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Engaging Young Adults in Achieving SDGs: RCE Minna Model

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Engaging Young Adults in Achieving SDGs: RCE Minna Model
Case Study Session
Mr Ibn-Mohammed Isah, RCE Minna
9th African Regional RCE Meeting
5-7 August, 2019, Luyengo, Eswatini

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Engaging Young Adults in Achieving SDGs: RCE Minna Model

  1. 1. 2019/08/12 1 Engaging Young Adults in Achieving SDGs; RCE Minna Model Isah Ibn-Mohammed Secretary RCE Minna Youth Network 9th African RCE Regional Conference Kingdom of Eswatini 5th-7th August, 2019 Presentation outline i. Opening ii. Brief about Niger state iii. The project iv. The situation v. The task vi. What we set out to achieve vii. Our strategy viii. Implementation ix. Results x. Closing Point of Note –It is important to look at the theme of the 9th RCE conference; Accelerating Progress towards the achievement of SDGs in Africa. Niger State; Minna – Niger State is one of the 36 states in Nigeria – Arguably, Niger state most peaceful state in the country – Niger state houses two past Heads of State of Nigeria, among other numerous distinguished personalities – The State houses two major power dams, Kainji and Shiroro dams with a third one under construction at Zungeru the reason the state is called the Power State – Niger state is a tourism hub with a lot of tourist site like the Gurara falls, Zuma rock, the Moving rock, Mayanka falls, Baro empire hills, Kainji game reserve and Nigeria’s first Railway Locomotive Engine at Wushishi and many more. – Minna where our RCE is domiciled is the capital of Niger State and just two hours drive to Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital. The Project {Situation} Engaging Young Adults in Achieving SDGs: RCE Minna Model
  2. 2. 2019/08/12 2 We realized👌 Tree fallen has become an integral part of daily living, more so that it is the cheapest form of fuel for many household. Many urban areas are lacking luster in having enough tress to mitigating serious wind or the emission of c02. This threatens the sustainability of the environment of the area and other areas by extension. Schools bereft of trees Young adults unaware of there (trees) importance. No trees… The Task –The task we had after identifying the problem was to devise a way of engaging young people into seeing the importance of tree planting and not just planting but becoming environmental champions and ESD preachers.
  3. 3. 2019/08/12 3 Objectives – To enhance the capacity of young adults through capacity training in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and SDGs 13 – To decrease Environmental Leadership deficit in high school by at least 10% by the end of 2019 we have adequately covered 28 % already – To enhance a platform for selected high school students leaders to share ideas, brain storm and network beyond their primary communities at the end of the project. – To increase community participation, selflessness and volunteerism at the end of the project – To plant at least 2,000 trees through direct involvement of the students Our Strategy – Doing-It-Differently’ Model adopted from Foundation for African Arts and Letters New York through IBBU Center for Learning Communities,; simply puts the student in the center-stage employing non-formal educational programs and creating learning environment outside the classroom to blend classroom work, hinging on the major thrust of ESD – RCE Minna-DIDM is an new approach to preaching sustainability related issues to young people in such a way that it is attractive and fun, through this, we are able deliver the ESD to young adults and support the realization of the four major thrusts of the ESD as identified in Chapter 36 of Agenda 21; with specific emphasis on target three (3); Developing public understanding and awareness of sustainability; our newest invention is through the promotion of the Advance Food 3D Printers Implementation – During the SENSA project, RCE Minna employed a multi- programming approach, capacity building of young student leaders, most especially those in Environmental, Geography and Agricultural club was included on the core program menu. – Thus, volunteers majorly from the RCE Minna Youth Network were deployed to 15 schools equally divided between the 3 senatorial districts in the state to engage young adults in capacity building viz a viz environmental awareness and advocacy Advocacy Advocacy Advocacy
  4. 4. 2019/08/12 4 Results (Impacts) – So far, through the project we have built the capacity of more than 750 young adults in reorienting them on sustainability and sustainable tree planting practices. – Because of our capacity building project, some participants presented RCE Minna at the 4th Youth Virtual conference where they shared their knowledge and experiences gained on climate change and sustainability. – Participants are also currently working with us to implement the Green Finger Summer Camp program targeting kids from age 6-10. – New young environmental leaders have emerged in their communities, interestingly, over 500 tress have already been planted directly by High School Students through the project. Closing –No one is born a good citizen; No nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from youths servers its lifeline" - Kofi Annan Ngiyabonga