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Why the NIV is a Reliable Biblical Text

Infographic explaining why the NIV is a complete and reliable Biblical text.

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Why the NIV is a Reliable Biblical Text

  1. 1. The NIV is a complete & reliable biblical text. HERE ARE SOME GOOD REASONS WHY: FROM VERSE TO FOOTNOTE NIV NOTE MATTHEW 18:[11] A. SOME MANUSCRIPTS INCLUDE HERE THE WORDS OF LUKE 19:10. In instances where some translations include a verse that does not appear in the oldest and most reliable ancient manuscripts, the NIV includes that same content as a footnote. 4TH CENTURY A.D. EARLIEST MANUSCRIPTS 12TH CENTURY A.D. LATER MANUSCRIPTS USED IN THE EARLIEST ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS 2011 A.D. NIV TRANSLATION NIV THE OLDER THE BETTER. NEW TESTAMENT MANUSCRIPTS: Because scholars have recently discovered so many ancient manuscripts, the source materials on which the NIV is based were written nearly 1,000 years closer to the time of Biblical events than those used in the earliest English translations (such as the Tyndale translation of the early 1500’s or the Geneva Bible of 1560), making the NIV more reliable. Many of which are as old as the 4th century A.D.! 1ST CENTURY A.D. LIFE OF JESUS THE NIV NEW TESTAMENT IS BASED ON 5,200 MANUSCRIPTS LEARN MORE AT WWW.THENIVBIBLE.COM/FAQS • ACCURATE • REA DABLE • CLEAR