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How cognitive behavioral therapy helps anxiety power point

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This slideshow explains how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people combat anxiety.

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How cognitive behavioral therapy helps anxiety power point

  1. 1. How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Anxiety Ruth Feinblum, LCSW
  2. 2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  3. 3. An Example: A man thinks that he is good looking and successful enough to meet a partner who is right for him. He feels confident. He goes to a few events (a behavior), talks to different people (a behavior) and goes on dates (these are all behaviors). Eventually, he does meet a person that is right for him.
  4. 4. Another Example: Another man would really like to be a physician but does not think that he is intelligent enough to do the course work. He feels unsure of himself but signs up for the boards anyway. However, he thinks that he isn’t going to do well and isn’t able to focus on studying (a behavior). He doesn’t pass the boards.
  5. 5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people identify self-limiting thoughts that are leading them to negative feelings and unproductive behaviors.
  6. 6. Thoughts Behavior Feelings We all engage in thoughts that are called Automatic Negative Thoughts. Sometime we have them so quickly we don’t even realize it.
  7. 7. Even if there is some truth to the negative thinking, the thinker could be exaggerating the possible negative outcomes.
  8. 8. CBT helps clients identify which thoughts are accurate, which are inaccurate, and which are negatively distorted.
  9. 9. The question that most people have is- how does one change their thoughts? This takes time and effort but is possible.
  10. 10. Thoughts about Thoughts Thoughts are habits. We are in the habit of thinking certain things.
  11. 11. Accurate, Inaccurate and Distorted Thoughts Some thoughts are completely accurate. If I thought right at this moment “I am recording the talk for my power point presentation,” that is completely accurate. Thoughts Behavior Feelings
  12. 12. Accurate, Inaccurate and Distorted Thoughts Some thoughts are completely inaccurate. If I thought right now, “if I concentrate hard enough I can make myself fly,” that would be completely inaccurate. Thoughts Behavior Feelings
  13. 13. Accurate, Inaccurate and Distorted Thoughts If I think, “Cognitive therapy will make my client’s anxiety go away right now,” that is distorted. Thoughts Behavior Feelings
  14. 14. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help my clients with lessening their anxiety, if they come to therapy and we work together for a period of time.
  15. 15. Take a look at the example above of the man that wants to go to medical school. His thought coming into therapy might be, “I’d like to be a doctor but I am not smart enough to go to medical school.”
  16. 16. More Productive Thoughts • After some Cognitive Therapy he might start to think, “I have some abilities as a student and some deficits. If I get help with the deficits, improve my study skills and work hard, I should be able to manage medical school.” • He would feel more confident and this would lead him behaviors that would help him get into medical school.
  17. 17. It can take time and hard work, but CBT is a well-researched and time tested therapy that can help people with multiple problems such as anxiety, depression, problems in romantic relationships and coping with a divorce.
  18. 18. For More Information please contact Ruth Feinblum at ruth@growthsolutions or call 610-745-9571