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International conference in textile industry DTM 2016

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International conference in textile industry DTM 2016

  1. 1. THE COLLEGE OF TEXTILE DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, BELGRADE, SERBIA BELGRADE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PROGRAMME COMMITTEE 1. dr Evgeny Kalinin, Ivanovo State Textile Academy 2. dr Goran Demboski, Tehnološko metalurški fakultet, Skopje 3. dr Lubos Hes, Faculty of Textiles, Technical University of Liberec 4. dr Rakhmatullin Ayrat Minnihalievich, Moscow State University of Technologies and Management 5. dr Margarita Neznakomova, Technical textile and Nanotechnology in Textile Laboratory, Technical university of Sofia 6. mr Jana Maneva Cuposka, Faculty of Art and Design, EURM 7. dr Srđan Damjanović, Faculty of Business Economics, Bijeljina 8. dr Elsayed Elnashar, Faculty of Specific Education, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt 9. dr Petar Škundrić, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade 10. dr Petar Jovanović, PM College, Belgrade 11. Academician dr Vlada Veljković, Faculty of Technology, Leskovac 12. dr Dragan Đorđević, Faculty of Technology, Leskovac 13. mr Kosta Krsmanović, Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade 14. dr Mirjana Kostić, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade 15. dr Slobodan Pokrajac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade 16. dr Snežana Urošević, Technical Faculty, Bor 17. mr Slobodan Roksandić, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade 18. mr Svetozar Krstić, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce 19. Milorad Vasiljević, Serbian Chamber of Commerce 20. Rista Čalija, owner St. George, Belgrade 21.Milan Lončarević, Jasmil d.o.o. Arilje, owner Extreme Intimo 22. Milica Drinjaković, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce 23. Slađana Milojević, cluster FACTS ORGANIZING COMMITTEE dr Goran Savanović; dr Gordana Čolović; dr Zoran Radojević; dr Danijela Paunović; dr Biljana Popović; dr Ana Aksentijević Jelić; dr Branislava Lazić; dr Julija Avakumović; dr Biljana Pejić; dr Adela Baralić-Medović; dr Dragana Cerović; dr Ljiljana Sretković; dr Šaban Muratović; mr Marina Kocareva Ranisavljev; dr Jelena Avakumović; mr Katarina Nikolić; mr Ana Cicović; dr Marko Špiler; Mina Paunović; PAPERS IN THE FOLLOWING FIELD SHOULD INVITE:  Fashion and design in modern textile industry  Promotion in Fashion industry  Fashion and communication  Creative application of technology in textile design  Current trends in textiles production  Advanced Fibre and Materials  Advancements in Textile Processes  Nanotechnology in Textiles  Biotechnology in Textiles  Medical Textiles, Comfort and Wellbeing  Smart and Interactive Textiles  Surface Modification, Coating and Functional Textiles  Colour and Dyeing  Technical and Protective Textiles  Simulation and Modeling  Production and services development promotion  Ecology in textiles  Information technologies  Business production systems management  Fashion marketing GOALS OF CONFERENCE: Exchange knowledge, experiences and information relevant to the adaptation to market demands, competition and change the structure of production in the field of design, technology and management as an imperative for survival in the textile industry. TIME AND PLACE OF THE CONFERENCE: Time: June 10, 2016. Place: Belgrade Chamber of Commerce The papers should be delivered by April 1st, 2016. to: Authors will be notified whether their paper has been accepted by May 10th, 2016. PAPER SUBMISSION QUIDELINES: Format: Letter size, 6 pages max. Margins: 2.5 cm (upper and lower), 2.5 (left and right), 2.5 cm header and 2.5 footer, justify on Title of the paper: Times New Roman Bold 14pt capitals, at the middle point of the page after an empty line in Serbian and English Name of the author(s) and affiliation: Times New Roman 10 pt, after the title at the middle point of the page Resume and key words: Times Roman Italic 10pt, after the name of the author in Serbian and English Subtitles: Times New Roman Bold 11 pt capitals, numbered by one number (1 INTRODUCTION), two numbers (1.1 Definition), etc number subtitles of the second order by small letters. Body of the paper: Times New Roman 10 pt with single space within the paragraph and double for the line between paragraphs Pictures and graphs: Use MS Word or MS Vision, must be grouped and within the margins Literature: Example (1) Radojevic Z., Operativni menadzment, FON, Beograd, 2002. PROCEEDING OF THE CONFERENCE All the papers approved by the Programme Committee will be publishing in the Conference Proceedings before the opening of the Conference. Paper should be publishing if the participant previously pays the conference fee. CONFERENCE FEE: Participation fee for author is 7000,00 din Participation fee for author of 2 papers is 10 000,00 din Exchange account: 840-1856666-64 poziv na broj – DTM 14 Participation fee for foreign author is 100 € / 130 US$ Participation fee for foreign author of 2 papers is 150 € / 195 US$ Foreign exchange: Narodna banka Srbije, Bank account 500100- 100144206; IBAN RS35 908500100014420698, Swift code NBSRRSBG ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The College of Textile Design, Technology and Management, Belgrade, 24 Starine Novaka, Belgrade, Serbia Tel/fax +381113234002 Contact person: dr Gordana Čolović (+381628020050) V INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE DEVELOPMENT TRENDS AND INNOVATIVE APPROACH IN TEXTILE INDUSTRY TEXTILE DESIGN/ TECHNOLOGY/ MANAGEMENT (2008-2016) Belgrade, Serbia 10 June 2016 We look forward to your participation. Name: Affiliation: Organisation: Postal Address: Title of paper: Telephone: Fax: E-mail: Date: