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Evaluation question 2

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Evaluation question 2

  2. 2. • How do you show your genre? • How do you show your artist?
  3. 3. HOW DO YOU SHOW YOUR GENRE? I don’t really have genre for my magazine because it is a magazine that looks at all genres. But this one issue of my magazine would have some articles on pop music because of the way my artist is dressed on the front cover of my magazine makes them look like a pop artist because they pop artist dress quite colourful and quirky which is the sort of genre that I am trying to get across to my reader. With my magazine focusing on a different genre every month it will mean that my magazine will sell to a lot more people than a magazine that only focus's on a certain genre and it is the same genre every month because will be liked and enjoyed my more people because it could be my audiences favourite genre that my magazine will be focusing on that month. In the Vibe magazine it shows that the women has been objectified and they have made the male artist look like they are in charge and that they are really important. It also makes the women look like they quite less important than the men but on my magazine I haven’t done that because on my magazine I have made my artist look normal and so it looks like she hasn’t been objectified. But on the Kerrang magazine it shows men and women together and they look like they can be quite aggressive but they have made it so men and women are seen the same and so that men aren’t seen more higher up than women, they have done it so men and women look the same.
  4. 4. HOW DO YOU SHOW YOUR ARTIST? I think my magazine shows artists how they really are. on my front cover my artist is in bright colours this shows she isn’t a dull person and is quite bright and happy and bright colours can also mean that she has quite a bubbly personality. The pose she is pulling can also show that she can be quite an innocent person and also it shows she will be quite a fun and imaginative artist. As she has got something in her hair it can show that she cares about her appearance and what she looks like and she always likes something in her hair even if it isn’t big. I have shown my artist on my front cover as normal because most artists are shown as if they have got lots of money and are really rich. But I have shown my artist as normal because she hasn’t got lots of money she is just an ordinary person like everyone else, she lives a normal life because she isn’t a really famous artist like some artists out there.