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LinkedIn Sales Deck

  1. Where business happens Marketing Solutions
  2. of all users return monthly60% TOP 10Site in South Africa unique users 3M February 2014
  3. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
  4. 57% Growth in page views y/y 32% 9M+ Canada 93M+ USA 16M+ Brazil 5M+ Australia 74M+ EMEA 24M+ India 3.3M + South Africa 2M+ Turkey 6M+ Italy7M+ France 5M+ Spain 4M+ NL13M+ UK 1M+ U.A.E 1M+ Sweden February 2014 MEMBERS WORLDWIDE >2 New MEMBERS PER SECOND 187M+ MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS 277M+ The world’s largest professional network
  5. LinkedIn Audience in Africa Professionals present on LinkedIn Audience Total 12,838,809 214,389 Cameroon 1,188,623 720,096 Algeria Egypt 843,642 Morocco 166,706 Cote d’Ivoire 86,745 Sudan 839,001 Kenya 110,291 Angola 3,284,448 South Africa 329,285 Tunisia 1,508,589 Nigeria 130,367 Ethiopia 263,220 Tanzania 232,622 Zimbabwe 145,950 Senegal
  6. Today’s Agenda 6 • Our Audience • Benefits to Members • Benefits to Marketers • Our Solutions • Creative Examples • Reporting
  7. 1. BE:Europe 2011 2.LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, UK August 2011 Business elitebelieve that LinkedIn is the most important site for them to visit for their business.1 65%of members say LinkedIn helps them grow new business.2 2Xmore confidence in the information found on LinkedIn than any other social site.2 Business Context Align message with business opportunity
  8. 8 An engaged and active member base 85% of visitors use products other than jobs LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, UK, August 2011 65%of members say LinkedIn help them grow new business 75%of users find LinkedIn extremely useful for their business 80%Of members prefer to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives2 Averagepageviewswhenusingsection %age of visitors using section when online 0% 20% 40% 100%80%60% 0 5 10 15 20 25 Profile viewing Inbox Home page People searchGroups Address bookCompany Jobs
  9. Benefits to Members 9
  10. Everywhere Work wherever our members work Insights Be great at what you do Identity Connect, find and be found The value we bring to our members
  11. LinkedIn provides tools that our members use to obtain business insight 11 Homepage Pulse Influencers LinkedIn Groups Company Pages
  12. Top drivers for using personal and professional networks are quite different 12Source: Mindset Divide Research, TNS, September 2012. Personal Networks Professional Networks Maintain professional identity Make useful contacts Search for opportunities Stay in touch Keep up to date for career Socialize Stay in touch Be entertained Kill time Share content 1 2 3 “Spend Time” “Invest Time” Top 5 reasons people use each network 4 5
  13. What are professionals doing on LinkedIn? InsightsNetworkingProfessional Identity Managing their professional identity Building a professional network of peers Distilling and facilitating professional insights
  14. How the South African audience uses LinkedIn Connect & Communicate Research People & Companies Professional Insights 71% 69% 54% Seek Career Opportunities 13% Percentages only for active members in April 2012 Network with other professionals Learn about what other colleagues are doing Stay up to date on industry discussions Maintain professional identity
  15. Benefits to Marketers 15
  16. Social media is on the rise Building Relations Create marketing bonds that lasts over time Word of Mouth Your message coming from trusted sources Engaging Clients A two way marketing communications channel
  17. The value we bring to brands Audience Affluent, in-market members increase receptivity and decrease wastage Context Professional environment engenders trust and confidence Impact Network effect extends your marketing beyond the initial investment
  18. Defining your audience Getting the right message in front of the right person Professional Details Education Groups / Associations Geography Job Title/ Industry Company Name
  19. 19 Run of Professional “InCrowds” Small & Medium Business Professionals Business Decision Makers Financial Service Professionals Sales Professionals Marketing Professionals Startup Professionals Corporate Executives IT Professionals Professionals working in companies with between 50 and 500 employees Manager & Above at Any Size Company Finance Professionals, or those who work in the Financial Services Industry Professionals whose job Function is Sales or Business Development Marketing Professionals, or those who work in the Marketing & Advertising Industry Professionals working at companies with 1-50 employees Directors & Above At Companies With More Than 500 employees Professionals whose job function is IT or Engineering Custom Audience Segments Job function Industry Company Size Seniority Gender # of Connections Geo Age Company Group LinkedIn audience based targeting
  20. Our Solutions 20
  21. Data Media Social Integration Targeting Research Analytics Insights Display InMail Polls Content Ads Social Ads Company Pages Groups APIsPlugins  Profession  Seniority  Education  Industry  Company Size  Geography  Group Membership Target By iPad CMS & Trending Content
  22. 22 Company Pages Your home on the world’s largest professional network  Be found by and connect to the people that matter most  Leverage as a hub for content marketing efforts  Represent your brand identity with images and video
  23. Showcase Pages Extend your Company Page presence, effectively segment your message, and deliver it to the right audience Attract a unique set of Followers Discoverable through search Highlight association to the Company Page Deliver content through Company Updates and Sponsored Updates Two-column feed to showcase content
  24. 24 University Pages (Recommendations) University Pages give schools a single place to build their brand among key audiences, including current and prospective students, alumni, and parents.  Recommendations on University Pages are now available  Incentive for education clients to build on their page  This is a great way for alumni and students to drive engagement and seek advise on university choices  Recommendations can easily be moved from company page to university page.
  25. 25 Followers Professionals that have opted-in to a relationship with your Company  Build a direct communications channel to those most interested in your business  Engage them via: • Free Company Updates • Sponsored Updates • Sponsored InMail • API experiences and more  Recruit more through paid, owned and earned channels
  26. 26 Follower Ads Accelerate relationships with your key audiences  Maximise success by being easily discoverable  Ensure follower quality through advanced targeting  Invest only when a member takes action
  27. 27 Spotlight Ads The Spotlight Ad, couples the member’s own profile image with your brand and message. Assimilating your brand into the member’s LinkedIn experience not only presents an opportunity for true one-to-one marketing, but also results in higher average performance than standard display Spotlight Ads Drive Performance Together with landing pages featuring a custom API implementation, Spotlight Ads can serve as a native-looking entry into a very personalized brand experience for your target audience. • Demonstrated improvement in CTR and engagement vs. traditional display • Unique advertising solution only available from LinkedIn • Fully customizable ad-unit allows for fast testing and optimization
  28. 28 Company Updates Ongoing dialogue with your dedicated Followers  Deliver standard or rich media content for free  Boost relevance by targeting sub-sets of Followers  Drive engagement to fuel social sharing
  29. Sponsored Updates (SUs) Placements that appear in the LinkedIn feed on desktop, tablet, and mobile phone  Currently, there are 15 content slots on the desktop home page feed, per page view (PV)  Organic content is ranked based on expected relevance  1 slot in the first PV will be for SUs  Randomized between slot 3-5  Users must see a number of organic updates before seeing the next sponsored  Today, users won’t see more than 1 SU per PV  We will have frequency caps on the number of times a unique piece of content can be shown to a member  When companies target SUs to their followers:  We always give precedence to the organic update  The sponsored version will only appear if it would show much higher than the original organic content
  30. 30 Custom Groups Branded community where members discuss topics that matter to them  Create an authentic brand voice, share content, empower community conversations  Influence a dialog with potential customers and advocates  Cultivate long-term relationships  Demonstrate thought leadership  Gain insights and feedback
  31. 31 Join Group Ads Boost community membership  Drive awareness of the Group amongst your target audience  Use social context to help encourage sign up  Remind members why they should return to your branded community
  32. 32 SlideShare Content Ads Distribute your presentations directly to LinkedIn members  Extend reach and discoverability of your SlideShare content  Drive engagement by offering user-value  Demonstrate thought leadership and industry expertise
  33. 33 Standard Content Ads Distribute your content directly to LinkedIn members  Extend the reach of existing collateral  Drive engagement with a rich and varied format  Benefit from viral spread Share multiple feeds in a dynamically updated ad unit
  34. 34 Video Content Ads Distribute YouTube assets directly to LinkedIn members  Make your presence more effective by broadening reach  Encourage users to stay tuned-in for longer  Provoke an emotional response by bringing your message to life
  35. 35 Standard Display Ads Reach the right audience at the right time on the most accountable medium  Target influential professionals with precision  Drive high-quality audiences to your website  Showcase your brand within an aspirational context  Gain unparalleled insights with deep performance metrics
  36. 36 Audience Roadblock Exclusive ownership of your audience’s LinkedIn experience  Create impact with presence throughout the user journey  Achieve 100% SOV for the specified campaign period  Own all ad formats: 300x250, 160x600 and text link
  37. 37 Employee Profile Sponsorship Own the ad space on the profiles of your workforce  Harness your best brand ambassadors  Use profile ad space to promote your brand  Direct captivated professionals to a website or Company Page
  38. 38 Sponsored InMail (Standard) Send a personalised message directly to a member’s inbox  Ensure standout; just one message is sent every 60 days  Prompt user to take action with customizable response button  Encourage on-going dialogue with optional social widgets  Reach members on their mobile devices
  39. 39 Custom API Solutions Create innovative experiences beyond  Develop applications, microsites, promotions and more  Leverage LinkedIn data to build social context  Promote using paid, owned and earned media
  40. 40 CMS & Trending Content Introducing Content Marketing Score & Trending Content
  41. 41  The CMS is a recommendation engine that quantifies your impact by measuring your audience’s engagement with your content, benchmarking versus your peer set, and providing recommendations on how to improve.  Trending Content ranks the topics that resonate most with specific audiences on LinkedIn, so you can tailor your content for maximum relevance. CMS + Trending Content = Compelling, Relevant Content Content Marketing Score & Trending Content Two new resources to superpower your content on
  42. 42  Speak to your target audience in their languages with the new “language preference” targeting filter  Present your target audience and potential customers with a personalized page feed based on the targeting filters they best match  Enhance your company’s LinkedIn presence with the right combination of targeted Company Updates and Showcase Pages Language Preference Targeting & Personalized Page Feed
  43. How Microsoft’s Company Page could look to their target audiences if they use language preference targeting and with the personalized page feed: Page visitors in the USA • Page name and description targeted in the English language • Any company updates targeted to the geography of the USA Page visitors in China • Page name and description targeted in the Chinese language • Any company updates targeted to the geography of China 快来为你。做你喜欢。 在微软,我们帮助世界各地的人们和企业充分发挥其潜力。 我们做这个简单的任务来的生活每天都会通过我们的。 微软。4月15日几乎是在这里。一定要RSVP为我们的现场流调,当顶尖的工程师会就转向 复杂的数据转化为有意义的洞察力驱动的影响,采用了最新的数据平台技术。 Microsoft. 15 de abril es casi aquí. Asegúrese de confirmar su asistencia a nuestro principal-transmisión en vivo, cuando los mejores ingenieros hablarán en convertir datos complejos en información significativa para impulsar el impacto, utilizando las últimas tecnologías de la plataforma de datos. Ven como eres. Haz lo que amas. En Microsoft ayudamos a las personas y empresas de todo el mundo a alcanzar su máximo potencial. Hacemos esta sencilla misión cobra vida cada día a través de nuestro ... ver más Page visitors in Spain • Page name and description targeted in the Spanish language • Any company updates targeted to the geography of Spain
  44. Personalized page feed is available to Company Pages, Showcase Pages, and Affiliated Company Pages Company Page Microsoft—1,613,276 Followers Computer Software 10,001+ employees Career Page Microsoft Career Page 4,245 jobs posted Featured Groups Be Future Ready 7,025 members Showcase Pages Office 13,025 followers See more Dynamics 11,205 followers Lync 4,625 followers Visual Studio 3,078 followers Affiliated Company Pages Skype See more Microsoft Nederland Yammer Inc. Does not apply to the Career Page feed
  45. Creative Campaigns 45
  47. Reporting 47
  48. Power and Accuracy of Professional Profile Data Who Visits Your Page? Who Saw Your Campaign? Who Clicked On Your Ads? Who Viewed Your Ads?
  49. Thank you!