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Global NCAP World Congress Session 4, Anurag Kulshrestha

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“Priorities for Motor Cycle Safety”

Anurag Kulshrestha, President, TRAX Road Safety NGO India

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Global NCAP World Congress Session 4, Anurag Kulshrestha

  1. 1. “Priorities for Motor Cycle Safety ” #Global NCAP World Congress# At College of Traffic Management Surajkund Badhkal Road, Sector -43 Faridabad ,India -121010
  2. 2. Two-Wheelers / Riders Safety Safety Gadgets Role of CommunicatorsInfrastructure Law and Enforcement Design of Two- wheeler Helmet Hand Grip Saree Guard Print & Electronic Media Role of Politicians Role of parents & Teachers Role of Bollywood Role of Enforcement Agencies Old MTW Design Current MTW Design Visibility Potholes
  3. 3. Safety Gadgets : Safety of MTW Riders Standardized ISI HelmetSaree Guard Hand Grip
  4. 4. Goal: To advocate for standardized Helmets for all ages in India. Objectives: • Cycle / M . Cycle Helmet for all ages • Ban on sale / manufacturing of Sub Standard Helmets • Motorbike helmet as per the tropical atmosphere of country • Community mobilization for use standardized helmet Projects during last four years to achieve the Goals and Objectives Helmet India initiative •Organized in Noida (U.P) in association with PCRA , Noida Traffic Police. •80 Ride to Safety (free Helmet distribution for kids) workshops in Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai. •Approx. 1, 00,000 school students have been sensitized through School students and Parent workshops, Rallies . • Cycle rallies To promote use of Cycle Helmets • Engaged Regional Non-Government organizations.
  5. 5. “Safe Riding Initiative” For safety of MTW Riders & Pillion Riders Goal: Raise Awareness to take measures to save lives of two wheeler Riders & pillion Riders Objectives: • Helmet to be brought under mandatory list of BIS • Helmet usage for all • Potholes Free Roads • Scientific Design of MTW • Advertising Policy • Role of the Communicators
  6. 6. Projects to Achieve the Goals and Objectives “Safe Riding Initiative”: • This initiative organized in Bhubaneswar (Orissa) in association with Local NGOs on 7th Feb 2018 • TRAX and Central Road Research Institute under the auspice of MORTH, jointly organized two days international Conference on this issue on 12th – 13th April, 2018 • Recommendations submitted to MORTH, Niti Aayog and other stakeholders for needful actions • TRAX Proposed Round Table Stakeholders Meet dedicated to Safety of MTW Riders on 27th August 2018 with Transport Dpt., Govt. Of Punjab The efforts are continued and the major tasks are: • Helmet to be brought under mandatory list of BIS • Helmet for child pillion riders to be specified • Reducing Taxes (GST) on Helmet • Advertising Policy • Role of the Communicators
  7. 7. Advocacy with media by TRAX on Standardized Helmet • Most Indians buy helmets more to avoid traffic challans than for safety. • Helmet to be brought under mandatory list of BIS • The implementation leaves much to be desired • Helmets classification as lifesaving devices • Abolishing GST on helmets (18% GST at present)
  8. 8. Impact of Helmet Advocacy Central Road Research Institute prohibited entry of Two-Wheeler riders without ISI Helmet Lighter and safe Helmets
  9. 9. Notification by MORTH Standardized Helmet under BIS Mandatory List ISI helmets will be lighter - Guidelines issued by GOI
  10. 10. Infrastructure Harmful Bushes Reduced Vision Potholes
  11. 11. Role Of Communicators Role of Media :Advertise of Vehicle driving and Advertisement • Advertising is a persuasive promotional tool for companies whose products & services are targeted consumer markets. • Through MORTH Report in 2015 , reported 1,46,133 people killed in Road Crashes • Followed by it increased 1,50,143 in 2016. • The factor most commonly emerged in almost is the “Drivers Fault” • Signalize the root cause behind the vast traffic crashes is ‘Wrong Road Traffic Behaviour’ • Advertisements must be showcased ‘Safe Driving Behaviour’ inspite of Dangerous/Over Speeding with a ‘FUN’ element.
  12. 12. Media Content Regulatory Programme : An Initiative by TRAX to stop Wrong Road Traffic Behaviour Goal: Advocacy to ban wrong practices through print and electronic media Objectives: Advertising Policy for corporate to ban such TV & Print Media Commercials and Contents which promotes Wrong Practices. Some Statistical Representation (Ref : Report by TRAX for MCRP) 6% 58%12% 10% 12% 2% Fig 1:Percentage of participant who practice stunt scene learnt by movie & advertisement up to 15 15 -25 25 -35 35 -45 45 -55 55-65 12% 78% 4% 3%2%1% fig 2: Percent of People who do not want to ban stunt scenes in Movies up to 15 15 -25 25 -35 35 -45 45 -55 55-65 Survey (Sample of 220 participants) Figure 1 data shows ,that 58% youth practice the same stunt Figure 2 data reveals that 78 % who don’t want to ban stunt movies.
  13. 13. Projects during last few years to Achieve the Goals and Objectives • Submitted Project report MCRP to ban wrong practices in TV/Print media Commercials to Supreme Court Committee for Road Safety, MORTH • TRAX and Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh organised ‘Pehal’ Advocacy Seminar held at ‘Press Club’,Lucknow for advocacy to ban wrong practices through print and electronic media • Initiated dialogues with different Corporate especially Automobile manufacturers and ASCI. • Raising issue through Media in different panel discussion on news channels and through print media also. Impact of Advocacy : TV Commercials Banned in UP • MCRP:Supreme Court Committee called up meeting of stakeholders like SIAM, PIB,Censor Board, ASCI,M/O I&B etc and later issued notices to submit the clarification. • The UP Government vide their order no. 662 स. स". / 2015- 65/ स. स". / 2015 in July’15 have already banned the exhibition of such TV commercials
  14. 14. Design of Two-wheeler Old MTW Design Current MTW Design
  15. 15. Motorcycle Dynamics Airborne
  16. 16. ONLY together we can save million of Lives Thanks Anurag Kulshrestha! TRAX S. Society # Ph: +91 9811424725