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Executive Summary for processing of forestry woody waste and bark from the forestry industry

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Executive Summary for processing of forestry woody waste and bark from the forestry industry

  1. 1. Haim R. Branisteanu This document is proprietary and confidential in accordance with EU and US laws Page 1 of 1 12 Gotlieb Street Tel Aviv 64-392 Tel 03-523-2744 or Cellphone 054-226-8216 August 25th , 2014 Executive Summary For processing products from bark and forestry woody waste, from the forestry industry This is a proposal for the processing of forestry woody waste and bark from the forestry Industry into other useful products. The various processing venues will entail a bio-refinery whose products will generate a family of high value added products to be used in several fields;
  2. 2. 1. The lowest value added product would be a substitute for coal for central heating and various steam boilers, of smokeless and carbon neutral water hydrophobic products. 2. A family of soil decontamination products used in soil reclamation and decontamination of oil and heavy metals compounds resulting from industrial accidents or other industrial activities. 3. The second group of products would be soil enhancement products that by preserving the micro-nutrient components in the raw material will be adapted to the various soils to increase microbial fungi and ion cation exchange capabilities with certain water retention capabilities which will enhance soil productivity. 4. A more complex product with inoculation of #3 with soil and crop beneficial microorganisms targeted to specific agricultural crops and soil PH adjustment to increase crop yields as a naturally “designer” fertilizer substitute. 5. Drug delivery product for farm animal husbandry if cattle sheep or chickens inoculated or loaded with the proper medication directly to the animal’s stomach. 6. As a health improvement product enhancing microbial activity in cattle guts, and by this increasing the cattle general health and mild milk production increase of 5% to 10%. 7. Veterinarian product to faster healing and disinfection of external wounds. 8. Family of hygienic products including bandages and wipe towels for the elimination of gram –negative microbial infection or surface gram-negative microbial communities within households and hospitals. 9. Family of additional improved material to be embedded into towels, socks, bed sheets and other items that are prone to human or animal sweat decomposition and/or nitrification by eliminating the developing of unwanted odors trough microbial activity. 10. Later stage, extraction of Xylitol sweetener, Succinic Acid, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene, and crystalline cellulose and derivate compounds. Sincerely yours, Haim R. Branisteanu
  3. 3. Haim R. Branisteanu This document is proprietary and confidential in accordance with EU and US laws Page 3 of 1 REMARKS and explanations - in a nutshell the goal of the proposed project is to produce more and cheaper food - if from agriculture or animal husbandry and overcoming certain nutritional vitamins deficiency - that is it. In my document # 3 is a general products can be sold retail in 15 to 19 litter sack for around $10 to $ 16 depending on the beauty of the package mixed with all kind of crap (a blend of peat, composted cow manure, sand, coarse perlite, meat and bone meal, kelp, rock phosphate, lime, and Mycorrhizae.) If it is all wood based then same quantity sells for around $25 -$30. In my document #4 is something in between #3 and #5. The defined are is not as defined in #5 and but definitely over 500 to 1500 m2/g. On this product and on its vast area of cervices I want to attach specific beneficial microbes suitable for each crop and fertilizers. This product would be a boutique type of product adapted to the soil and crop to be cultivated, and inoculated with specially targeted microbial communities. On the other hand high quality product like #5 (#5 must be certified) -- 2.5kg sells for $46-$49 - or close to $20 per kg the difference is the surface area of the product, which is defined to have between 1,400 to 1,800 m2/g -- this is the product that will make the money. You need about 4 to 5 kg of hard wood for 1 kg of product. In addition the product is completely safe for medical drug delivery and slow release mostly for veterinarian use - see #6 there is the money!! Because it is vegetable-based it is able to adsorb numerous harmful or undesirable substances that may be present in the gastro-intestinal tract. Added side benefit is its ability to help control animal odors. Target animals include: Horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cat, poultry and birds.