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Charge More...For Less with Cyber Switching EV Solutions

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4 Key Benefits
Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions from Cyber Switching
1) Lower Budget:
Less Install Cost + Reduced Ongoing Demand Charges
2) Compatible:
Integrates with Leading EV Chargers (L1, L2, DC)
3) Leverage:
Charge Up to 10 Vehicles on 1 Single Circuit
4) Real-Time Control:
Manage EV Charging Infrastructure via Cloud Dashboard
SoCal Digital Agency
Professional Local Service for Auto Retailers & Fleets

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Charge More...For Less with Cyber Switching EV Solutions

  1. 1. EV Charging Solutions 2018 Charge More . . .FOR LESS
  2. 2. Charge More . . .FOR LESS EV Charging Solutions 2018
  3. 3. ● Formed 1994 / Privately Held ● Headquarters San Jose, California ● Satisfied clients include Cisco, Google, HP, Flextronics, Adobe, US DoD, Broadcade, Princeton University, Foxconn & more Innovative Solutions for Building Infrastructure Power Management, Electric Vehicle Charging, Power Submetering & Intelligent Data Rack Power Control
  4. 4. Electric Vehicle Charging Circuits Interior & Exterior Lighting Circuits HVAC Circuits Power Receptacles Water Pump and Other Circuits Monitor & Control Multiple Subsystems Cyber Switching Solutions
  5. 5. Most parking areas were designed and built with limited power: Lighting (primarily) Exhaust Fans (if a garage space) Security Cameras (sometimes barely enough power) Standard Level 2 Chargers require 40 amp circuits per charger: • 10 chargers would require 400 amps of additional service, far exceeding the service available at the average parking location. • 10+ chargers could mean very expensive facilities upgrades, and project delays. The Problem Fleet Charging Power Challenges
  6. 6. Leverage: Charge up to 10 EVs on 1 Single Circuit EV Charging Solution: Bundle Benefits Real-Time: Manage EV Charging Infrastructure via Cloud Compatible: Integrates with Leading Chargers (L1, L2, DC) Lower Budget: Less Install Cost + Reduced Demand Charges
  7. 7. Submetering Modules + Hub + Wireless Ethernet Card EV Charging Solution: Bundles Include EVMC Series Motor Controller w/ Priority Charging EV Charging & Energy Management Cloud Dashboard Premounted in Secure NEMA 3R Outdoor Enclosure
  8. 8. Demand charges are an often overlooked, yet significant portion of a company’s utility bill, and are based on the highest utilization required during a given billing period. Many utilities are moving their peak billing from afternoon (2- 6pm) to evening (6 to 10pm). This same time period will be used to assess demand charges. Fleet electric vehicles can have a pattern of arriving and connecting for charge during the time period, creating a peak in power demanded. The EVMC can possibly reduce the impact of EV charging on that demand assessment by as much as 75%. Demand Charges and EVs
  9. 9. EV Charging Solutions 2018 Charge More . . .FOR LESS
  10. 10. Greg Wible 562-883-0310