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Southern Institute of Water Resources Research Activities

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This presentation is part of the ProSPER.Net Young Researchers' School 2017 ‘Water Security for Sustainable Development in a Changing Climate’.

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Southern Institute of Water Resources Research Activities

  1. 1. 07/03/2017 1 Southern Institute of Water Resources Research Head Office: 658 Vo Van Kiet, Dist. 5, Ho Chi Minh City Second base: Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province Tel: (84.8) 3923 8320 – Fax: (84.8) 3923 5028 Email: Website: ISO 9001: 2008 WELCOME Contents General Information Research and Activities General Information SIWRR established in 1978, a state agency of scientific, technological research and training for southern provinces MARD MOST VAWRGDWR SIWRR MONRE VNMC MOET Functions and duties Research on Water Resources Science & Technology Post graduated training; for M.Sc. level link with Universities Consultation on water resources International cooperation on training, science and technology Professional sections (10 Centers and Departments) Director board Scientific council Humanity & Admin. Planning, Financial and Accounting Training and International Coordination Organizations ISO 9001: 2008 CentersCentersCentersCenters DepartmentsDepartmentsDepartmentsDepartments Irrigation & Water Supply Water Resources Engineering River Dynamic Research & Bank Protection Works Environment and Water Resources Construction Materials Research River training and Natural disaster protection Foundation & Geotechnical Engineering Dept Consulting and technological development GIS, Remote sensing and surveying Hydraulics & Hydraulic Structure Organizations
  2. 2. 07/03/2017 2 Humanity resources About 200 staffs in different professional scientific and technological fields Research Facilities Experimental laboratories: Binh Duong General Experimental Lab Environmental Chemistry laboratory Hydraulic and Hydro dynamic laboratory Construction materials laboratory Geo-technical Laboratory Main research fields Water resources research, assessment, planning, development and management; Water quality and quantity assessment, management and forecasting (saline intrusion, drought, acid water dispersion , flood…) Irrigation and drainage systems, soil reclamation, water supply (agriculture, aquaculture, domestic and industry); Design hydraulic works (sluices, canals, hydropower, pump station, reservoir, sea dike, embankment...); Main research fields River training, coastal zone, strategies and work for river bank protection; Natural disasters protection and control (flood control, riverbank and coastal zone erosion, risk analysis); Geo-techniques (weak soils, problem soils, foundation techniques…) Construction materials. GIS, Remote sensing and survey; Main research fields Environmental impact Assessment; Water resources pollution monitoring and management; Engineering and Technology of wasted water, solid wastes treatment (agriculture, I&D,…); International technologies coordination Software development (hydraulic, WQ, water source elements, database, GIS, SCADA,...). Scope of research
  3. 3. 07/03/2017 3 Contents General Information Research and Activities Water Resources R&P&D&EM Modelling W.R assessment Salinity intrusion Flood control Tidal inundation Impact assessment Laboratory Hydraulic &WQ Monitoring Physical model Structures design and construction
  4. 4. 07/03/2017 4 Irrigation O&M, Asset Management SCADA: assist WR management International Coordination Training and Technology Transfer THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION