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Design Thinking in Health Care

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Bilbao Innovation Park in collaboration with Oberri and the Global Innovation Academy has organized this training on Innovation and Design Thinking in Health, Healthcare and Wellness. Dates are 1-3 July 2012 and it will take place in Bilbao.

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Design Thinking in Health Care

  1. 1. Innovation and DesignThinking in Health,Healthcare and Wellness
  2. 2. “People Centered Design training on health, health care and wellness” Hosted by the Social Innovation Park, Santurtzi (Bizkaia) 1 – 3th July 2012 For three days, The Bilbao Social In- novation Park will host a “People Centered Design training on health, health care and wellness” aimed at providing participants with inspiring ideas, case studies, tools and methodologies to promote innovation on their daily activity.The Bilbao Social Innovation Park will open healthcare community. These solutions mayits facilities, labs and classrooms to health- include new products, services, environ-care managers, innovators and individuals ments, organizations and new ways of inter-responsible for promoting innovation within action.major Basque private and public health orga-nizations. The workshop will start by examining the needs, dreams, and behaviors of the peopleThe main objectives of this training are the we want to be benefited from this new ap-following: proach. How do we really listen and under- stand what they need and aim for?• Learning from the best case studies on people centered health innovation Once we have identified a range of what is de-• Nurturing innovation among frontline sirable, the training will focus on connecting healthcare professionals potential solutions thought the lenses of fea-• Linking the field of social innovation with sibility and viability. the healthcare sectorAn international top-level faculty will providein-depth case studies of disruptive innova-tion, designed and implemented from thepoint of view of practitioners and users. Ad-ditionally, through hands-on workshops, par-ticipants will learn about principles, methodsand tools that drive innovation on this field,including human-centered and user-drivendesign.This training will present best case stud-ies but also a selection of methodologies toidentify new innovative approaches for the
  3. 3. ProgramDAY 1. Sunday. «Framing the right question is halfway to finding the right solution»15:00 – 15:30h Wellcome and Registration O+berri15:30 – 16:00h Aims and Programme Denokinn Mind lab Experiences and Methods.16:00 – 17:00h MindLab How we can listen and understand? Mind Lab17:00 – 18:00h Team Work Denokinn18:00h End day 1DAY 2. Monday. «Human Centered Design» Involving and empowering the users in Policies Innova-tion of Health and Wellness Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consul-9:00 – 10:30h Laura D. Janisse. Kaiser Permanente tancy Experiences.10:30 – 11:00h O+berri. Local Experiences Roberto Nuño. O+berri11:00 – 11:30h Cofee break11:30 – 13:00h Team Work Denokinn13:00 – 13:30h Team Works Feed Back13:30 – 14:30h Lunch NESTA. People powered health pro-14:30 – 15:30h Halima Khan. NESTA gram15:30 – 16:30h YOUNG FOUNDATION Experiences John Loder. Young Foundation16:00 – 17:30h Team Work Nesta and Young Foundation17:30 – 18:30h Team Work Feed Back18:30h End Day 2DAY 3. Thursday. «What is technically and organizationally feasible and viable?»9:30 – 10:15h DIGIPEN experiences Samir Abou. Digipen Massachusetts Institute of Technology10:15 – 10:45h MIT Experiences10:45 – 11:00h Saiatu Program. Paliative Care Denokinn11:00 – 11:30h Cofee break11:30 – 12:30h Team Work Denokinn12.30 – 13:00h Team Work Feed Back13:00 – 13:30h Conclusions O+berri13:30h LUNCH End Day 3 O+berri• Registration fee: 500 euro (a grants programme will be available)• Include: training, transport to Santurtzi, catering and teaching materials• Contact:• Contact person: Javier Riaño• Address: Polígono El Árbol 25-26. 48980 Santurtzi, Bizkaia (Spain)• Phone: 00 34 944938125
  4. 4. What’s Social Innovation Park?SI Park, located in the Bilbao metropolitanarea, is a meeting space to identify and pur-sue new projects of large-scale social innova-tion.SI Park’s mission is to provide the best spacefor the development of innovative socialprojects and to identify new opportunities toboost the social and business environment.SI Park hosts third sector organizations, gov-ernment and private companies aiming to in-novate in that field. Services and infrastructure• G-LAB: Laboratory of creativity applied tosocial innovation. It will identify emerging so-cial trends using participatory processes andoffering innovative proposals to improve thequality and efficiency of social services of-fered by public administration.• Innovation Social Academy: It will offer proj- • Social business generator and Businessect-based training and immersion courses in incubator: SI Park is promoting a pilot projectspecialized processes to improve the qual- led by DENOKINN to facilitate entrepreneur-ity of services provided by social organiza- ship among disadvantaged groups from antions, institutions and companies in the park. innovative perspective, allowing these peo-Powered by Social Innovation Exchange, The ple to teste their business in real life, withoutYoung Foundation and DENOKINN. losing their social benefits. It also houses a business incubator. Initiatives • SI Park hosted the final phase of the initia- tive promoted by European Commission “10 Large-scale examples of socially inno- vative successful initiatives” • Palliative care: new social business spe- cialized in home care for patients who are nearing the end of life. • Digipen Institute of Technology: SI Park hosts the European campus of the pres- tigious American college of video games and digital art and animation in order to develop a new economic sector in the ter- ritory. Once we have identified a range of what is de- sirable, the training will focus on connecting potential solutions thought the lenses of fea- sibility and viability.