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Social Media for Financial Communications and Investor Relations

First presented at a MSLGROUP financial comms workshop at Hong Kong in May 2011.

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Social Media for Financial Communications and Investor Relations

  1. 1. Social media for financial comms andinvestor relations! Gaurav Mishra | Gauravonomics! Asia Director of Social Media, MSLGROUP!
  2. 2. Social media and financial commsstakeholders! 06.29.2010 | P2
  3. 3. Social media adoption for financial advisors!•  Social media adoption is quite high for financial advisors in North America.! Source: Socialware!
  4. 4. StockTwits !•  StockTwits is a community of investors and traders on Twitter with more than 500,000 monthly visitors.! Source: StockTwits!
  5. 5. Seeking Alpha!•  Seeking Alpha is a community of investors and traders with almost 750,000 registered members and 5,000,000 monthly viewers.! Source: Seeking Alpha!
  6. 6. AdvisorTweets !•  AdvisorTweets is a community of financial advisors on Twitter.! Source: AdvisorTweets!
  7. 7. Hexun!•  Chinese finance portal Hexun has a blogging and microblogging network dedicated to business and finance topics. ! Source: Hexun Blog & Hexun Microblog!
  8. 8. SocialTurns by Socialware!•  SocialTurns is a community for financial services professionals, created by social media vendor Socialware. ! Source: SocialTurns!
  9. 9. NASDAQ Community & Social Stream!•  NASDAQ has an active community for traders and a well-designed social stream that aggregates its content from various social platforms.! Source: NASDAQ Community & Social Stream!
  10. 10. FINRA Social media Compliance guides by Socialware !•  Socialware has created guides for FINRA social media compliance guidelines for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.! Source: Socialware Guides!
  11. 11. McGraw Hill FC Share!•  McGraw Hill has launched a FC Share tool that provides pre- defined tweets linking to FINRA- reviewed articles.! Source: McGraw Hill FC Share!
  12. 12. Socialware!•  Socialware is a social media management tool for financial services companies.! Source: Socialware!
  13. 13. BlackRock iShares blog !•  BlackRock has an active investment blog called iShares.! Source: BlackRock iShares Blog!
  14. 14. Social media for corporatecommunications! 06.29.2010 | P14
  15. 15. Six stages of Based on interactions with 1500+ marketing and communications social media professionals in Asia, all companies can be mapped across six stages of social media integration.! integration! 4! 5! 6! Letʼs integrate Letʼs integrate Letʼs integrateIntegration! social into our social into our social into our web marketing and business platforms! comms programs! processes! 2! 3! Letʼs create a Letʼs run a FBIncubation! Facebook page or contest or a Twitter! a Twitter profile! influencer program! 1! Letʼs create aInaction! campaign or country microsite! Platforms! Programs! Processes!
  16. 16. Stage 1: 
 Lets create a campaign or country microsite!•  In stage 1, microsites are created to push out information on a campaign or a topic.!•  Typically, microsites have a short shelf-life and limited content.!•  The award-winning 2009 Plug Into the Smart Grid augmented reality microsite has been abandoned.!•  Most companies now have a basic IR microsite, or at least an IR section on the country microsite.! Source: GE Plug Into the Smart Grid, GE India Website! !
  17. 17. Stage 2: 
 Lets create aFacebook page or a Twitter profile!•  In stage 2, Facebook or Twitter accounts are created to push out news updates about a topic.!•  Typically, most updates include links to news items and engagement with followers is limited.!•  The Facebook and Twitter profiles of the GE ECLP blog merely link to blog posts without any engagement.! Source: GE ECLP on Facebook, Twitter!
  18. 18. Stage 3: 
 Letʼs run a Facebook contest or a Twitter influencer program !•  In stage 3, tactical, short-term, channel-specific campaigns are run to increase engagement, like a Facebook contest, a Twitter influencer program, or a blogger program.!•  GE tied up with influencers on YouTube and HowCast, who asked their fans for eco-friendly tips, then filmed and promoted their favorite tips.! Source: GE Tag Your Green! !
  19. 19. Stage 4: 
 Letʼs integrate social into our web platforms!
 !•  In stage 4, the website is reimagined as a social hub.!•  By adding social features into the website itself.!•  By integrating website with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare and YouTube.!•  GE showcases the Twitter and Tumbler feeds of selected experts on its website and prominently links to the application from the homepage.! Source: GE Expert Feed, GE Healthymagination!
  20. 20. Stage 5: 
 Letʼs integrate social into our marketing and comms programs! !•  Designing marketing programs to connect people around a shared social heartbeat.!•  GE is asking consumers, influencers, film-makers and experts to share their stories on what environmental responsibility means to them.! Source: GE Tag Your Green!
  21. 21. Stage 6: 
 Letʼs integrate social into our business processes! !•  Leveraging social media as a tool for business transformation by integrating it with sales, support and innovation processes.!•  GE invites and funds ideas to improve how we power our electricity grids and our homes.!•  GE has tied up with four VCs to create a $200 million fund for ecomagination challenges.! Source: GE Ecomagination!
  22. 22. Social media for financial comms andinvestor relations! 06.29.2010 | P22
  23. 23. Corporates are using social media in financial communications at Social media for level 1-4. At level 5-6, broader corporate programs, letʼs say, on financial comms ! crowdsourcing innovation also have a financial comms impact.! 4! 5! 6! Letʼs integrateIntegration! No IR specific No IR specific social into our IR examples! examples! microsite! 2! 3! Letʼs create a Letʼs invite onlineIncubation! Twitter account for influencers to! investor relations! earning calls! 1! Letʼs create anInaction! investor relations microsite! Platforms! Programs! Processes!
  24. 24. Slideshare forfinancial comms !•  Many companies are uploading earning conference presentations on Slideshare and embedding them into the IR website.! Source: Alcoa on Slideshare!
  25. 25. YouTube forfinancial comms !•  Many companies are uploading earning conference presentations and additional interviews on YouTube and embedding them into the IR website.! Source: Cisco on YouTube!
  26. 26. Twitter forfinancial comms!•  Many companies are tweeting links to earning conferences and shareholder meetings on Twitter.! Source: @Alcoa on Twitter!
  27. 27. Social Media Press Release for financial comms !•  Many companies are creating social media press releases during quarterly earning conferences.!
  28. 28. BP IR Podcast !•  BP has an active IR podcast that can be downloaded via iTunes.! Source: BP IR Podcast on iTunes!
  29. 29. Dell Shares IR Blog!•  Dell has a IR focused blog and Twitter account.! Source: Dell Shares IR Blog, @DellShares!
  30. 30. GARMIN IR Twitter Account !•  Garmin has a dedicated Twitter account for investor relations.! Source: @GarminStock!
  31. 31. China Wind Power Twitter account!•  China Wind Power uses a dedicated Twitter account for international investor relations.! Source: @ChinaWindPower!
  32. 32. Deutsche Euroshop IR Mall Blog!•  Deutsche Euroshop has an active IR blog called IR Mall.! Source: Deutsche Euroshop IR Mall Blog!
  33. 33. Cisco Investor website!•  Many companies are now integrating social platforms with their IR websites.! Source: Cisco IR website!
  34. 34. Q4 IR CMS!•  Q4 Web Systems offers a social media optimized CMS for IR websites. ! Source: Q4 IR CMS!
  35. 35. Financial comms and the crisis curve! 06.29.2010 | P35
  36. 36. Social media Social media has a specific role to play at each stage of the crisis and crisis curve. MSLGROUP has created a crisis management toolkit that includes tools and best practices for each stage in the crisis cycle.! comms ! Attention! 2! Spotlight! 3! Blame Game! Plot heat map of Shape narrative crisis flows! via owned media! 1! Flash Point! 4! Resolution! Track early Optimize for warning signals! search results! |! Time! 0! Before Crisis! Plan for crisis scenarios!
  37. 37. Different aspects of crisis planning -- mapping crisis scenarios,Plan for crisis spokespersons, influencers, messages and keywords; and creating scenarios ! a crisis war room collaboration site and a dark CMS-based crisis communications site -- play a role at different stages of the crisis.! Attention! 2! Spotlight! 3! Blame Game! Spokesperson & Dark CMS-based crisis message mapping! communications site! Crisis war room collaboration site! 1! Flash Point! 4! Resolution! Scenario, influencer Keyword-based search & keyword mapping! & social marketing! |! Time!
  38. 38. MSLGROUPʼs social media offering! 06.29.2010 | P38
  39. 39. MSLGROUPʼs MSLGROUP has created a fully integrated social media offering social media across the PLAN-BUILD-ENGAGE phases.! offering! 1! 2! 3!PLAN! BUILD! ENGAGE!Insights, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Social Content, Community,Enterprise Change! Applications Conversations
  40. 40. MSLGROUPʼs MSLGROUPʼs PLAN offering includes insights, strategy, and social media enterprise change across the consumer activation, corporate reputation, and employee engagement use cases.! offering! 1! 2! 3!PLAN! BUILD! ENGAGE!Insights, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Social Content, Community,Enterprise Change! Applications Conversations •  Distill actionable insights and •  Link back participation and foresights from conversations action to business objectives and communities using our through our proprietary proprietary What IF Peoples VERITE measurement Lab approach.! approach.! ! •  Discover a shared purpose •  Provide strategic counsel and brand story that connects across the consumer the brand values with activation, corporate evangelists passions.! reputation, and employee ! engagement use cases.! •  Create platforms and programs to organize and •  Design and deliver training energize brand evangelists, programs to help build co-create shareable content, enterprise capabilities to and trigger participation and participate in the conversation action.! economy.!
  41. 41. MSLGROUPʼs MSLGROUPʼs BUILD offering includes designing and developing social media web, mobile, and social applications, through in-house specialists and partners.! offering! 1! 2! 3!PLAN! BUILD! ENGAGE!Insights, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Social Content, Community,Enterprise Change! Applications Conversations •  Design and develop private or •  Set up, optimize and manage public community platforms digital assets across channels using our proprietary What IF and geographies.! white label community tool.! ! ! •  Leverage on-site and off-site •  Design and develop social search engine optimization for applications using the higher search rankings.! Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter APIs.! ! •  Design and develop mobile applications on the Apple, Android, and Blackberry platforms.!
  42. 42. MSLGROUPʼs MSLGROUPʼs ENGAGE offering includes managing content, social media communities, and conversations, through dedicated specialists and integrated communications teams.! offering! 1! 2! 3!PLAN! BUILD! ENGAGE!Insights, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Social Content, Community,Enterprise Change! Applications Conversations •  Build long-term relationships •  Track and participate in with key online influencers conversations related to the beyond the "big-box" blogs brand, the category or the using our proprietary social heartbeat on the Multiloguer influencer broader social web.! relationship management tool.! ! •  Leverage targeted paid •  Leverage creative storytelling media, primarily social and rich multimedia content to advertising and search bring alive the brand story.! advertising, to support owned media and earned media.! •  Create triggers for community members to participate and act, on the community platforms owned by the brand.!
  43. 43. Letʼs stay in touch! | gauravonomics on Google/ Skype! Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn/ SlideShare!