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Writeshop for the JMDI Training Events

  1. May 29-30, 2014 Ninong’s Hotel, Legazpi City
  2.  My name is….. Participants introduce themselves by stating their name and then saying an adjective that starts with the first letter of their name.
  3.  What do I hope to DO to this 2-day writeshop activity?  What can I contribute to the SUCCESS of this 2- day writeshop activity?  What do I EXPECT from the facilitator and my co-participants?
  4.  Workshop Objectives The activity aims to assist the project partners in coming up with a suitable methodology and topics needed for capacity development through training events for the mainstreaming of M&D in the local arena. Specifically, it aims to: 1. Define the specific capacity development gaps that the JMDI 2 training events will address and bridge (based on results of the capacity assessment survey) 2. Map out specific activities in the training events that will respond to capacity gaps and other broader JMDI 2 project goals (i.e. gender and development) 3. Identify resource persons that will best deliver each activity under the training events 4. Identify other preparatory activities needed for the successful delivery of the training event, and 5. Develop a preliminary working schedule synchronizing the training events and site visits that will be delivered under the JMDI 2 project.
  5.  Schedule ◦ Day 1: May 29, 2014 Registration Session 1: Opening Program and Overview of the Writeshop Session 2: Presentation of Capacity Assessment Results Session 3: Pre-Training Event Workshop ◦ Day 2: May 30, 2014 Registration Recapitulation of Day 1’s Session Session 4: Action Planning Workshop Closing Program
  6.  Process Using the Technology of Participation (TOP)
  7.  Approaches ◦ Demand-Driven ◦ Workshop Format ◦ Interactive and Fast-paced
  8.  Objective: At the end of the session, participants shall have been able to identify the capacity development opportunities as well as the gaps relative to the JMDI 2 Project implementation  Output: Defined specific capacity development gaps
  9. Template 1 Planning/ Programming Gaps Institutional Bldg. Gaps Service Dev’t Gaps
  10.  Objective: At the end of the session, the participants shall have been able to: • determine topics to be included in the training events • identify possible resource person to discuss those topics • discuss appropriate methodology for the training and the target participants • clear out issues and concerns that may arise in the conduct of these training events  Output: Working documents needed in preparation for Workplan
  11. Template 2 Gaps Topics Resource Person/s Methodology Target Pax Issues/ Concerns
  12.  Objective: At the end of the session, participants shall have been able to identify the needed activities from preparation up to the date of conduct, the deliverables, time frame of its implementation, and the offices responsible for its execution.  Output: Workplan for the three (3) Training Events
  13. Template 3 Activities Time Frame Pre-activity and Admin. Requirements Deliverables Responsible Office