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Cyber Scotland Connect: What is Security Engineering?

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What is Security Engineering?: Thoughts on the definition, placement, role and job of working within security engineering. Then a scenario of the activities a Security Engineer might do throughout a project. Finally, some resources and thoughts on skills for 2018.
Slides by: Harry McLaren

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Cyber Scotland Connect: What is Security Engineering?

  1. 1. What is [Cyber]Security Engineering? Harry McLaren – Managing Consultant at ECS
  2. 2. Harry McLaren •Alumnus of Napier University • Active Student Mentor •Managing Consultant at ECS [Security] • Splunk Enablement Lead, Engineer & Architect • Previous Roles: • Security Engineer, SOC Analyst, IT Technician
  3. 3. Coming Up: •Definition of [Cyber]Security Engineering •NIST Security Framework •It’s All About the PPTs! •Scenario Based Walkthrough •Best Practices for Engineers in 2018 •Resources ~25mins
  4. 4. Building things to protect, detect, and respond to threats. [Risk Management Control]
  5. 5. Image Source: Fuze
  6. 6. Types of Engineering (Not Exhaustive!) Systems Deployment & Configuration Systems Integration Setup of Automation & Orchestration Solution Development
  7. 7. It’s All About the PPTs! Successful Projects People Process Technology
  8. 8. People & Process • Who’s the end user? • Who’s going to support it? • How extensible is it? • What are the training requirements? • How do people feel? • Building champions! • How does it fit within the businesses IT? • How does it align to the company strategy? • Does it leverage best practices for design/build/deploy? • How resilient to change is the solution?
  9. 9. Scenario Walkthrough 1. Business Has Problem: Security Monitoring Desperate Data Sources, Data Siloed, Cross-Functional Use Cases, Legacy “Big Data” Choose a Technology: 2. Magic??? 3. 1-12 Months Later… Success!
  10. 10. Systems Deployment & Configuration • High/Low-Level Designs • Technical Architecture • Infrastructure Build • Software Deployment • Software Configuration
  11. 11. Integration into Other Systems • Data Collection • Data On-boarding • RESTful API • CMDB (Identities & Assets) • Workflow / Ticketing • Contextual Analysis
  12. 12. Setup of Automation & Orchestration • Automated Build • Auto-scaling • Responsive Actions • Version Control • Configuration Management
  13. 13. Solution Development • Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) • Self Service • End-to-End Business Support & Development • Centres of Excellence • Solution Champions
  14. 14. Best Practices for Engineers in 2018 • Outcome based Development (Lean/Scrum/Agile) • Version Control (VCS) • Configuration Management (CMS) • Development & Release Frameworks (Route-to-Live) • Capture Knowledge • Build Lab Environments • Containerisation for Rapid & Mobile Development • Leverage Cloud Agility • Consider Multi-Cloud • Facilitate the Business, Don’t be a Blocker
  15. 15. Resources • Splunk/ Data Analytics • Intro to Splunk • Free 2-day Course • Threat Hunting • Agile based Development • Version Control 101 • Configuration Management 101 • Getting Things Done Methodology • Cloud • Free AWS Tier / Training • Free Azure Tier / Training • Starting with Docker • Starting with Python • Starting with Go
  16. 16. Say Hello! @cyberharibu
  17. 17. Cyber Scotland Connect •Community Directed Group (What Do You Want?) Shape Us •Slack! (Website Coming Soon!) Connect with Us •Seeking Contributions (Speaking, Practical Labs, Etc) Share with Us