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Resume - HMR

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Resume - HMR

  1. 1. Hamza Rehman ACCA Email: Professional Summary Education I am a chartered accountant with a global track record of leading Financial Planning, Business Analysis & Business intelligence teams to help organizations identify & capitalize on opportunities to deliver enhanced financial & operational performance. I have extensive experience in embedding analytics and reporting across the organization and extracting business insights to increase sales conversion, reduce client churn, increase operational efficiency and guide strategic planning, forecasts, feasibility analysis, capital budgeting and cost reduction initiatives. My skill set includes:  Business planning, Financial analysis, Financial modelling, Forecasting, Budgeting, Investment appraisal, Strategic Planning  Developing, assessing and re-engineering business & performance measurement processes to aid value addition  Presenting and anchoring proposals to senior management for approval and alignment  Defining, evaluating financial and operational KPI frameworks and related monitoring and control mechanisms enhancing governance & control Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA UK) Highest score holder globally in Management Information Systems Highest score holder UK in both Financial Reporting & Management Reporting St. Mary’s Academy - University of Cambridge GCE A level 4 A’s - (Overall 95%) St. Mary’s Academy - University of Cambridge GCE O level 7 A’s - (Overall 93%) Professional Experience Feb 2013 – To date Aug 2008 – Feb 2013 Major Projects & Accomplishments Financial Modeling & Analysis Lead– Telenor Group (Headquartered in Norway, Telenor is the 12th largest global Telecom operator) Responsible for providing analysis and insights into ongoing performance and proposed investments to support senior management decision making by leading the design & development of business cases including modeling the planned outlay and return profile, challenging and validating assumptions, performing sensitivity & risk assessments, monitoring benefit realization and presenting & defending proposals in relevant management committees. Manager Financial Planning and Business Analysis – MTBC (A USA based, Deloitte Fast 500 Company) As part of the management team I supported and challenged senior management in the strategic planning process, owned the long range planning and the annual forecasting & budgeting process and the quarterly and monthly performance assessment & reviews in coordination with department heads. Also enabled continuous operational excellence through weekly and daily monitoring, analysis and reporting of day to day operations and dialogue with process owners to ensure all units are on track to the achievement of the organizational financial & operational targets.  Created and maintained the 5 year long range plan to ensure that the strategic goals are attainable and supported by the operational and financial plans, got input and buy-in from all department heads involved in the value chain including strategy, sales & marketing, customer support, Operations, IT, Treasury & financial operations and R&D. Also supported senior management strategic decision making by providing analysis of past performance trends, identifying areas where change is required to meet targets and modelling business value drivers and environmental assumptions to facilitate on the fly what-if analysis and sensitivity analysis of the long range plan. As a result provided key inputs towards defining both the targets and adjusting the related execution plans e.g. I identified that the 5 year revenue targets were not achievable without suitable M&A and helped overcome the middle managements resistance to the acquisition focused strategy and later helped senior management realize that the proposed M&A plan was too aggressive for existing operations to absorb without significant expansion of capacity, also highlighted the pressing need to reduce both organic and acquired client churn (much to the surprise of the process owners) and how halving the ramp-up time for new clients would contribute towards the revenue targets while easing some pressure off of sales and support teams and how sales needed to move away from our traditional small client profile and towards larger enterprises to sustain growth
  2. 2.  As owner of the annual forecasting and budgeting process I was responsible for getting and consolidating the input from the various department heads and ensuring that they are aligned with the high level strategic targets and the long range plan. Also oversaw the resulting quarterly and monthly performance reviews including the presentation of analysis and commentary of any variances between actual and planned results and assisting department heads in formulating updated targets for the rolling forecast making up for any shortfalls and incorporating any updated assumptions. Over my tenure, the time and effort spent on the administrative part of the process fell by 50% and average monthly variances fell from 25% to just 5%.  To augment the standard planning and reporting processes and instil a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence senior management wanted to adopt a balanced scorecard approach to performance management and I was appointed the strategic and operational owner of the initiative (The COO being the strategic sponsor). I lead and guided the management team in defining the key business drivers underlying the strategy and linking each driver to its supporting KPI’s which were cascaded down from the strategic level to the department, unit & operational levels; grouped into financial, customer centricity, healthcare practice operational efficiency and sales & marketing KPIs. I ensured that each driver had both leading and lagging KPIs so that red flags are raised before performance suffers, and facilitated analysis of past trends and modelled the links with the long range plan needed to finalize the measurement basis, reporting interval, acceptable performance level thresholds and escalation paths and then coordinated closely with the IT teams for the implementation of hierarchical real-time dashboards where each user, from the CCO down to billing staff, can see a snapshot of the KPIs relevant to them as well as the performance of their direct reports, automatically highlighting areas which need attention. This ensured that all stakeholders are on-board towards the achievement of the new strategic targets and that all departments and processes are aligned with the strategic plan and that any deviations are duly identified and control actions taken at the source. This also helped more constructive planning during the week start and day start management meetings.  As owner of the Management Information Systems (MIS) lead the initiative to replace the 3 disparate and often conflicting MIS’ (used by the healthcare providers & hospital administrators, by operational staff and by the Finance Business Partner & analysts team) with a new Business Intelligence module to reduce the time and effort spent in compiling and reporting data and increase the consistency, accuracy and reliability of reported information. The new module made use of data visualizations, customizable views, dynamic drill downs, slices and filters to facilitate more actionable and on the fly analysis and insights and allowed hospital & company staff to get the information they needed without having to approach database developers and analysts. Not only did it reduce the time needed to act on information but virtually eliminated the need to prepare the manual month end reporting packages – reducing 3 days’ worth of work to just 30 seconds.  Responsible for financial & operational modelling to assist decision making including contribution margin analysis (which helped identify the smallest client size we could take on profitably), insurance and patient payments forecasting models to help cash flow planning, models for assessing the impact of alternative pricing policies, client churn prediction models to identify ‘at risk’ clients (based on operational trends, customer interactions, AR behaviour, product usage trends etc.), design of alternative ‘patient discounted payment plans’, ‘credit assessments’ and alternative reminder frequencies to help reduce outstanding patient dues, predictive patient visit models to proactively identify and reach out to patients to increase patient visits and hence revenue, models for reducing the cost and increasing the return on patient and paper billing etc.  Automated manual reconciliation and reporting processes in the Finance department using VBA based Macros reducing hours of work to just a click of a button increasing both accuracy and efficiency of the processes.  The ADAM project was a USD 70 Million transformation project which was not getting traction in the business units. I was assigned the task of assessing and if found viable subsequently promoting its feasibility to help the project approval. I lead the background & scoping investigation, aligned with both strategic and operational stakeholders to understand their priorities and get their buy in, challenged, investigated and improved the business case methodology and assumptions such as impact on Time to market, capex, opex, personnel, vendor rate cards, growth & inflation rates, operational efficiencies and ramp up, tax etc. and defined 3 alternative scenarios for the proposal, performed a sensitivity analysis of the NPV to the major assumptions and risk analysis, and after conducting validation workshops with the affected teams I anchored with and presented the final proposal to management and successfully secured the approval to advance the project to the next stage. The feedback from the 360 review was “had it not been for Hamza the project would not be moving ahead” and the Head of Program portfolio specifically requested that I assist with his future programs too.
  3. 3.  Successfully lead the international project for introducing Activity Based Costing & cost visibility best practice within the organizations of Telenor Norway, Hungary, Bangladesh & Myanmar and assisted in the projects for Telenor Pakistan & Thailand. This involved managing strict deadlines and resource constraints and working closely with and coordinating stakeholders across the organization ranging functionally from Finance to Sourcing to IT and hierarchically from CFOs/CTOs to line employees. As a result of the successful implementation each business unit got visibility into its cost drivers and the ability to perform detailed bottom up budgeting, variance analysis and modeling while reducing the time and effort needed from 3 weeks to just 1 day.  As part of the acquisition team, helped in profiling acquisition targets, was involved in the financial and operational due diligence reviews, lead the creation of the post- acquisition operational & financial models to aid the acquisition decisions and valuation negotiations, lead the creation and execution of the transition plans ensuring the successful integration of these ventures. Concluded three acquisitions during my tenure resulting in growth of the revenue base by over 60%.  Successfully led efforts to retain some of the largest clients contributing to over 15% of the overall revenue of the company, which were on the verge of leaving. This involved the negotiation, structuring, and execution of their financial and operational turnaround. I met with the clients management, established realistic operational KPI’s and revenue targets based on operational and financial analysis and ensured that all deliverables were met on time and to the clients’ satisfaction regaining their trust and ultimately their continued relation with the company – making them some of our best promoters. Relevant Skills & Proficiencies Hobbies and Interests Nationality References Leadership Skills: Have lead teams of various sizes ranging from just 5 members to the management of a department of 25 highly skilled individuals from some of the top universities. Presentation Skills: Have plenty of experience presenting to various levels of management ranging from line management to senior board level executives including external parties such as investors and clients. Interpersonal Skills: The various job responsibilities have required interaction with personnel across cultures and at all levels of the organizational hierarchy as well as with clients both at an individual level and as part of various teams. IT Skills: Proficient in MS Office Programs, especially MS Excel and the use of Macros/VBA automation/Active X and Form controls/MS query. Experience of, VBA, VB 6, C#/VB.Net, C++ and the use of SQL for querying and manipulating data & models. Hobbyist Programmer, Leisure Reading British To be provided on demand