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Washington, DC GlobalGiving Partner Workshop slides 2015

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We were so glad to have you this week!

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Washington, DC GlobalGiving Partner Workshop slides 2015

  1. 1. GlobalGiving Partner Workshop We’re excited that you’re a part of the GlobalGiving community!
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome & Introductions GlobalGiving Updates SMART Online Fundraising Cultivating A Fundraising Army Attracting New GlobalGiving Donors Retaining Donors Client-Consultant Action Planning Benefiting from Corporate Partnerships Wrap-Up and Feedback
  3. 3. 3 Objectives for Today’s Activity Help you understand how GlobalGiving fits into your organization’s overall fundraising strategy Identify a SMART online fundraising goal Create action steps to achieve your goal Learn best practices in growing your donor network and retaining existing donors Enhance your use of GlobalGiving as the core tool in your online fundraising strategy Connect you with a local network of nonprofit organizations using the GlobalGiving site and harnessing online fundraising
  4. 4. Introductions
  5. 5. Break Into Groups & Introduce Yourself Name Title and Organization What is the biggest challenge that you currently face in terms of online fundraising? What is one thing that people wouldn’t be able to guess about you? 5
  6. 6. GG Feedback Board Using the sticky notes on the table, throughout the workshop, post thoughts related to the following: Have you had a lingering question about GlobalGiving? Are there specific challenges that you have been facing on GlobalGiving? Are there any ideas or opportunities that you want to share? 6
  7. 7. GlobalGiving Updates
  8. 8. GlobalGiving Updates Fundraising & Social Impact Academies Experimentation with Bonus Days Town Hall Tools + Training blog New website GG Rewards 8
  9. 9. New Website 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. GG Rewards Partner, Leader, Superstar GG Rewards created in order to: Reward organizations for their engagement and effectiveness Provide a flexible way to move from Partner to Superstar Enhance visualizations to understand your activity More points  higher GG Rewards status  enhanced opportunities for visibility and corporate and major donor recommendations 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. Engagement GG Rewards allows GlobalGiving to reward partners that are active and engaged on the platform Report regularly Drive donations through matching campaigns Participate in contests Contribute to the Leadership Council And more! 14
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. Effectiveness Organizations that are listening, acting, and learning are more effective GG Rewards helps us drive donations to organizations that are Listening, Acting, and Learning on and off GlobalGiving Earn points by completing a Learning Cycle 16
  16. 16. Effectiveness Tools DIY Toolkit Feedback Toolkit Storytelling Charting Impact GlobalGiving Webinar Create-Your-Own Cycle 17
  17. 17. 18
  18. 18. Step 1 LISTEN (3 points) Step 2 ACT (4 points) Step 3 LEARN (5 points) How to Use the Create-Your-Own Cycle for Effectiveness Points
  19. 19. 21
  20. 20. SMART Online Fundraising
  21. 21. SMART Goals Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound 23
  22. 22. Making Your Goal Measurable Dollar amount Unique donors Recurring donors New versus old donors Donors who make donations as a gifts 24
  23. 23. Question 1 • Draft one online fundraising goal that your organization has for the duration of 2015 that is SMART in nature. • Specific • Measurable • Action-Oriented • Realistic • Time-Bound • After you have drafted your goal, share with a partner and discuss to ensure that your goal meets each of the SMART criterion. Revise accordingly.
  24. 24. • What are the top three challenges that you foresee in achieving your SMART goal? • Ensure that the descriptions of these challenges are as tangible as possible. • Make sure that a challenge cited isn’t insurmountable. If it is, consider whether your goal is realistic and thus SMART after all. Revise accordingly. 26 Question 2
  25. 25. Questions 3, 4, 5 • Question 3: What is your current Reward Level? • Question 4: What are two Engagement actions that you could take in order to earn points and take steps toward achieving your SMART online fundraising goal? • Question 5: What are two Effectiveness actions that you could take in order to earn points and take steps toward achieving your SMART online fundraising goal? 27
  26. 26. Short Break 28
  27. 27. Cultivating A Fundraising Army
  28. 28. 30 Fundraising Advocates Strengthen and expand organization’s donor network Create “buy-in” opportunities for donors Help donors to feel that they: Have a powerful impact Can see the results of their donations Have influence over the direction of the organization
  29. 29. Engaging Fundraising Advocates (& Others) on GlobalGiving Fundraiser pages Year-End Campaign Bonus Days 31
  30. 30. Fundraiser Page • Fundraiser- established goal • Customizable title, summary, and photo • Easy to track donations & progress towards goal
  31. 31. • Birthday • Wedding • Marathon or race • Sporting event • Fundraising contest • Tribute • Disaster relief When could a fundraising advocate build a fundraiser page?
  32. 32. $8,243 Raised for Rural schools in the Himalayas CYCLE CHALLENGE Each year cyclists ride 150km for 2 days through the Himalayas
  33. 33. $2,474 Raised for Maternal Health in Tanzania LABOR FOR LOVE Alison asked supporters to donate $1 for every hour a women in their life was in labor
  34. 34. $13,477 Raised for Nepal Earthquake Relief
  35. 35. Campaigns • Help keep your donors engaged • Create a sense of urgency • Give you a reason to reach out to donors through incentives
  36. 36. 41
  37. 37. 2015 Bonus Days March: 30% match, $60,000, $2,000 bonuses May: Prorated (25.9%), $75,000, no bonuses July: Rewards-based matching, $115,000, $2,000 bonuses September: 30%, $70,000, $6,000 bonuses* *Bonus cap now at $1,000/donor/organization to ensure funds last longer 43
  38. 38. Year-End Campaign Almost 18% of all online fundraising happens in December Great time to achieve your SMART goal! December 1 – 31 Requirements: Must opt-in Maximum of one project per organization Raise minimum of $3,000 from 30 donors to unlock eligibility for award Bonus awards for top 9 projects ($ raised) 44
  39. 39. Identifying Fundraising Advocates When identifying these leaders, consider individuals who: Care about your organization, the projects that you lead, and/or the issues that you affect Will serve as strong brand ambassadors Can tell (or learn to tell) the story of your organization and project(s) in a compelling manner Have large networks You (or a colleague or board member) will feel comfortable reaching out to personally with the fundraising advocate request. 45
  40. 40. Question 6 • Identify at least five individuals to serve as fundraising advocates in support of your SMART goal. Consider individuals from the following affiliations: • Staff • Board members • Volunteers • Existing donors & supporters • Beneficiaries • Professional contacts • Friends & family • Community leaders & members 46
  41. 41. Questions 7 + 8 • Question 7: What is the average amount of funding raised per donor for your projects? • Question 8: Based on your larger SMART goal, what is a SMART objective that you can set for your fundraising advocates? 47
  42. 42. Group Discussion • Question 9: What actions will you take to engage your fundraising advocates to achieve their SMART objective on GlobalGiving? • Question 10: What tools can you offer your fundraising advocates to ensure that they have maximum resources to accomplish their SMART objective? 48
  43. 43. Support for Fundraising Advocates Work together to: Set a specific fundraising goal Craft prospect- and donor-appropriate messaging Create an outreach strategy Map out prospective donors Provide outreach templates and FAQs Send friendly reminders 49
  44. 44. Communications Tips for Advocates Harness email and social media Emphasize project importance and urgency, and why donor matters Consider the audience – tailor messages to be consistent but different Time messages – one month out, one week out, day before 50
  45. 45. Attract New GlobalGiving Donors
  46. 46. Attracting New Donors Craft a compelling project description Earn your way toward an improved project rank Create microprojects 52
  47. 47. Attractive Project Page • Specific, action- oriented title • Close-up, high resolution photos • Easy to understand, jargon-free, project specific summary • Tangible, realistic donation options
  48. 48. Or here… Or here… Your project here
  49. 49. 56
  50. 50. Search Ranking Criteria 40% the amount of time since your previous project report 20% the number of donors that your project has attracted 20% the amount of money your project has raised, relative to other projects 20% how close is the project to being fully funded **Bonus points for being a Leader or Superstar, or having a Microproject 57
  51. 51. Support Ian’s Education Nyaka AIDS Project • Leaders & Superstars • Fundraise for specific individual or activity • $250 - $10,000 • Active for 3 months • Tied to an existing parent project on GlobalGiving • Bump in GlobalGiving’s project ranking! Microprojects
  52. 52. Questions 11 + 12 • Evaluate the existing project that best aligns with your SMART goal. • Question 11: What three actions can you take to improve your project page? • Question 12: What is your project rank? What two actions will you take to improve your rank?
  53. 53. Retaining Donors
  54. 54. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project* Overall donor retention was 43% Repeat donor retention was 64% New donor retention was only 23% *All data from 2013-2014
  55. 55. Group Discussion • Question 13: List at least three reasons why donors have stopped giving to your organization in the past and/or reasons why donors would stop giving to a project. Then, brainstorm at least one solution for each of the reasons that donors have or would stop giving. • Question 14: What are three ways that you can increase donor retention on GlobalGiving? • Each group will share one response to Question XIII and one way that you can increase retention on GlobalGiving. 62
  56. 56. Why Donors Stop Giving 63 No memory of supporting the organization Not reminded to give again Didn’t feel connected Felt other causes are more deserving Organization wasn’t transparent about how donations were used Organization asked for an inappropriate amount
  57. 57. Solutions to Increasing Donor Retention (& How You Can Do So on GlobalGiving!) 64 Communicate with donors at least every 90 days (project reports) Show donors how their funds help you achieve your mission (project reports) Personalize your communication (thank you notes) Encourage donors to make monthly recurring gifts and/or donations as a gift or tribute to someone Know your average gift and ask for the right amount
  58. 58. 68
  59. 59. Donor Appreciation • 46% of donors stop giving because they feel like their donations are not recognized • Send thank you notes as soon as possible • Share photos, anecdotes, and impact statistics in project reports
  60. 60. 70
  61. 61. Donation Manager Access donor information in real time! View gross donation information (not counting fees or add ons) Send thank you notes directly through the GlobalGiving site
  62. 62. 72
  63. 63. Thank You Note Tips Send notes as soon after the gift arrives as possible Acknowledge the donation amount and source Use the filter to identify repeat donors Ask questions to keep the donor engaged Remind the donor of the impact that the gift will have Be personal and warm in the language that you use 73
  64. 64. Question 15 • Have you sent thank you notes? If so, when was the last time that you sent a thank you note? • What steps will you take to improve your thank you note template for the project tied to your SMART goal?
  65. 65. Project Reports • Required every three months • Emailed to all project donors and posted on project page • Project reports (2-3 paragraphs): • Close-up, high-res photos • Beneficiary stories • Progress & accomplishments • Project-specific impact stats • Call to action • Rating 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) 75
  66. 66. 76
  67. 67. Project Report Ratings • How emotionally compelling is the report/update? • Is the report on-topic? • Is it written for the correct target audience? • Is it compelling? • Are there high-quality photos?
  68. 68. Question 16 • What was your last project report rated? • What could you do to improve your rating? 78
  69. 69. Lunch Break 79
  70. 70. Client-Consultant Action Planning
  71. 71. Group Activity: Question 17 • Break into groups of 3 • Review your SMART goal • What continuing challenges do you foresee associated with achieving this goal? • Take 1 minute to share your goal and challenges with 2 partners. • Then, partners will take 6 minutes to brainstorm and advise on solutions so that you can accomplish your goal. Alternatively, consider what challenges you had identified at the start of the day. Then share the solutions that you had identified with your peer consultants to get their feedback.)
  72. 72. Benefiting from Corporate Partnerships
  73. 73. $3+ million in 2014 98% of Current Partners received portion of funding
  74. 74. Cause Marketing
  75. 75. Gift Cards
  76. 76. Employee Giving
  77. 77. Grantmaking
  78. 78. 88 GlobalGiving & Corporate Referrals Does not pitch organizations to companies Makes recommendations based on company’s criteria (e.g. regional and/or thematic focus) Most likely to recommend Superstars, then Leaders Comfortable recommending active & engaged organizations
  79. 79. Disaster Relief Efforts
  80. 80. Wrap-Up
  81. 81. • Incorporate your GlobalGiving & overall fundraising strategies • Establish SMART goals • Use GlobalGiving’s tools to help you reach your goals • Take advantage of special events or opportunities • Involve your supporters! • Aim for Superstar-dom Making the Most of GlobalGiving
  82. 82. • Sign up for a one-on-one consultation • Participate in the Fundraising and/or Social Impact Academy • Read the Tools & Trainings blog • Complete Effectiveness tools We’re here to help!