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Only InforTel Company Profile (English)

For your information on ' Only InforTel Co., Ltd.' !

This is a company profile of 'Only InforTel' for your understanding on our overview, scope of business, and business records etc. !

You can also check out our company profile with video (4:31) via below link ! !

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Only InforTel Company Profile (English)

  1. 1. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 1 Company Profile ONLY INFORTEL CO., LTD
  2. 2. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 2 Contents Overview History Organization Scope of Business Telecommunication Engineering Electrical Engineering SI&NI Business Global Business Major Performance Records Certificates
  3. 3. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 3 Overview  Name of Company ONLY INFORTEL CO., LTD.  President / CEO Kim, Seo-Kyu  Established March 11, 1999  Number of Employees 65 Engineers  Scope of Business  Telecommunications Engineering • OSP(Out Side Plant) / Wireless & Radio System • Transmission / Security / Satellite Broadcasting System  Electrical Engineering • Electric Power Transmission / Electric System Installation Producing & Development / Consulting  SI & NI Business • ICT Network Design & Installation • Application Development • In-Building System / Network Establishment  Global Business • Engineering and Consulting Service • Radio, Transmission and OSP Cable Network Construction • Electrical Engineering • Import and Export for Equipment and Materials  Address 15, Shindorim-ro 17-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea (Head Office)  Telephone 82-2-2604-5200  Homepage  Certificate of Registration for Information and Communication Work Business from Seoul Metropolitan (Registration No : 111438)  Certificate of Registration for Electric Work Business from Seoul Metropolitan (Registration No : Seoul-03300)  Certificate of International Contractor from Ministry of Construction and Transportation (Registration No: 184)  Certificate of Membership from Korea International Trade Association (Registration No : 45182583)  Certificate of INNO-BIZ for Technical Innovation from Small and Medium Business Authority (Registration No: R6016-2310) Company Overview Registration Records
  4. 4. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 4 History History 1999  Acquired License for Engineering Work for KENCA  Acquired License for Telecomunication Construction Business from MIC  Established ONLY INFORTEL CO., LTD. 2012  Established Subsidiary Company in Rwanda (OIT RWANDA LTD)  Contracted of Overseas Project (e-Government & e-Post Project in Mali)  Contracted of Overseas Project (Security System Project in Rwanda) 2011  Awarded “Recognition of Tax Payment” from Guro Tax Office  Awarded “Construction Quality Improvement” from KICCA  Contracted Overseas Project (Contractin of Tower in Rwanda) 2010  Contracted of Overseas Project (Kigali & NBB Project in Rwanda)  Acquired ISO14001 : 2004 Certificate from ICR 2009  Contracted of Overseas Project (INFOBAN Project in Bangladesh)  Awarded “Year 2009 Engineering Day” from Korea Communication Commissioner 2008 Contracted Overseas Project (WiBro & FOC Network Project in Rwanda)  Registered Korea Software Technology Association  Contracted Overseas Project (Rwanda NBB Project) 2005  Acquired Cerficate of International Contractor from MCT 2003  Established the R & D Center  Acquired License for Military Contractor 2002  Acquired License for Electric Construction Work Busines form KECA 2001  Acquired Certificate of ISO9001 in KSA 2006  Achieved Certificates of INNO-BIZ 2000  Acquired License for Electric Construction Work from Seoul Metropolitian Government 2004  Acquired Certicate of International Trade from KITA 2007  Registered Korea ICSA  Contracted Overseas Project (PAIS & NII Project in Cambodia) 2013  Established ONLY INFORTEL MALI PROJECT OFFICE  Contracted of Overseas Project (Security System Project in Rwanda)  Launched the Café ‘MEICA’  Acquired Manufactory Certificate  Acquired Direct Production Certificate of Access Control System  Acquired Direct Production Certificate of CCTV System 2014
  5. 5. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 5 Construction Support Team Construction Supporting Div. Business Development Div. Radio Engineering Div. OSP/ Transmission Engineering & Construction Div. Business Development Div. Project Development Team #1 Radio Team #1 Civil Team #1 Electric Eng. Team Global Business Team Strategic Planning Team. Project Development Team #2 Radio Team #2 Civil Team #2Electric Team Global Business Support Team Radio Team #3 Transmission Team IP System Team Radio Eng. Consulting Team SI/NI Consulting Team Rwanda Office Strategic Business Div. Electric Engineering & Construction Div. Procurement Team CEO QA / QC Team Finance / Account Team Training Center (Paju) Domestic Global Management Strategy Office Management Support Office Mali Office Auditing & Inspection Team U-City Team General Affairs Team Organization Organization
  6. 6. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 6 Wireless / Radio Construction of Mobile Communication (Wimax, PCS, DMA,TRS, Wireless Data Network) Installation, Operation and Maintenance for Radar and Microwave System Supply of Wireless Communication Solutions Supply of Contents Transmission / Security Installation of Transmission Network (MSPP) Planning, Design, Procurement, Installation and Test Installation, O&M of HFC Wireless and FTTH Network System Service for Transmission Equipments e-Government Communication Networks & Applications, Solutions Voice Based Security System Jamming Security System Encryption Radio System Satellite Broadcasting Installation, O & M for Satellite Broadcasting Installation of Satellite broadcasting for Car, Building, Apartment and Accommodation Construction and Supervision of Facilities for Information and Communication Network Project Survey and Feasibility Study for Communication Service Design for Track, Transmission, Wireless and Satellite Networks Establishment and Maintenance of Network Management Systems OSP(Out Side Plant) Design / Engineering Construction of Telecommunication Networks including Access Network, and FOC Backbone Network Installation and Design of Fiber Transmission Network Know-how of OIT for successful implementation of domestic communication networks is the asset and competitiveness of the future ICT business. Telecommunication Engineering Scope of Business
  7. 7. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 7 OIT can provide state-of-the-art solutions for those clients who hesitate to accept new solutions. Producing & Development Wire and Cable Machinery Manufacturing Steel Wire, Clad Wire & Aluminum Wire Producing Aluminum Rod & Overhead Conductor for Power Transmission Electric Railway and Signal System Construction of Electric System Apartment Complex Road, Plant, Airport, Railway and Harbor Solar Street Light Engineering and Construction of Electric Power Network Power Transmission & Distribution Power Transformer Stations Substations and Various Plants Providing all kinds of System Solar Power Plant Electrical Engineering Scope of Business Consulting Technical Assistance & Basic Design Calculation of BoM/BoQ and Project Cost Estimation Inspection/Supervision on Project Implementation Diagnosing Study for Rehabilitation Project of Facilities under Operation
  8. 8. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 8 OIT can provide system & network integration service for clients’ full satisfaction through the optimized system construction and the aims for stability & security. Application Development IT Application Development and Integration Development and Integration of Information Communication Applications (Systems for Customer Management, Billing, Authentication and Security) Application Management, O&M Network Establishment and Operation Network Consulting Network Analysis and Design Establishment of Network Management Systems Construction of Network Infrastructure Sales of Network Equipment and MRO In-Building System  Thermal Observation Device  Integrated Wiring System  LAN, WAN  CCTV  Public Address System  Audio / Video System  Kiosk  Security / Access Control ICT Network System Installation & Design IP Network, IP-PBX and CCTV Network Consulting of U-City & ITS C/S of PSTN, VOIP and Internet Broadcasting SI&NI Business Scope of Business
  9. 9. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 9 The technology and know-how of OIT is well-known in overseas as well as in Korea. Manufacture/Procurement/ Trading Manufacture of Optical Communication Material Procurement of Materials and Equipments IT & Electrical System Equipment Rental Export/Import of Various Resources for Needs of Customers Import of Rwandan Coffee and Distribution to Korean Markets Engineering and Construction of Electric Power Network Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Electric Power Transformer Stations Substations and Various Plants Providing all kinds of System & Solution Solar Power Plant Telecommunications Engineering Turnkey Project for Wire/Wireless Communication Network Construction -Backbone Network -Telecommunication System -Mobile Communication System in 3G, WiMax, Mobile WiMax, TRS and M/W SI/NI Business for Overseas Information Communication Construction Technical Support of Operation, Management and Repair e-Government Network Solution, IP Network, CCTV Network Application & Software Development Medical Network Internet Data Center Global Business Scope of Business
  10. 10. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 10 ☞ Design and Engineering  Design & Engineering of Wireless Network for Subway line 9  Design & Engineering of KT LTE 900Mhz for Subway Line 7  Design & Engineering of Quality Enhancement for New Bundang Line  Design & Engineering of Busan and New Bundang Subway LTE for LG U+  Design & Engineering of FOC Network for HanaroTelecom  Design & Engineering of Seoul Metropolitan FOC Network for DACOM  Design & Engineering of Cable Distribution Network for Incheon International Airport  Design & Engineering of Mobile BSC and BTS Network for KTF  Design, Engineering & Supervision of Mobile Communication Network for KRT  Design & Engineering of Wibro Construction for KT  Design & Engineering of Subway Metro LTE Facility Construction for KT ☞ Installation, Testing and Commissioning Services (Wire System)  Installation of Thermal Observation Device for Incheon International Airport  Installation of Seoul Metropolitan HFC Network for KDN  Installation of FOC Network for Hanaro Telecom Replacement of Optic Power Cable & ATS for KRT Installation of Nationwide Broadband FOC Network for GNG Networks Installation of Broadband VPN Network for KT  Contract for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Wireless System In Rwand(2014)  Contract for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Security System in Rwanda(2013)  Design and Construction of Government Administrative Network Project in Mali (2012~Present)  Design and Construction of Government Tower in Rwanda (2011)  Design and Construction of CCTV Network for Government Villa in Rwanda (2011)  Design and Construction of Communication Network for Korean Embassy in Rwanda (2011)  Design and Construction of FOC Backbone (2,465km) Network in Rwanda (2010 ~ 2011)  Turn-key Network Integration of Internet Information Network Project in Bangladesh (2009~2010)  Design and Construction of Wibro Network Project in Rwanda (2008~2010)  Design and Construction of National Backbone Network in Rwanda (2008~2010)  PAIS and National Information Infrastructure Project in Cambodia (2007~2008) Major Performance Records Overseas Business – Recent 5 Years Domestic Business
  11. 11. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 11 ☞ Installation, Testing and Commissioning Services (Wire System)  Installation of Communication Network Construction for ROK Army  Installation of PCS Mobile Repeater System for KTF  Installation of Mobile Repeater of Railway & Subway for KRT  Installation of Wireless Data Network BSC for AIRMEDIA  Installation of M/W Tower and Antenna Network for DACOM  Installation of Skylife SDM-IF & SDM H/E Network for KDB  Installation of Wireless BTS and Repeater System for KT  Installation of CCC RRU System for KT ☞ Operation and Maintenance Services (Wire System)  O & M of HFC Network System for Hanaro Telecom  O & M of HFC Network to Subscriber Network System for Hanaro Telecom  O & M of Telecom and Internet Network for KT ☞ Operation and Maintenance Services (Wireless System)  O & M of Mobile Repeater Network for KTF  O & M of Wireless Data Network BSC Mobile for AIRMEDIA  O & M of Skylife Digital Subscribers Network for KDB ☞ IP Network System & Solution  Installation of Namyangju APT Information & Communication System for LH Corporation  Installation of Seoul Medical Center Network for Seoul Metropolitan Council  Installation of Osan Segyo APT Information & Communication System for LH Corporation  Installation of Information & Communication System for OIT HQ ☞ Electric Power System  Installation of Electric Network related Telecommunication Equipment  Installation of Electrical System of Only INFORTEL New B/D for Houtech C&C  Installation of Power Facility Enhancement System for Kyoungwon Railway ☞ Manufactures and Supply (Included Export)  Manufacture and Supply of Waterproof Cap & Feeder Cable for KTF  Supply of Cable and Equipment for KTF  Supply of Cable and Equipment for KRT  Supply of OSP Materials of Rwanda National Backbone Project for Rwanda Government  Supply of OSP Materials of Bangladesh INFORBAN Project for BTCL  Supply of ISP Materials of Cambodia PAIS & NII Project for NIDA  Supply of OSP Materials of Mali Government Administration Project for MPNT  Supply of Voice Based Security System to Africa Major Performance Records
  12. 12. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 12 Certificate of ICT Work & Engineering Work Business Certificates & Awards Certificate of Electric Constuction Work Business Certificate of Software Business Work
  13. 13. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 13 Certificate of Overseas Construction Work Business Certificate of Trade Business Certificates & Awards Certificate of R&D Research Center / INNO BIZ
  14. 14. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 14 Awards Certificates & Awards Certificate of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Certificate of Manufactory & Direct Production
  15. 15. ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 15 O ONLY (주)온리정보통신 Information Telecom. 15, Shindorim-ro, 17-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea TEL: +82-2-2064-5200 FAX: +82-2-2064-5215