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                                                    A great presentation is like a gre...
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Perfect Presentation Training

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Perfect Presentation Training

  1. 1. PERFECT PRESENTATION TRAINING (PPT) A great presentation is like a great movie – you enjoy it, you remember parts of it, and you could probably watch it again. Sadly, most presentations are the complete opposite of this. Perfect Presentation Training will change the way you design, create and deliver your presentations, ensuring that you get your message to your audience, and that they actually remember it. The single most important thing you should ask yourself about any presentation you deliver is "What am I communicating to my audience?" If you don't know this then how can you expect your audience to carry away the right messages? Perfect Presentation Training will show you how to accomplish this. Presentations built on psychological principles In any presentation you have three clear goals: • Connect with your audience • Engage and hold their attention • Communicate your message and make it memorable PPT will show you how to use eight psychological principles based on studies of how the brain processes and retains information, to ensure these goals are met. For example, the Principle of Perceptual Organisation shows us that how we present material on screen directly affects our ability to understand and remember that information. " XXX XXX " is not the same as " XX XX XX". This is why you remember phone numbers in groups and not just as a string of digits. This and the seven other principles will change the way you create, present, and deliver your message. • Learn how to deliver your whole message in sixty seconds (If the opportunity arises) • Make your audience remember your message • Learn how to get rid of irrelevance and stick to the point. The Trainer PPT is a course designed and delivered by Stephen Ball, who has worked at a senior level in international organisations for over thirty years, delivering presentations to a wide range of audiences from many national and cultural backgrounds. He is well-known as an entertaining and engaging presenter. The course is in International English and is particularly suited to non-native English speakers. For further information please contact us here.... GreenFeather Limited, London, Prague, Bratislava CZ contact address: U Zátiší 545/1, Praha 4 Hodkovičky, 14700 Tel: +420 223 010 269 Mobile: +420 602 171 919