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Fur tutorial by STWODIO

Here is the simple tutorial how to create a fur material in Vray for Sketchup.

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Fur tutorial by STWODIO

  1. 1. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALThis is a short tutorial on how to create fur materials using a displacement map.
  2. 2. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALIn the model there is a conflict between the blanket and the sofa. This is done intentionally because the displacementmap rises the blanket. When i made the geometry corectly, the blanket looked like it was floting above the sofa.
  3. 3. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALI used only two maps for this material - Diffuse and Displacement.
  4. 4. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALFor the Diffuse map i chose a Falloff texure. It is the first time i used this so a lot of it was trial-and-error. Basicly i onlychose Color1 and Color2 (both sinple AColor texutres). I tuned the Invert Aplha off because it looked better that way.
  5. 5. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALFor the Disp. map it was important to uncheck Use Globals and reduce the Edge Lenght to 1.0 because i wanted reallynice fur. Keep in mind that by reducing the Edge Lenght your render time will increase substantionally.
  6. 6. FUR MATERIAL TUTORIALFor the diplacement map i used the Noise texure. The Perlin Type gave me the best preset for the effect i was after.Because the blanket had to have really fine hairs i had to lower the Size and increase the Amplitude.