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The ROI of Company Culture

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Build your corporate culture with these tips from HubSpot:

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The ROI of Company Culture

  2. #Glassdoor Webinar Tips • You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. • Or, you may select “Use Telephone” after joining the Webinar. • All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. • You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.
  3. #Glassdoor Featured Speakers Molly McKinstry Inside Sales Manager at Glassdoor Katie Burke Director of Talent and Culture at HubSpot
  4. #Glassdoor AGENDA • What Is Company Culture? • Stats That Prove Investing in Culture Pays Off • Action Plan to Improve Company Culture • Case Studies • Save money recruiting • Save time recruiting • Increase candidate quality • Raise productivity levels • Increase retention rates
  5. #Glassdoor What Is Company Culture? Vision & Values Assumptions & Beliefs Habits, Norms & Systems Symbols & Language
  6. #Glassdoor CULTURE CODE THE 1.8 million views #1 business deck on SlideShare in 2013
  7. #Glassdoor Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing. • Customers are more easily attracted with a great product. • Talent is more easily attracted with a great culture. -@Dharmesh, HubSpot
  8. #Glassdoor Culture is everything.
  9. #Glassdoor 5 Reasons to Invest in Your Culture
  10. #Glassdoor #1: Save Money Recruiting #1: Save Money Recruiting
  11. #Glassdoor Companies with a good employer brand see an average of #1: Save Money Recruiting 22%in reduced recruitment fees Source: Employer Branding Global Study Report Companies with a strong employer brand enjoy Source: LinkedIn 50%cost-per-hire savings
  12. #Glassdoor #1: Action Plan Get involved! Read and respond to Glassdoor reviews, implement feedback and initiate change.
  13. #Glassdoor #2: Save Time Recruiting
  14. #Glassdoor #2: Save Time Recruiting 46% Source: Glassdoor read reviews when they have just started their job search and have not yet spoken with a company recruiting or hiring manager. 94% Source: Glassdoor are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand, responds to reviews, updates their profile and shares updates on their culture and work environment. of Glassdoor members
  15. #Glassdoor #2: Action Plan Save time recruiting on platforms like Glassdoor. When candidates qualify themselves, you see fewer unqualified resumes and save time.
  16. #Glassdoor #3: Increase Candidate Quality
  17. #Glassdoor #3:Increase Candidate Quality Referral candidates are 5X more likely to get hired than other candidates Employee referrals are the #1 SOURCE for quality new hires Source: Source: ERE
  18. #Glassdoor #3:Action Plan Invest in your employer brand and monitor your reputation on Glassdoor. Your reputation says a lot about your company’s culture!
  19. #Glassdoor #4: Raise Productivity Levels
  20. #Glassdoor #4: Raise Productivity Levels Companies with engaged employees OUTPERFORM THOSE WITHOUT BY UP TO 202%Source: Dale Carnegie Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can INCREASE PROFITS BY $2,400per employee per year Source: TLNT
  21. #Glassdoor #4: Action Plan Celebrate company and department wins. Recognize individual and team performance.
  22. #Glassdoor #5: Increase Retention Rates
  23. #Glassdoor #5: Increase Retention Rates $11 BILLION IS LOST ANNUALLY due to EMPLOYEE TURNOVER Source: Dale Carnegie
  24. #Glassdoor #5: Action Plan Ensure managers live up to their full leadership potential and provide them with the tools necessary in order to succeed in their roles!
  25. #Glassdoor Action Plan Recap Save Money Recruiting Increase Candidate Quality Save Time Recruiting Raise Productivity Levels Increase Retention Rates Get involved! Read feedback, respond to reviews and initiate change. Allow candidates to qualify themselves on platforms like Glassdoor to save time recruiting. Celebrate company and department wins. Recognize individual and team performance. Ensure managers live up to their full leadership potential by arming them with the correct tools. Invest in your employer brand and monitor your reputation on Glassdoor.
  26. #Glassdoor Culture Case Study: Expedia, Inc. 13 Technical Hires Including Sr. Software Engineer & UI Designer 51% Increase in Candidate Awareness Reflected in traffic to Glassdoor Profile $1700 Cost-Per-Hire 50% lower than the national CPH average RESULTS “Glassdoor has become a critical tool for telling our brand's story online and giving applicants an inside look at life at Expedia.” Lisa Russell, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Expedia, Inc.
  27. #Glassdoor Culture Case Study: HubSpot Brian Halligan, HubSpot’s CEO, is one of the most highly recommended executives based on Glassdoor reviews Significantly increased lead flow from Glassdoor to drive candidate quality and quantity RESULTS #15 Glassdoor Best Place to Work 2015
  28. #Glassdoor Products change, positioning changes, people change but the one constant on winning teams and business is a remarkable culture
  29. #Glassdoor Companies who prioritize employee sentiment and company culture perform better overall in the stock market. Bottom Line:
  30. #Glassdoor FREE OPTIONS!
  31. #Glassdoor Questions?