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Free Your Users from Their Desks

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Free Your Users from Their Desks

  1. 1. End User Computing in a Bring Your Own Device World Desktop – Apps – Data
  2. 2. Bringing the corporate desktop, applications and“A BETTER, SMARTER, FASTER, data together, easily and securely using our partners: SECURE WORKPLACE”2
  3. 3. Can you access your data, applications and desktop from anywhere, any time on any device?3
  4. 4. Breaking News…..VMwareLaunches Horizon Suite Consistent Delivery – 1 location4
  5. 5. VMware Horizon Suite• Consistent governance with Unified Policy Management for all Suite Modules• Intelligent delivery• Customised corporate service catalogue• Unified User / Identity Management5
  6. 6. VMware Horizon Suite• Horizon Workspace• Horizon Data• Horizon Mobile• Horizon Mirage• ThinApp• Horizon View6
  7. 7. VMware Horizon Suite7
  8. 8. VMware Horizon Suite8
  9. 9. How do you just secure data and applications on BYOD devices?9
  10. 10. Mobile Application ManagementSymantec App Center 4.1 BYOD Unmanaged Company Controls Not Desirable 1 Relevant Apps & Data Only 3 Managed Company Controls 2 Personal Device Device Control Device Control & Management & Management • Mobile • Mobile Management Management • Mobile • Mobile Security Security Company-Owned Personally-Owned
  11. 11. Mobile Application ManagementSymantec App Center 4.1Manage Corporate Apps & Data– Secured corporate email with Touchdown– App Secure Connect– Single Sign On (SSO)– Enterprise App Store– Low overhead – Web Based11
  12. 12. Thank YouRegister for a Virtual Desktop Assessment today!