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RO Filter Cartridges Manufactures

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RO Filter Cartridges Manufactures:Globexi is a well known company for providing the best quality RO filter under the brand name amequa which gives Alkaline water.Our mission is to built long term relationship with customers by providing best products and services.

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RO Filter Cartridges Manufactures

  1. 1. Two Reasons To Drink Alkaline Water: Amequa India By now, you have probably heard about drinking ionized, alkaline water for your health. It can be difficult to sort through the wealth of information out there. Part of our mission at Earth's Balance is to help you differentiate the true from the false and explain why making it a part of your overall wellness plan is not only smart, but crucial to your health. Amequa India is one of the leading RO Filter Cartridge Manufacturers and Alkaline Water Filter Manufacturers . The following are the reasons why drinking alkaline water is important. 1. The Beneficial Effects Of Human Body Are Not Destroyed By Stomach Acid Drinking Alkaline Water and consuming alkaline foods does cause the stomach pH to go up temporarily. The body reacts by producing hydrochloric acid to bring the stomach back to its normal pH, which are around 4. It is the process of bringing the stomach pH back to normal that creates alkalinity in the body. When the body uses carbon dioxide, water, and sodium chloride to produce hydrochloric acid, the by- products that are left are called bicarbonates. Bicarbonates are alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood and dissolve solid acidic wastes into a liquid form. Therefore, drinking alkaline water is not negated by stomach acid. In looking at the body as a whole, there is a net gain of alkalinity in the blood and body cells due to the homeostatic processes that are activated when you drink alkaline water. The process is the same whether you are drinking water or eating alkaline foods such as green vegetables, almond, and certain fruits. Think about it, there has been
  2. 2. no dispute that alkaline foods cause a net gain of alkalinity in your body. When critics of Alkaline Water acknowledge that foods can cause alkalinity in the body, but state that the benefits of drinking alkaline water are negated by stomach acid, they are contradicting themselves! 2. It Helps Your Body To Maintain A Healthy ph The other main argument is that because of homeostasis, drinking alkaline water cannot change the pH of your blood. We agree with this fact. No matter what you eat or drink, your body will maintain its normal pH to keep you alive. What you need to understand is that HOW the body does this is what can be so damaging to your health. Let's use drinking a glass of coke as an example. Coke has an acidic pH, around 1 or 2. It is loaded with phosphoric acid to keep you from immediately vomiting up the 10 teaspoons of sugar (which is also acidic) you've just ingested. If your body did not act immediately to counteract this acidity, you would slip into a coma and die. The body will use alkaline minerals to neutralize the acidity. Let's hope you are taking plenty of mineral supplements and eating a mineral rich diet, otherwise the body has no choice but to pull alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, straight from your bones, teeth, and muscles. This is why drinking coke and eating the highly acidic diet of the average American, has been linked to osteoporosis, dental problems, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. So, we are not saying alkaline water will change the pH of your blood and body cells by itself. What we are saying is that drinking alkaline water can help your body maintain its normal
  3. 3. pH levels without your body having to eat itself alive.