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Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Tournament Infographic

An infographic that explains all you need to know about the Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Tournament.
The infographic includes details of the golf course scorecard, the players, the history of golf in the Olympic games and some other, more unusual facts!

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Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Tournament Infographic

  1. 1. Rio2016 Olympic Golf Tournament Scorecard Hazards Players History Par 71 Men's = 7128 Yds Women's = 6245 Yds 5 x Par 3 9 x Par 4 4 x Par 5 The Campo Olímpico de Golfe is located in the Barra da Tijuca Zone. Built for the Olympics, the course will become a public course as soon as the 2016 Summer Games are over. 60 men 60 women 41 countries taking part Golf has only appeared in the Olympics twice before, in 1900 and 1904. Current Champions: Men's - George Lyon (CAN) Women's - Margaret Abbott (USA) Estimated cost to build the Olympic golf course Average weight of Capybara on the course Source: PressReleases.Golf Bunkers = 93 Lakes = 2 Alligators = Unknown Zyka Virus: 5 out of top 10 men withdrew 0 out of top 10 women withdrew By PressReleases.Golf R$60M 150lb Dates Men's - 11-14 August 2016 Women's - 17-20 August 2016