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Social Media Literacy - Boost your career

Boost your career with these few tips about managing your social media presence.

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Social Media Literacy - Boost your career

  1. 1. Social Media Literacy Career development unit
  2. 2. Welcome!Lets network! Hi, Im Geoff. I am a social media expert and I am here to show you how social media can help you developing your career.
  3. 3. Introduction!What are Social Media?Social media, you know? Really?!What profiles do you have?Do you keep them updated?!
  4. 4. A social learning platform!Explore, learn and share• Trends are now set online• Solutions are found among networks• Opinions are exposed• Expertise is shared ... So are opportunities!
  5. 5. Forget your CV!Demonstrate your skillsEmployers are now using online resources toscan applicants:!• Communication skills• Socializing skills / Team working• Expertise• Network / capacity to Influence
  6. 6. Build your Network!Expand your connectionsThe network you create and the activities on itare your new resume.!• Get recommended!• Blog about your expertise• Tweet with pairs• Build your social influence
  7. 7. Increase your influence!Influence scores and what they meanEverything you do on social media is measuredand contributes to your social media influence.!• Discover the tools• Understand your score• Gain influence• Get recognized
  8. 8. Get organized!Social media can be easily professionalSet your style and objective. Get organized. See theresults.!Set up a daily routine that helps you develop andmaintain your social media presence. Connect withinfluencers, share your expertise and get noticed.There are plenty of niche social platforms, ok.... Focus on the main channels!
  9. 9. Let them find you!Maintain your LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is the most recognized professionalnetworking site worldwide.!It is now seen as the main source for posting your onlineresume and even offers job offers that match your skills andexperience.• Keep your profile up to date!• Ask for recommendations!• Join groups and discussions
  10. 10. Build your Network!Facebook is the #1 networking platformFacebook is your main window on the social media world.!Having an active Facebook profile is very important as this isyour main access to social media networking.• Be active on your profile• Comment on post that inspire you• Like and share content on other profile• Get involved with businesses on their page
  11. 11. Engage with influencers!Use Twitter to reach the right peopleTwitter is about building conversations with the people you wishto influence, as much as to engage with those who influenceyour industry.!Build a strong network of followers and engage with people that arethought leaders in your area of expertise.• Follow trends• Find influencers• Create conversations (#tags)• Reply, mention and retweet
  12. 12. Share your expertise!Blog about your experienceA personal blog is an online view on your expertise andachievements.!Blogging about your area of expertise shows a strong involvementin your industry and a commitment to keeping yourself on top.• Choose your platform• Find a meaningful title• Post and mention your sources• Check comments and reply