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The Lates Android 4.4 System and One Latest Android 4.4 Tablet PC

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Know what new features the latest Android 4.4 system has brought to you and to be a trendsetter with a latest Android 4.4 tablet PC.

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The Lates Android 4.4 System and One Latest Android 4.4 Tablet PC

  1. 1. Be the Trendsetter with the Latest Android 4.4 Tablet PC Android, as one of the most popular Operating systm aroud the world, is more and more closely connected with people’s life either with an Android tablet PC, Android cellphone, watch, Android TV or Android car. Android system is at your service to provide with information you need instantly and timely like weather conditions, traffic conditions, bus timetables, even the latest information of the events score according to your specific requirements. Android 4.4, the latest publicly available version of Google's Android mobile and tablet operating system, is now running on over 20 percent of Android devices. Let’s look over what it has brough us first. More Stylish, Elegant and Eyeable Design The design of Android 4.4 is more delicate, its performance can be more extraordinary and its functions become more novel.
  2. 2. Absorbed in the New Android 4.4 Immersion Model Now, with Android 4.4 system, no matter you are reading, playing games or watching movies, the totally new immersion model allows you fully absorbed in it. A simple slide on the edge of the screen, you are back to the status bar and navigation buttons.
  3. 3. More Prompt Response and More Smooth Switch Android 4.4 optimized the memory footprint and touch screen which make its response speed and accuracy overpass all previous version arriving the peak of Android systems’ performance. Whether you are browsing the website while listening to music, or playing some hottest games in high speed, you can fullly enjoy its smoothness all the time. More Intelligent Caller Identification When you received a call not from your address book, Android 4.4 will match the number with the merchant number automatically according to the local business information provided in Google maps.
  4. 4. Centralized Management of All Messages No matter what way your friends send a message to you, you won’t miss any of them because the new ring chat application allows you to manage all your SMS, MMS, chats and other video calls uniformly. Use Any Files Conveniently and Work Efficiently Whenever & Wherever With the newly designed Quickoffice, you can quickly locate files you recently used and easily transfer files to others. You can also easily create or edit word, excel or PPT whenever you want conveniently on your cellphone or tablet to finish your urgent work.
  5. 5. Android 4.4 has brought more than these benefits to Android users.You can better experience it more really when you use it by yourself in reality. Are you feel touchy to get one right now? FNF iFive mini 3GS Tablet PC is one of the latest tablet PC adapted with the latest Android 4.4 system, besides the operating system updated, many other features of this type of tablet PC are all around updated. It is in moderate 7.9 screen size suitable for different usage and for consumers at different ages. Better visual effect with 2048*1536 pixels resolution. More powerful battery capacity supporting longer working time. Faster speed with octa core. The most important thing is that a device adapted with all these high configuration only cost you some $196.89. You cannot miss it if you want to give your Android system a change.