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My C.V Supervisor

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My C.V Supervisor

  1. 1. Hany Magdy Kamel 32, El Hussein Ibn Ali Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Phone: (202) 27772577 - 27772991, Mobile: (0100) 6197498, OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging position as a Supervisor Production Pharmacist in a pharmaceutical company whereby my experience, academic background and interpersonal skills can be utilized and developed. EXPERIENCE Working as a Production Supervisor Pharmacist in EVA Pharma in the solid dosage form department ''Tablet Department & Effervescent Section'' from November 2013 until now. Responsibilities: 1) Following up the dispensing of raw materials from the raw materials ware house. 2) Preparation of different products using wet or dry granulation in accordance to GMP regulations. 3) Following up of all compression operations on Fette, Kilian & Korch compression machines. 4) Trouble shooting of compression problems. 5) Following up all coating processes on Glatt Coater, Akhenaton Coater & Pan Coater. 6) Performing all IPC tests for compressed &/or coated tablets of different products. 7) Following up the sachetting of the effervescent products on LA 5000 & LA 160. 8) Supervision of all stripping operations. 9) Supervision of the manual & automatic packaging of different products. 10) Follow up the dispensing of the finished products to the finished products ware house. 11) Follow up the calibration of the weighing balances & PH meter every day. 12) All documentation activities of the production batch records. 13) Follow up the achievement of the monthly plan of the department & ensure its complete achievement. Worked as a Production Pharmacist in Amoun Pharmaceuticals from June 2007 until October 2013; 1) Solid dosage form department ''Tablet Department & Effervescent Section'' from July 2007 till June 2009: all preparation & packaging activities related to production processes. 2) Holding total responsibilities during night shifts from June 2009 till May 2010 which include all preparations & packaging activities in the solid, effervescent & SemiSolid departments. 3) SemiSolid department "syrups, suspensions, sprays, gargles, lotions, creams & suppositories" from May 2010 until October 2013.
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TECHNICAL SKILLS HORUS FACTORY IN THE TENTH OF RAMADAN:  Managed Successfully the Implementation & Installation of the new Horus Factory in the 10th of Ramadan.  Managed successfully the implementation of the site plant Orientation & HVAC System in the new Horus Factory in the 10th of Ramadan.  Managed successfully the achievement of the new Horus Factory in the 10th of Ramadan Working Licence.  Managed the Successfully the IQ & OQ of machines in the new Horus Factory in the 10th of Ramadan. NEW FILTRATION SYSTEM IN LIQUIDS DEPARTMENT IN AMOUN PHARMACEUTICAL:  Successfully managed the new Housing Filtration Systems Project. "PolyKlean & BetaKlean Cartridge Filtration system, Nylon bag & Polyester Bag Filtration System" in Amoun.  Conducted a successful research to decrease the sucrose amount in a product from 3500 kg to 1500 kg & the ethyl alcohol from 350 L to 180 L in Amoun. GENERAL PROFESSIONAL SKILLS:  Using SAP operating system for all production operations in Amoun.  Conducted many currently used SOPs for operating & cleaning of machines in accordance with GMP  Successfully managed the complete achievement of the monthly & annual production plan. COMPUTER AND LANGUAGE SKILLS  Perfect knowledge of Windows Applications: MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.  Excellent knowledge of Internet and E-mail.  Very good command of both Arabic and English languages (written and spoken).  Good knowledge of French (had some courses to improve my French). EDUCATION Bachelor degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Faculty of Pharmacy, Misr International University (MIU), Cairo, Egypt, June 2005. Major: Pharmacy GPA: 3.71 / 4 Grade: excellent with high honour. Toxicology Course, Georgia University, March 2005-April 2005 Clinical Pharmacy 1 Oncology Course, Georgia University, December 2004-Januray 2005 Thanaweya Amma, St. George School, Egypt, June 2000 Scored: 93%
  3. 3. INTERNSHIP  Production, Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments: Amoun Pharmaceuticals, Cairo, 20th July -20th August 2004.  Sales and Marketing Department: Glaxo Smith Kline, Cairo, July 2003.  Production, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments: Sedico Pharmaceuticals, Cairo, August 2002. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Member in Charity groups: Solicited donations for the orphans.  Having courses in soft skills, social counselling & psychology. HOBBIES & INTERESTS  Reading, music & sports. PERSONAL DATA  Date of birth: 12/3/1983  Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt.  Nationality: Egyptian.  Religion: Christian.  Marital status: single  Military Service: Exempted from military service.  Civil obligation: Exempted from the civil obligation.  Driving licence: Valid. REFERENCES FURNISHED UPON REQUEST