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GA Oxford Branch

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19th November 2015

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GA Oxford Branch

  1. 1. ‘Using Technology in A Level Geography’ Alan Parkinson CGeog, FRGS, FRSGS Teacher of Geography King’s Ely
  2. 2. Alan Parkinson CGeog, FRGS, FRSGS Head of Geography King’s Ely (Junior) Oxford GA Branch
  3. 3. Aims • Technology in geography • Technology for learning geography • Technology to help pass geography exams • Technology in your daily personal geographies
  4. 4. Who is this bloke ?
  5. 5. I’m from Yorkshire….
  6. 6. I got good grades at school
  7. 7. Technology when I was at school
  8. 8. Huddersfield Polytechnic
  9. 9. I like taking photos…
  10. 10. Flickr – 1 Terabyte of space free • I have over 15 000 images that are made freely available… and there are about 7 billion others on the site… • So you should never be short of a decent photo when you need one
  11. 11. I spent 20 years here Teaching Geography & ICT to ‘A’ level Plus KS3 History, GCSE Maths
  12. 12. I write books
  13. 13. I worked for the Geographical Association 3 years
  14. 14. I work with interesting people…
  15. 15. One recent project…
  16. 16. Pole of Cold
  17. 17. So I get to go here…
  18. 18. …and here…
  19. 19. I work here…
  20. 20. We’re all geographers… An important subject… “the world as an object of study…”
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Infographics
  24. 24. Hemsby – Jason Haden
  25. 25. An A level should not be about simply learning and reproducing knowledge from these…
  26. 26. Playing ‘the long game’ • How much time did you take to adjust from GCSE to the new demands of ‘A’ level? • Have you gone through a behavioural change from GCSE years • Avoid the situation of ‘leaving it late’ and being forced to conduct panic revision
  27. 27. Students already know how technology works?
  28. 28. Slides adapted from Gareth Hughes, Head of Geography at Radley College GeoBlogs
  29. 29. One of newest additions to teaching tools for teachers…. Very powerful Follow people / organisations No need to actually tweet Can protect tweets Hashtags work for events…
  30. 30. Google Earth Pro – now free
  31. 31. Measurement of areas Cross profiles along lines High definition pictures Photo-realistic atmosphere
  32. 32. Individual Ash collected on a visit to Iceland
  33. 33. @dantarctic – Rothera Base
  34. 34. Google Forms – collect real data and visualise it Collaborate on presentations, documents and graphics
  35. 35. Go here with your smartphone, and answer the question…. jfhCWZ2-Rg- jMizNucRSSPubf2symUYuwQczAKYk/viewanaly tics
  36. 36. Go here with your smartphone, and answer the question…. p_U/edit
  37. 37. AT THE beginning of February, somewhere in London, a maternity ward welcomed the city's 8,615,246th inhabitant.
  38. 38.
  39. 39. How can technology help with your studies ?
  40. 40. GLNP
  41. 41. 49419191/p53bk3osht1/ Learn from the examiners…
  42. 42. Pole of Cold What’s the coldest you’ve ever been? Mark Brandon
  43. 43. Felicity Aston – MBE tage+4+-+From+the+field+resources/Polar+science/Polar+science.htm Won SAGT Non-book award ALONE – Skiing solo across Antarctica
  44. 44. Future 3 Curriculum and Curriculum Making David Lambert Teachers as ‘curriculum makers’
  45. 45. Personalised newspapers education-bAp6bu
  46. 46. Pinterest
  47. 47. 63 / Key Words / Command Words 63
  48. 48. 64 64
  49. 49. Census 2011 http://visual.o
  50. 50. GaugeMap – Rivers Y10
  51. 51. Personalised news feed… or record your own
  52. 52. Classifying and ordering information
  53. 53. Technology as part of the specifications…. e.g. as a way into Globalisation Thanks to Simon Oakes Chief Examiner IB & Eduqas
  54. 54. Means of ICT access Topic links:  globalisation  development 1. Access to technology Mobile phone (calls and SMS) Mobile broadband Fixed broadband (fibre-optic) Hardware (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, cell phone)
  55. 55. Mobiles: the great convergence Topic links:  globalisation  development 1. Access to technology Africa Asia Middle East Europe Mobile phones per 100 people 2013 63 89 105 126 Mobile phones per 100 people 2010 41 74 78 122 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
  56. 56. The uneven distribution of optical fibres Topic links:  plate tectonics  global networks 1. Access to technology
  57. 57. Challenge and resistance Autocracy A system of government where power lies mostly in the hands of a single individual. Superpower A globally dominant state which possesses the means to project influence, and to protect its own interests, anywhere in the world. Subculture A minority group of people, often young people, that differentiate themselves from the rest of the society to which they belong, often using symbols such as fashion. Political development Progressive changes in the way a society is governed, such as universal suffrage, that often accompany economic development. Topic links:  globalisation  development 2. Power and control over technology
  58. 58. Challenge and resistance • Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, who survived a shooting, wrote a blog for the BBC website, campaigning for the education of girls in the Swat Valley • NOBEL prize awarded Topic links:  political development  global citizenship 2. Power and control over technology
  59. 59. The governance of cyberspace • A judge at Chester crown court sentenced two people to four years in prison for using Facebook to incite rioting during 2011 (mobile devices played a key role in the disruption that spread across British cities that summer) • Use of CCTV in urban spaces helps reduce crime and improve safety for women at night • In other contexts it is seen as intrusive: ‘Big Brother’ Topic links:  urban studies  governance 2. Power and control over technology
  60. 60. Drone warfare in Pakistan Topic links:  superpowers (Edexcel)  conflict (AQA) 2. Power and control over technology • The USA's drone missile attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia – part of its global ‘war on terror’ – are highly controversial • In a practice that can be unfavourably compared with gaming, 'hellfire missile' operators in Nevada, USA, fly remote-controlled missiles into northern Pakistan – recent drone footage • The intended target is suspected terrorists; as many as 3,500 people have been killed by drones to date, around 10 per cent of them civilians • The rules that govern this kind of conflict are disputed. According to one view, the USA is executing people for crimes they may or may not have committed without a trial and is in breach of the UDHR • However, the USA claims its own actions are legitimised by war law (despite the fact that the USA is not at war with any of the countries where drone attacks currently take place)
  61. 61. Technology and agricultural networks • Marks and Spencer use the latest technology to help them regularly update the orders they place with their Kenyan suppliers • Each time the barcode of a food purchase is scanned in a Marks and Spencer store, an automatic adjustment is made to the size of the next order placed with suppliers in distant countries like Kenya • If store till receipts in the UK show a good day’s sales for a particular product in the run-up to Christmas Day, then an email is automatically sent to Kenya at midnight to increase production quotas the next day • Farmers everywhere are making increased use of ICT network/2013/jan/24/data-collection-evaluation-technology- agriculture Topic links:  TNCs  Agriculture 3. The uses of technology
  62. 62. Technology drives aspects of development •For stretch and challenge, investigate the ‘overlaps’ between the categories shown Topic links:  globalisation  development 3. The uses of technology Economic development Social development Political development
  63. 63. Electronic remittances Topic links:  globalisation  migration 3. The uses of technology Somali migrants living in the UK send US$100 million to Somalia annually, relying on Barclays and other banks to transfer funds electronically
  64. 64. Development change: ICT can boost HDI Topic links:  globalisation  development 4. The uses of technology HDI Life expectancy Average income Average years of attending school • Mobile phones can help raise income • Distance learning opens new education opportunity e.g. MOOCs (massive open online courses) • Mobile phones allow remote diagnostic for improved health alth/reports/52067
  65. 65. 3D Printing Topic links:  economic activity 3. The uses of technology
  66. 66. ArcGIS Demonstration
  67. 67. Advice from Chief Examiners Simon Oakes Andy Leeder
  68. 68. • Being able to write a good geography essay is arguably more important than it used to be. • Reaching the highest grades requires the highest level marking criteria to be met by candidates Can you write a good essay?
  69. 69. • Discuss (Offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors or hypotheses. Opinions or conclusions should be presented clearly and supported by appropriate evidence.) • Evaluate (Make an appraisal by weighing strengths and limitations.) • Examine (Consider an argument or concept in a way that uncovers the assumptions and interrelationships of the issue.) • To what extent (Consider the merits or otherwise of an argument or concept. Opinions and conclusions should be presented clearly and supported with empirical evidence and sound argument.) Command words
  70. 70. • Evaluate the effectiveness of two named urban management schemes. • ‘Effectiveness’ in whose view? • What does effective mean? • Why might different groups hold differing views or perspectives? • Do viewpoints differ according to geographical context (i.e. developed, emerging, developing economies) Perspectives
  71. 71. Every mark counts, so don’t let them slip away… 72 A* 66 A 60 B 54 C 48 D 42 E 36 F 30 G One mark may make all the difference! The boundary goes somewhere...
  72. 72. Download these… iTunes eBook Paul Turner
  73. 73. Everything is connected
  74. 74.
  75. 75. Carl Lee – Sheffield College / University of Sheffield Free download Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things "...this book is an attempt to give students of Advanced Level Geography something else to read that will help them piece together their own big picture of what 21st century geography is about..."
  76. 76. Thanks for listening… Best of luck for the exams, and your future careers…
  77. 77. Acknowledgements Gareth Hughes, Radley College Simon Oakes, Bancrofts’ School Richard Allaway, International School, Geneva Paul Turner – Bedales School Carl Lee Danny Dorling – University of Oxford Felicity Aston Steve Brace, RGS-IBG Andy Leeder