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Kanban Portfolio Management, a real case.

A real case about the introduction of a Kanban Portfolio in a big company.

In the 5 minutes lightning talk at the Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014 conference where I told my story as Agile Coach in Wolter Kluwer Italy.

Slides shows the actual status of implementation, goals reached and next challenges.

We are following an evolutionary approach where the change is done step-by-step together with all departments.

Kanban Portfolio Management, a real case.

  1. 1. Kanban Portfolio Management supported by Canvas, a Real Case in Wolters Kluwer Italia. Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014 @giulioroggero
  2. 2. December 2012 The Wolters Kluwer Italia CTO: “Can we improve our time-to-market?”
  3. 3. I replied: “Yes, if we follow an evolutionary approach!”
  4. 4. January-March 2013 “a Kanban Board for a pilot team” Business Ideas and Projects selection Urgencies Team running Closure
  5. 5. April-June2013 “Scrum for a pilot project”
  6. 6. July 2013 “pilots are going well and now?” “how can we scale the Pilot?” 200 initiative in-flight 400 person involved We have
  7. 7. Visualize to share! Projects Canvas Portfolio Kanban Boards “Sala Caravaggio” A room dedicated only to Initiatives Visualization Executives meet every two weeks in this room to check impediments and to rank initiatives. All departments are involved.
  8. 8. Pre-Funnel Funnel Vision and T-Shirt Sizing Business Model, Business Case, Backlog, Devel, UAT, Deploy Initiatives Gathering Initiatives Analysis and Implementation
  9. 9. Example of a Kanban Card
  10. 10. Vision Board Business Model Canvas Product Canvas Pre - Funnel Funnel
  11. 11. We start to measure … … to monitor the effect of the transition
  12. 12. May 2014 – Goals reached • Board meetings are regular and useful. • All information about project are now under control. • All company departments are involved, not only ICT! • More than 125 person, trained on Agile, Canvas and Kanban Boards, are participating to the portfolio model definition and evolution. • New roles have been identified: Demand Manager, Portfolio Facilitator. • Only one reference per Initiative: the Product Owner. • Some project have been discarded because other opportunities have been revealed by the Kanban Board. • Continuous alignment between Business and ICT on more than 180 projects. • Identified bottlenecks. • Low resistance to change. and more…
  13. 13. Next Challenges Reduce WIP, sustain POs and avoid exceptions. • The Product Owner role is vital for the Flow. We are defining a path to help POs in this journey. • We are defining WIP limits monitoring a first rough estimation of them. • Cross-department ranking is still to be done. • We are preparing the 2015 budget starting from Pre-Funnel. • Initiatives KPIs have to be defined. • Initiatives Business Case definition is in draft. • We need a better way to keep aligned the room and Atlassian Jira. and more…
  14. 14. Thanks to Wolters Kluwer Italia for having given the permission for this presentation @giulioroggero