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How you can engage the future of business

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How you can engage the future of business

  1. 1. It will make your business:Technology that works your wayPerformance improvements that present new opportunitiesEffective business means improved outcomes
  2. 2. > A powerful new infrastructure and access type> Increase your speed of innovation, improve flexibility and cut costs> Take advantage of the current UFB roll out
  3. 3. > Client trials of 4G/LTE mobile technology started in February> We will be launching 4G services later this year> It promises much more than just speed
  4. 4. > $10.5M purpose built Christchurch data centre> Energy efficient & high capacity> Full breadth of service offerings planned> Launching Mid 2013
  5. 5. > Fully Microsoft Environment from the mobile handset to the desktop.> Building a truly Modern Workspace
  6. 6. > Southern Cancer Network> Managed Video Conferencing across DHBs
  7. 7. > NZGL Managed Computing environment> Metro Fibre to containerised high speed computing and storage environment.> Distributed Nationally via the REANNZ research network
  8. 8. > Which technology will be around tomorrow, and how do I ensure I invest in the right stuff?> Helping you face these challenges and anticipate for tomorrows needs is what we do best