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Advanced 02 review m t test

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Handout review for the MTT -Units 7-9

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Advanced 02 review m t test

  1. 1. Advanced 02 – Review for the Mt. Test ( units 7,8,9 )Exercise 01: 1- a 2- the 3- a 4- the 5- the 6- the 7- X 8-the 9- aExercise 02: A- Sri Lanka has a wonderful climate. B- Ok C- Ok D- Ok E- Ok F- We can look forward to warm southerly wind this weekend. G- The USA is a country with a high level of immigration. H- How can we combine economic growth and respect for the environment.Exercise 03: A- I had to get a passport. B- I didn´t need to change my voicemail. C- We were not allowed to see the principal. D- We were allowed to come back home later. E- They couldn´t park their car in front of the school.Exercise 04: A- The tour guide suggested that we visit the Cathedral next Tuesday. B- He explained that the Cathedral was built in 1472. C- He convinced us that it would be great to see its altars made of marble. D- Mario persuaded his girlfriend to go to a fancy restaurant. E- The company confirmed that there would be lots of things on sale. F- “Don´t worry, your car will be ready tomorrow”, the mechanic assured him.Exercise 05: A- It´s said that they are getting richer and richer.
  2. 2. B- It´s thought that Juliet will get married next summer. C- It´s believed that Dr. Smith has fallen in love with a younger woman. D- It ´s thought that gray hair isn´t attractive in women. E- It´s said that they have bought a new house in Springfield. F- It´s thought that Ashley is pregnant.Exercise 06: A- are going to have / painted. B- have / cleaned C- have / serviced D- have / renewed E- had / cut F- are you going to have / repairedExercise 07: A- I might have hurt him. B- You must have been angry with Sally. C- I must have talked to him about his low grades. D- She could have left her keys here. E- He may not have come to the meeting. F- She could have paid the debt.Exercise 08: A- He looks sad today. B- He looks as if he had a car accident. C- They seem to be exhausted. D- The twins look like their mother. E- The problem looks terribly complicated.
  3. 3. F- The man looks very old. / The man looks as if he is very old. G- He seems to be enthusiastic about his trip to New York.Exercise 09: a- Foot b- Nibbled c- Thoughtless d- Full e- Uptight f- Stand-offish g- Hideous h- Space- age i- Intriguing j- During k- Alluring