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E C C E M I C H I G A N W E E K 3

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E C C E M I C H I G A N W E E K 3

  2. 2. “What we focus on, expands.” “What we give our attention to; we get more of.” “Yes, we can!”
  3. 3. The Mini Test • Listening Part A – Short Conversations • DO’S and DON’TS • Do pay attention to the whole conversation • Do try to relate the pictures to what is being said • Do concentrate to know exactly what the question is all about • But....
  4. 4. • Don’t expect to understand every single word • Don’t panic if you miss something in the beginning • Don’t get distracted when you hear something related to the pictures because as you know they will ALL be mentioned • Don’t leave ANY question unanswered • If necessary make a reasonable guess!
  5. 5. • Listening Part 2 – Radio Interview • Take a look at the answers before listening • Try to predict the questions • Take notes while you listen – they will help you choose the correct answer • Once again – DO NOT expect to understand every single word • DO NOT leave ANY question unanswered
  6. 6. GOOD VIBES • The good or bad feelings that a particular person, place, or situation seems to produce and that you react to (good/bad, etc vibes). • “I have good vibes about this course”. • “She had always had bad vibes about that house”.
  7. 7. GLOGSTER • a great creativity site for you to “poster yourself”. A ‘glog’ is basically an online poster web page. Students can combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio to create an interactive online poster. Glogster has a very simple to use interface. The final glog can be hosted by Glogster or you can embed it into a wiki, blog, or class web site.
  8. 8. • A model for you... •