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Roles of characters for planning page

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Roles of characters for planning page

  1. 1. Roles of Characters Metjon Hyseni – main character Fatima Fussaini – victim, distort mother Haisam Nassir – victim, ex solider Paige Dolan – love romance Gabriel Nwosa – victim, slave Iptisam Nassir – victim, innocent girl Aleksandrs Talanovs - Director
  2. 2. Main Character Name: Metjon Hyseni Gender: Male Character: Business Man (Manager for human trafficking) Role: Metjon is a cruel, evil Russian business man who doesn't care about anybody but himself. He takes peoples children and women from different countries to engage them into human trafficking. He ruins every other characters life because he either took someone close to them or took them and lied to them in getting what he wants. He main priority is money and doesn't care if anybody gets hurt.
  3. 3. Victim – (mentally ill character) Name: Fatima Fussaini Gender: Female Character: Distort mentally ill mother Role: Fatima is a mentally ill character who sees ghostly spirits around her. She can interact with these spirits however, she's the only one that can see this. Her child was taken away by the evil Russian business man and nobody believes Fatima because of her illness. Metjon then tries to engage Fatima into human trafficking however she is too much work because of what illness she has and how much she's suffering from her child's kidnap.
  4. 4. Victim – (ex solider now into trafficking) Name: Haisam Nassir Gender: Female Character: victim for human trafficking, ex solider. Role: Haisam was taken as a solider to another country called the Netherlands where the Russian business man takes all his workers. She thought she was going there to start a different career however, she engaged with the wrong person that would change her life forever. She is now an ex solider, nobody knows where she is. She is forced into doing things she doesn't want to do and is forced to do drugs. She has no escape and is trapped with this cruel man.
  5. 5. Victim – innocent young lady Name: Paige Dolan Gender: Female Character: innocent young lady Role: Paige was taken from her homeland out of the blue. She enjoys dancing and wants to pursue a career path of being a dancer. This all came to an end when she was founded by Metjon, the cruel business man. He lied to her to make her go to the Netherlands with him. The only problem is, is that he falls in love with Paige and he doesn't know he's getting played by her. She wants to get revenge on him because she knows what he's been doing how much he's ruining other peoples lives. She plays along with his little romance, him not knowing she has a purpose and she knows all the main victims and what he's been doing. Does she get caught out?
  6. 6. Victim – African slave Name: Gabriel Nwosa Gender: Male Character: innocent young man taken to become a slave for Metjon. Role: Gabriel was taken from his homeland called Madinga. He was taken to become a slave for Metjon the cruel business man. Metjon doesn't care how old Gabriel is and if he wants a good career for himself. He just took him to his country for him to work for Metjon as a slave. He gets abused and forced to do things he doesn't want to do including trafficking.
  7. 7. Victim – innocent child Name: Iptisam Nassir Gender: Female Character: innocent child gets taken by Metjon, Russian business man. Role: This is Fatima’s child that was taken away. Metjon intruded in Fatima's house and kidnapped this little girl to hurt the mother and to make his business with a wider age range. She was taken at such as young age which broke the mothers heart. This is why Fatima’s character is a distort mother because of her child. However, nobody believes her because she's mentally ill. Iptisam was taken however, didn't know where she was going. She was so innocent and Metjon wanted to destroy that about her and put her in the human trafficking to make his business a success. This is why Metjon is the main character of the trailer because he destroys everybody's lives to try benefit his.