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We guardians May'13

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We guardians May'13

  1. 1. 1The Chemists India Trusts TM
  2. 2. 2The Chemists India Trusts TMIndex1.May Offers2.Offer Catalogue3 Offer of the Month SectionOffer of the Month1.Sr. citizen programLoyalty Program1.Jet Airways Rewards2.Amity Card Rewards3.Citi Bank 10% discount , American Express 10 time reward Point & Freecharge.inSBI Credit Card ,Special Alliance1.Guardian Stand - Planogram2. Choose & Save standVisual Merchandise1. Q2 - 2013 IssueGHC
  3. 3. 3The Chemists India Trusts TM- Bundle Offers- Buy 1 & Get 1 FREE- Discounts- Other OffersOffers of the month.
  4. 4. 4The Chemists India Trusts TMBut 1 Get 1 Free OffersBuy 1Get 1FreeGuardianXtraVigourGold Cap10s
  5. 5. 5The Chemists India Trusts TM50%Discount1. Guardian Baby CareProduct RangeDiscount Offers
  6. 6. 6The Chemists India Trusts TMDiscount Offers20%Discount1.Guardian Ayurvedic JuicesRange2.Guardian Xtramuscle WeightGainer 1800 Chocolate 4 Lb3.Guardian Xtramuscle 100 %Whey Protein Chocolate 2 Lb10%Discount1.Guardian Xtracare CleansingMilk Lotion 100 ml.2. Guardian Xtracare NeemFace wash 100 ml3. Guardian Xtracare shampooAloe Vera 500 ml4. Guardian Xtracare Bodywash Green Apple 500 ml5. Guardian Xtraveda Soapsany Variant.6.Guardian Xtramuscle WeightGainer Chocolate 10 lb
  7. 7. 7The Chemists India Trusts TMOther Offers1.The Buck Stops Here MRP 499 Offer Price 399 Save Rs 100 /-2. Buy Guardian Xtracare Soaps ( Gift Pack ) 3 X 125 gm MRP 225Offer Price 200 Save Rs 25/-3.Guardian Xtracare moisturizer 200 ml MRP 120 Rs & get 50 mlpack Free
  8. 8. 8The Chemists India Trusts TMGNC Offers1.Buy GNC Womens Ultra mega 50 plus tab 1x60 MRP 2049 & get 50 %Off on MRP.2.Buy GNC Flax Seed Oil Soft gel Cap 1000 mg 1 X 90 MRP 1799 & get 25% Off on MRP.3. Buy GNC Triflex Sports Tab 1 X 120 MRP 4149 Offer Price 2999 SaveRs 1150/-4. Buy GNC Womens Ultra Nourish Hair Tab 1 X 60 MRP 1599 OfferPrice 1199 Save Rs 400/-5. Buy GNC Mens Mega Men Sports Tab 1 X 90 MRP 2299 & get 25 % Offon MRP.
  9. 9. 9The Chemists India Trusts TMGNC Gold Card Promotion – All StoresAll StoresThis Promotion is valid for GNC Gold CardMembers ONLY.Valid GNC GOLD CARD members will get theemailer from us informing them to avail30% discount on all GNC Products undercategory-FISH & OMEGA OIL-WOMENS SUPPLEMENTS &-BEAUTYThis emailer will have the COUPON Code GCFWB30Once customer show you that coupon code onSMS/emailer you may give the line discount onapplicable products.Offer Validity – 1 May’13 – 31 May’13Emailer
  10. 10. 10The Chemists India Trusts TMFocus Category of the Month- Quite SmokingGuardian Care Zone & POS should feature the abovementioned products.31stMay is Anti Tobacco day.Guardian Care Zone & POS Display1.Guardian Switch Cigarette2.Guardian Herbal Cigarette3.Nicotin Gums.
  11. 11. 11The Chemists India Trusts TMProduct Catalogue – Offers of the MonthOne laminated copy of the XtraValu catalogue will be send to each store, Pleasekeep this copy at the POS Counter & Inform customers about offers.
  12. 12. 12The Chemists India Trusts TMOffer of the Month SectionKindly dedicate 2 separate shelves on the LEFT HAND SIDE near the cash counter& display the shelf Strips & Wobblers as shown.
  13. 13. 13The Chemists India Trusts TM-Offers for Sr.Citizen, Free Reminder Service, ProcessLoyalty Program.
  14. 14. 14The Chemists India Trusts TMSr. Citizen - Free Reminder Service (FRS)
  15. 15. 15The Chemists India Trusts TMFRS & Sr. Citizen Program Collaterals10.1% discount on Prescription MedicinesWe will communicate the Offer to ourSenior Citizen members through:• Ad in Guardian Health Chronicle• Email & SMS Blast
  16. 16. 16The Chemists India Trusts TMFRS Process - System Implementation
  17. 17. 17The Chemists India Trusts TM- Jet Privilege Earn JP Miles while shopping with Guardian- Citibank & ICICI Card members get 10% discount onGNC,YR& Guardian Brands-- Amity Synergy Cardholder to get 10% discount on GNC,YR& Guardian Brands & System Implementation- SBI Credit Card , Health PA Privilege Card & Wizz Care Card- American Express 10 Time Reward PointsSpecial Alliances
  18. 18. 18The Chemists India Trusts TMSpecial Alliance : Jet AirwaysJet privilege customers would earn JP Miles whenthey shop at Guardian Pharmacy.Kindly note:• Customer can either earn JP Miles or XtraValupoints. Two cards cant be clubbed.• Not valid on products on discount or offer
  19. 19. 19The Chemists India Trusts TMSpecial AllianceWe have a Tie Up withCITIBANK10% Cash Back on bill Value of Rs 500 or above…ICICITheir credit / debit card members would get a “10% discount on GNC,Yves Rocher & Guardian Brands”Two External Card Types in Masters named as “CITI” and “ICICI” havebeen created (as shown in next slide).The discount has to be given manually by selecting the categories.Kindly note system will not take the discount by default.
  20. 20. 20The Chemists India Trusts TMSpecial Alliance – Amity Synergy CardAMITY Synergy card holders would also get10% discount on GNC, Guardian Brands & YvesRocher.Please issue Line Discount to customer under thisscheme.Process: Customer need to show the above cardin order to avail the discount. Select “Amity” fromdrop down in Ext code.10% Off coupon on Purchase of Rs 500 fromGuardian Pharmacy to all online mobile rechargecustomers of Freecharge.inLine discount
  21. 21. 21The Chemists India Trusts TMSBI Card AllianceWe have tied up with SBI Credit card whichallows their customer to get 10% discount onthe bill amount of Rs. 500/- & above
  22. 22. 22The Chemists India Trusts TMAmerican Express Card 10 time reward PointsAll American Express Cardholder will earn 10 TimesReward pints while shopping at Guardian Pharmacy& Paying by American Express Card.System will automatically calculate the reward point& nothing need to be done at the time of Billing.
  23. 23. 23The Chemists India Trusts TMSystem Implementation
  24. 24. 24The Chemists India Trusts TM- Guardian Stand at stores - Planogram- Choose & Save Stand – Product Placement- New Product LaunchPrivate Label
  25. 25. 25The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian Stand (at select stores)Soaps (Almond milk & saffron, Lavender & ylangylang & orange & lemon grass).& Shaving BrushXtracare Calamine , Xtracare Neem face wash,Xtracare soft cotton balls, Apricot,/papaya scrub.Xtracare Gulab Ark, Xtracare Body Wash, XtracareShampoo & Xtracare HandwashJuicesThis stand is placed at 9 stores. Kindlydisplay the products accordingly. Also placethe offer related wobblers on the products.
  26. 26. 26The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian Stand (at select stores)Himalaya FacewashNatures EssenceAloe vera gelLactocalamineHimalaya HandSanitizerXtracare Neem FacewashXtracare Aloe vera gelXtraCalamineXtracare Hand Sanitizer
  27. 27. 27The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – VitalityXtravital Eye Health MRP – Rs 299Product Highlights•Prevents Macular Degeneration•Essential Nutrients for Normal VisionNew Pack Xtravital Men / Women HealthMRP – Rs 225 EachProduct Highlights•Reduces Stress•Boosts Immune System•Provides Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  28. 28. 28The Chemists India Trusts TMXtrAqua – Natural Mineral WaterXtrAqua Natural Mineral Water – Nature’s Greatest Gift1Lt - MRP - 35500 ml -MRP - 20200 ml -MRP – 10Product HighlightsGuardian Brings to you – Clean, Unprocessed water enriched with the goodness of nature. Naturallybalanced, This gift oF nature originates at the rugged & challenging terrains of the Himalayamid ranges. It is bottled at our State of the art plant situated on the banks of Pabbar River, just fewmiles from Chansal Glacier, With such a Pristine origins, XtrAqua every sip gives your family the realessence of nature.It is because of our pristine origin in the mid ranges of Himalaya, XtrAqua have balanced mineral content.
  29. 29. 29The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – Personal HygieneEar Buds Pack of 200 - MRP - 65Product Highlights•100% cotton.Ear Buds Pack of 100 - MRP - 40Product Highlights•100% cotton.
  30. 30. 30The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – Personal CareXtraCare Lip Bam - MRP - 40Product Highlights•Contains Rich moisturizing Cocoa butterThis Lip bam keeps dryness away for hoursWhile softening & giving sheen.
  31. 31. 31The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – Weight LossXtraslim Acai Berry - MRP Rs 1999Product Highlights•Natural Fat Loss Supplement•Eliminates ToxinsXtraslim Fat Burner - MRP Rs 1499Product Highlights•Dietary Supplement•Help in Loss of Fat
  32. 32. 32The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch - AyurvedaProduct Highlights•Anti Bacterial•Reduces cholesterolXtraVeda NeemMRP Rs 90XtraVeda TulsiMRP Rs 90XtraVeda GarlicMRP Rs 90Product Highlights•Natural Blood PurifierProduct Highlights•Build Immunity•Prevent Cough &Cold
  33. 33. 33The Chemists India Trusts TMSWITCHTrying to quit smoking but the craving gets you back. TryGuardian Switch Electronic Cigarette, which is nicotine freeand gives you the tactile delight of smoking.Product Highlights•Contains patented Pro-Lung formula•Has super antioxidant like epigallocatechin gallae (EGCG) amajor active compound in green tea and peppermint oil•Neutralises build up of free radicals and toxins in the lungs,accumulated through years of smokingGuardian New Product Launch - Quit SmokingMRP - 375
  34. 34. 34The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – Quit SmokingSWITCH Herbal CigaretteTrying to quit smoking but the craving gets you back. TryGuardian Switch Electronic Cigarette, which is nicotine freeand gives you the tactile delight of smoking.Product Highlights•Contains herbal Ingredients formula•Zero Tobacco•Neutralizes build up of free radicals and toxins in the lungs,accumulated through years of smokingMRP - 75
  35. 35. 35The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch – HealthXtraveda Honey MRP – Rs 140100% NaturalFarm HoneyXtraveda Honey & Lemon MRP – Rs 180100% NaturalFarm Honey
  36. 36. 36The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian New Product Launch - VitalityXtraveda Shilajeet MRP – Rs 199•Powerful antioxidant that restores strength, energy and vitality in menand women•Rich in ‘fulvic acid’ which is a potent rasayana known to Ayurveda•Regular use diminishes weakness, rejuvenates cells and helps gainyouthful vigour•Recommended as a general tonic for a wide range of healthconditions like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, piles, diabetes and urinaryinfectionsXtraveda Safed Musli Tone MRP – Rs 799•Contains 25 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which nourish healthand enhance immunity in men and women•Works as an effective anti-ageing treatment and restores youthfulvigour•Improves strength and stamina and enhances well being
  37. 37. 37The Chemists India Trusts TMXtravital Heart Health MRP – Rs 650•Improves heart muscle functioning•Manages blood pressure in people with hypertension•Boosts overall immune functionsXtravital Joint Health MRP – Rs 770•Repairs and rebuilds cartilage•Maintains integrity of joints•Promotes joint mobility and flexibilityGuardian New Product Launch - Vitality
  38. 38. 38The Chemists India Trusts TM- Overview of the EditionGuardian Health ChronicleGHC
  39. 39. 39The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian Health ChronicleApril-June 2013 IssueNow Priced at Rs 30/copyGuardian Health Chronicle
  40. 40. 40The Chemists India Trusts TMGuardian Health Chronicle - April to June Month
  41. 41. 41The Chemists India Trusts TMThank You