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No more tiers - Part 2

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Developed by Alan Parkinson

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No more tiers - Part 2

  1. 1. Alan Parkinson Rewind to 2015 Hodder Towers
  2. 2. OCR ‘A’ and ‘B’ Geography Questions developed for the textbook Answers also written for several chapters. Grew from the resources in the textbook Had to be approved by OCR
  3. 3. Having to choose case studies / contexts Decisions affecting thousands of teachers…. Increasing challenge through time
  4. 4. Reading the question BOX / BUG etc. TomMorgan-Jones
  5. 5. Flickr User: ToniVC
  6. 6. The term ‘north-south divide is used to describe uneven levels of development in the UK. Evaluate the causes of uneven development in the UK 6 marks
  7. 7. Questions starting with the phrase ‘To what extent’ require a judgement on the accuracy of a statement, including the views of the candidate. An understanding of the term ‘north-south divide’ is also required. Evidence for the life expectancy data indicating a north- south divide could include: • The four highest values are in the southern half of England • The four highest values in England are in the northern half of England • The lowest life expectancy is in Scotland, in the far north of England • When looked at geographically there is a strong connection between the location of regions and the life expectancy values [4 marks]
  8. 8. Lizzie Crean @MissCreanGeog Usedwithpermission
  9. 9. Usedwithpermission Lizzie Crean
  10. 10. Assess the extent to which the UK should get its energy from fracking? ‘To what extent?’ I disagree that…. I agree to some extent that … I agree a little that… I agree a lot that… Why should we not have fracking? Why should we have fracking? What is your opinion and why? Step 1: Start with a phrase Step 2: On one hand... Step 3: On the other hand... Step 4: Overall I think... Also, in addition, another. So, consequently, because, as a result Usedwithpermission
  11. 11. Structure strips – Jo Payne
  12. 12. Questions…
  13. 13. Resource from the book…
  14. 14. Talking before writing… From the OCR Delivery Guide for Climate Change for GCSE Specification ‘A’
  15. 15. It marks a moment when many learners take a significant step forwards in their understanding of the subject, and develop a much deeper appreciation of how various concepts link together. Their intrinsic abilities can show a dramatic improvement during this period. They begin to write much more perceptive answers to questions. They may find it easier to remember facts, because these are now seen as fitting neatly into an overall picture of the subject. Revisiting is for deepening and extending learners’ knowledge and understanding. Revision is more about consolidating what learners already know and understand, and helping them to use this to fulfil the requirements of exams. 2nd year of the new courses – this moment is still to come…
  16. 16. Facebook groups Level-v3 GA Independent Schools SIG – copies of article with links….