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  1. Gurzu Confidential
  2. Gurzu Confidential • Process that is performed with no or minimal human assistance. • Frees up an organization’s manual effort for more valuable and creative pursuits that can only be achieved by higher-order intelligence. What is Automation?
  3. Gurzu Confidential • Software Testing technique to automate a human-driven manual process of reviewing and validating a software product • This can be achieved by writing test scripts or any automation testing tools. • The idea is to minimize human intervention, speed up testing process and maximize quality What is Automation Testing
  4. Gurzu Confidential ● Not a complete replacement for manual tests but an enabler to maintaining software quality ● Automation cannot replace human judgement and expertise ● Not to automate every scenario but ones that are critical and benefit the product eg: Exploratory Testing, User experience testing What Test Automation Is Not?
  5. Gurzu Confidential ● Critical scenarios that are most valuable for the product. ● Non-functional testing to ensure the product's performance for load and stress testing ● Tests that need to run against multiple OS and browsers ● When multiple Repetitive software tests to do ● Tests that require large volumes of data to be inputted ● When Quality is sure to be improved: It is done to execute a sequence of actions without human intervention which eliminates human error and provides faster results. When To Automate
  6. Gurzu Confidential When Not To Automate ● User experience tests for usability ● Features released using the rapid application development (RAD) process ● Tests that do not add value
  7. Gurzu Confidential ● Framework to help developers and QAs create high- quality software. ● Purpose is to provide rapid feedback to ensure that the code changes do not impact existing functionality. Automation Test Pyramid
  8. Gurzu Confidential Web UI Testing (E2E) The Power and Potential of the Automation Testing Functional Testing
  9. Gurzu Confidential Mobile App Testing (E2E)
  10. Gurzu Confidential API Testing (e2e)
  11. Gurzu Confidential Performance Testing: The practice of evaluating how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload Non-Functional testing
  12. Gurzu Confidential OWASP ZAP ● Automatically identifies web application security vulnerabilities during development and testing Security Testing QARK (Quick Android Review Kit ● A free android app scanner to find security vulnerabilities
  13. Gurzu Confidential Automation At Gurzu What are we doing ● Requirement gathering (AC and DOD) ● Design QA ● Using different parameters (Test Plan, Test Case, RTM) ● Web UI Testing / Mobile Testing ● API Testing ● Load Testing ● Performance Testing
  14. Gurzu Confidential What Have We learned ● There is not a single way to approach testing ● Product Quality is a team’s responsibility ● Performance tests are a must
  15. Gurzu Confidential ● CI/CD Implementation ● Mobile application automation testing ● Security Testing Where are we going
  16. Gurzu Confidential
  17. Gurzu Confidential ● ● fs/hubfs/Business%20automation%20191.gif?width=750&name= Business%20automation%20191.gif Resources