic change and real ROI."Integration" 4" Integrate social into 5" Integrate social into 6" Integrate social into technology marketing" business processes" platforms" programs"Incubation" 2" Create a company 3" Create a Facebook" page on Facebook contest or a Twitter or Twitter" influencer program"Inaction" 1" Create a static campaign or country microsite" Platforms" Programs" Processes"
  5. 5. How to build a case for socialintegration? "
  6. 6. How to build a case for social integration? "We need to access the companyʼs maturity, motivations and money(budgets) to successfully build a case for social integration." 1" 2" 3" MATURITY! MOTIVATION! MONEY! Present and potential Reasons to invest in Resources to invest stage of integration! integration! in integration! ! ! ! - Assess the present - Assess the objectives - Assess the stage for the company and decision criteria investment required and relevant others." for the company." and the companyʼs " " capacity to invest, over - Assess the highest - Assess the triggers 12 months." stage the company and barriers for the " can transition to, within main decision makers." - Plan for a phase- 12 months." " wise approach to - Identify the main transition to a higher motivations and stage, with at least 3 messages to build a months to stabilize credible case." each stage."
  7. 7. Stage 1: Create a static campaign or countrymicrosite"The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 1 initiatives." 1" In most Asia markets, internet has serious scale! " 450+ million in China, 100+ million in India etc. Both B2C and B2B influencers are active on the internet. " 2" The website is the gateway to the company! " The website is the first and one of the most important sources of information on the company." 3" The website is an integral part of 360° marketing! " All peer companies have created a country or campaign website, so itʼs simply expected." "
  8. 8. Stage 2: Create a company page onFacebook or Twitter"The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 2 initiatives." 1" Social media has serious scale! " 750+ million on Facebook, 200+ million on Twitter, 150+ million on Weibo, 100+ million on Renren etc." 2" Influencers are active on social media! " Both B2C and B2B influencers are active on the social media and engaging with companies. " 3" Social media is cost effective! " Creating company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo is free." "
  9. 9. Case Study: Anand Mahindra on Twitter"The highly respected industrialist uses Twitter to weigh in on topics ofpublic interest and even answer customer complaints in public."Source: @anandmahindra "
  10. 10. Case Study: Chings Secret"Chinese packaged food brand Chingʼs Secret has attracted more than6,75,000 fans on Facebook by sharing recipes and engaging fans inwitty conversations."Source: Chingʼs Secret on Facebook"
  11. 11. Stage 3: Create a Facebook contest or aTwitter influencer program "The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 3 initiatives." 1" Itʼs important to engage influencers! " Presence is not enough, companies need to engage influencers on social media." 2" Engagement requires regular effort! " To engage influencers, companies need to create regular content, influencer outreach and contests." 3" Engagement is the first step towards advocacy! " Engaging influencers is the first step towards converting them into advocates." "
  12. 12. Stage 4: Integrate social into technologyplatforms"The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 4 initiatives." 1" Share content across channels for impact! " Upload content to YouTube/ SlideShare, embed on blog, then share on Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn." 2" Integrate social networks into website for impact! " Use API code snippets, widgets and RSS feeds to integrate social networks into website to improve search optimization and discovery. " 3" Simplify customization and content sharing! " Use Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn logins to customize website experience and simplify content sharing."
  13. 13. The convergence of web, mobile and social"Both social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and mobile platforms(iPhone, Android, Blackberry) have open application ecosystems,leading to an integrated experience." Social Web! Open application ecosystems! Mobile Web! Mobile Apps! Social Mobile Platforms! Platforms!
  14. 14. The convergence of web, mobile and social"In India, popular social platforms Ibibo has a iPhone app. RockeTalk,SMSGupShup and Mig33 are popular mobile social networkingplatforms."Source: Mig33, SMSGupShup, RockeTalk, Ibibo"
  15. 15. Case study: Nike+"To realize its purpose of helping each one of us find the athlete within usand transform running from a solitary pursuit into a social activity, Nikecreated the Nike+ app and community."Source: "
  16. 16. Stage 5: Integrate social into marketingprograms"The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 5 initiatives." 1" Convert influencers into advocates! " Design integrated marketing programs around a social heartbeat aligned with the brand values." 2" Build owned media permission assets! " Create a long-term community platform to organize influencers around the social heartbeat." 3" Trigger participation and action! " Create a series of interconnected programs to energize influencers. "
  17. 17. Case Study: Pepsi Refresh Project"As part of its commitment to “deliver sustainable growth by investing in ahealthier future for people and our planet”, PepsiCo is giving grantsworth $20 million per year to ideas that can refresh the world. "Source: "
  18. 18. Case Study: Tata Tea Jaago Re "In 2008, Tata Tea tied up with non-profit Janaagraaha to inspire almost700,000 Indians to register to vote. Since then, Jaago Re (“wake up”)has evolved into an active civic action community."Source: "
  19. 19. Case Study: Mahindra Spark the Rise"To fulfill its purpose to enable its stakeholders to rise, Mahindra Grouphas created the Spark the Rise platform to share ideas that can propelinnovation, entrepreneurship, and positive change in India."Source: "
  20. 20. Case Study: Dell Go Green Challenge in India"In 2010, Dell created a challenge for design students and others toshare ideas on how to redesign, reuse and recycle gadgets to makethem go green."Source: "
  21. 21. Case Study: Royal Challengers Bangalore"Indian cricket club Royal Challengers Bangalore has build a highlyengaged community with more than 500,000 fans and regular contentcreated by players, experts and fans."Source: Royal Challengers Bangalore"
  22. 22. Inspire, organize and energize people"Design powerful purpose-inspired platforms and programs to inspire,organize and energize people around a shared purpose." 1" 2" 3"Shared purpose or Long-term online- A series of short-Social Heartbeat offline platform to term programs toto inspire people" organize people" energize people"
  23. 23. Stage 6: Integrate social into businessprocesses"The typical case clients and agencies build for stage 6 initiatives." 1" Drive real return on investment! " Use social to drive business objectives like sales, support and innovation." 2" Improve customer satisfaction! " Listen and respond to customers at the point of need or demand." 3" Crowd-source innovation" " Tap into the wisdom of crowd to discover ideas for product or process innovation." "
  24. 24. Case Study: GE Ecomagination Challenge"As part of its commitment to “imagine and build innovative solutions toenvironment challenges”, GE has created a $200 million challenge tofund ideas that can reimagine powering the grid, or powering homes. "Source: "
  25. 25. Case Study: Dell Ideastorm"Dell uses customer-driven ideation community Dell Ideastorm to listen tocustomerʼs ideas on product improvement and new productdevelopment"Source:"
  26. 26. Case Study: Dell SMaC Unconference"Dell trained 900 staff in India to use social media for marketing,customer support, recruitment and innovation."Source: Dell SMaC Unconference in Bangalore"
  27. 27. Letʼs stay in touch!" Gaurav Mishra | Gauravonomics" Subscribe to " Follow @gauravonomics on Twitter"