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Lidar based PIDS Solution 20181206

This slide is for Lidar(Light Detection And Ranging) based PIDS(Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) for protecting critical or major facilities!

The contents are following

1. Introduction

2. Solution Overview

3. Service Scenario

4. Applying Market

Appendix. IMP Management System Diagram

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Lidar based PIDS Solution 20181206

  1. 1. Proposal for Lidar Based PIDS(Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) Solution MPOLE System
  2. 2. 1. Introduction LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Sensor? It is a technology that can detect distance, direction, speed, and size of objects through 3D information by using values returned from a target by a remote-detection laser. This can scan of 360° environment and detect range of measurements up to 300m and it is a very precise sensor used as core technology for self-driving cars. Channel 16 Detection Range 150m Distance Accuracy ±3 cm Scan Rate/Horizontal 5Hz、10Hz、20Hz VFOD ±15° HFOV 360° Data receving speed Max: 320K points per second Weight 1500g Motion detection intrusion position measurement 150m Person or car speed measurement Object size measurement 150m
  3. 3. Precision-detectable Lidar technology enables separate space monitoring, and low-cost & high-efficiency perimeter intrusion detection system can be provided by differentiated Lidar technology. • Detection people MAP display • Direction, position, speed check • Real-time monitoring • Alert event video pop-up and auto release • Alert event temporary display • Audio broadcasting of access not allowed area • Direction, position, speed check • Real-time monitoring • Intrusion area video pop-up • Intrusion area E-Map display • Audio broadcasting & siren interworking • Intrusion notification into agent (SMS, Call etc.) Tracking Monitor (Phase 4) • Tracking of intrusion path and position • Expecting intrusion path video pop-up • Providing group type video monitoring • Situation management manual pop-up • History management menu pop-up Detection event (Phase 1) Alert event (Phase 2) Intrusion event (Phase 3) 1 2 3 4 2. Solution Overview
  4. 4. 1. 제품 설명 Advanced PIDS Solution 360° Lidar Scan Video-based Tracking on Event • 360° scan and detection for facility area (Measurement range Max. 300m) • Interworking with real-time video surveillance technology actual event position check • Advanced PIDS solution installment based on IMP Platform Low-cost & High-efficiency Lidar sensor and video surveillance technology based Advanced PIDS Solution Installment 2. Solution Overview [LiDAR Tracking Sample] [IMP Event E-map Display Sample]
  5. 5. 2. Solution Overview • 360°scan for a wider range of detection than traditional perimeter protection system • Pursuit of malfunction 0%!! Providing 99% of detection precision • Cost savings over traditional sensors deployment • Rain / Snow/ Night etc. Not dependent on weather conditions IMP Integrated Management Platform Advantages • E-Map type event video pop-up based intuitive management • People or vehicles counting and real-time movement path monitoring • Providing position tracking feature & video interworking • Phase 4 (Detection, Alert, Intrusion, Tracking) based surveillance system installment • Vehicle speed detection based video capture feature Lidar based PIDS solution is new concept that analyzes the movement patterns of people and objects, identifies, predicts, and controls the path of intrusion and escape path. ※ About 4km(1,200m X 900m) Area : 14 EA - Shall be adjusted depending on site situation 900m 1,200m
  6. 6. 3. Service Scenario Lidar based PIDS(Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) Solution Interworking with IMP Lidar based PIDS solution can provide fast and accurate intrusion detection. And it can support various service scenarios (Phase 1 ~ 4) for the intrusion of personnel and also provide work-flow for fast response and post-processing. Scenario Automation Through Work-Flow based Rule [Lidar based PIDS solution and video surveillance service] Intruder detection area E-Map Highlight Camera Pop-up on expected Path & Notification ALARM 2 3 45 MMS Security Agent can check event & video Intruder detection through Lidar sensor 1
  7. 7. 4. Applying Market Airport Port Power Plant Factory Lidar based PIDS solution can be applicable to major facilities or areas requiring security such as Airport, Port, Power Plant, Factory etc..
  8. 8. Appendix
  9. 9. Appendix. IMP Management System Diagram VMS Sentio IMP(Integrated Management Platform) IMP Server IMP Client L2 Switch L2 Switch L2 Switch L2 Switch L2 Switch L2 Switch L3 Core Recording Server Monitoring Client Perimeter Intrusion Detection PIR Detector thermometer & hygrometer Smoke & Flame Data Receiver Alarm Interface Unit e-Map Monitoring Video Monitoring Inspection & Classification MEC(Multi Event Control) ※ Integration of existing solutions can be possible, if API or SDK is provided. Gas & Chemical Person Tracking & Counting RFID,BLE,UWB Gesture Recognition
  10. 10. Thank you Contact : 02-6929-0778 #606, DMC R&D Center, 37, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea