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Home Accidents

The subject of "Home Accidents" was prepared for primary school students.

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Home Accidents

  1. 1. falling suffocation
  2. 2. fire poisoning
  3. 3.  We should keep the windows on the top floor of our house closed.  We should make sure we keep bathroom and kitchen floors as dry as possible.  We should hide the poisons and keep them all out of reach of our children.  We should cut out sharp objects.  We should be safe with electricity.
  4. 4. b) D, B, A, C c) T F √ √ √ √ √ d) 1.Pain 2.Fracture 3.Cold Compress 4.Slip 5.Precautions
  5. 5. •You must switch off the mains. •You must sweep the ground. •You mustn’t switch on the light. •You must open the windows and the doors.
  6. 6. •You must cover it with a blanket. •You mustn’t pour water on it. •You must slap him harshly to make him conscious again. •You must put his legs high above.
  7. 7. b. (page 6) 1. She cut her finger while she was chopping the meat 2. His nose was bleeding. Therefore he put a wad in order to stop bleeding. 3. She cleaned the wet ground in order not to slip. 4. I drank some detergent when I was five. So my mother always keeps the household chemicals such as cleaners, detergents, etc out of reach. 5. The little child started crying when she fell off her bike.
  8. 8. C. (page 7) 1. smoke inhalation 2. head- on collision 3. hazardous 4. assessment 5. suffocation
  9. 9.  What happened?  When and where did it happen?  What were you doing?  Was anybody injured? If so, what did you do to help them?
  10. 10. 4 1 5 7 2 6 3 E. a (page 8)