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First question .pptx completed

  1. 1. Evaluation 1) In what ways doesyour media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
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  3. 3. I can see you1. The first image of the title opening sequence shows the logo of the production company , which is GGD Production . This typical conventions of a title sequence as the production company is normally shown first .2. In the second screen shot , shows the stalker , staring at the computer , there is use of a long shot. This is effective because it allows the audience to see what is happening within the screen. This challenges the conventions of a title sequence because there is normally text shown, rather than a blank screen.3. The camera angle used is an extreme close-up ; this shows shows what the character within the scene is doing . It creates some suspense about who the stalker is because the actor’s face is not seen. This does conform to the normal conventions of a title sequence because there is a range of camera angles .4. Screen shot 4 shows the stalker become infuriated because the stalker can see the images , of this girl . This challenges the convention of a opening title sequence because there is no use of colour or dialogue within the scene.1. Screen shot five does challenge the conventions of a thriller opening because the audience is unable to see the actors face. The screenshot shows the stalker sticking images on a wall. This is an important aspect of the title sequence because it shows when the stalker begins to have an obsession .1. There is an point of view shot , this challenges the normally conventions of a opening title sequence because this is not always used .2. The credits in I can see you , is at the end rather than at the the beginning , it shows the producers of the film.1. The last screen shot , shows important information ; this is the title and normally the titles are at the beginning however we choose to put it at the end .
  4. 4. What inspired I can see youWithin the group we were inspired by the title opening sequence Kill Bill because there was use of flash blacks , which was of a dark colour . This was included in the title sequence however we interrupted it different . We have used some the same conventions of Kill Bill because there is use of the production companies first , this convention was included within I can see you .However in Kill Bill there is use of animation rather than characters shown within the mise –en scene . The credits are shown first however we choose to put the credits last to ensure the audience is interested .The title of the film is shown last this is the same as I can see you . This inspired us to put the title last because it keeps the audience engaged and interested about what is happening within the film .