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GreyFinn TFM&A 2012 Show Presentation

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Brief outline product presentation from GreyFinn. GreyFinn provide Intelligent Visitor Engagement Solutions, this overview shows some outline details of the Dialogue product.

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GreyFinn TFM&A 2012 Show Presentation

  1. 1. Intelligent Personalised Engagement
  2. 2. Online 2013 Average website conversion > 3% Almost no money Online Pure play online spent on improving Retailers: 4% ad conversion/identifying spend customers. £4BN+ All on driving traffic* IAB
  3. 3. Poor email response for visitors Visitors are offered assistance by email: Less than 4 in 10 (39%) website help emails were answered!!
  4. 4. Visitors want engagement – fast! * Liveperson
  5. 5. Key elements of great online experience Visitors don’t expect to need help – should the need arise simplicity and speed are key. 59% of visitors would like a choice of contact methods: click to call / chat etc… Dialogue enables you to engage with your visitors in the way they want. All from one platform.
  6. 6. Dialogue: key benefits
  7. 7. • Real time application that makes your website more productive and enables you to: o Increase sales o Be more effective and efficient o Provide a better consumer experience
  8. 8. Flexible / Personalised Engagement Engage in the way your visitor wants Click to Call or Chat Survey or Question Set
  9. 9. Mobile: more than 30% UK Site Traffic 69% 31% Mobile Desktop • Dialogue works on all devices • All functions are available on mobile
  10. 10. Integration and configuration • Installation on your website takes minutes • Automated A/B testing • Implementation and maintenance of the ‘rules engine’ is a fully managed service • Data provided to enable subsequent re-targeting
  11. 11. Increased ROI • Generates incremental leads • Improves lead quality • Higher conversion rate • Greater sales team efficiency • Reduced sales channel drop-out • Enhanced analytics • Reduced abandonment
  12. 12. Recent client results • High quality contacts o VV-Auto: 40% conversion rate o Dun & Bradstreet: two thirds of the leads result in a sale • Timely personalised engagement resonates with visitors: o Bilia, Toyota: doubled the amount of customer contacts through web