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Implement auto refresh function in oracle ebs 12.1.3

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How to Implement auto refresh feature in ebs 12.1.3
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Implement auto refresh function in oracle ebs 12.1.3

  1. 1. Implement auto refresh function in EBS 12.1.3+ Auto Refresh function inside SRS screen Oraask
  2. 2. Page 1 What we are about to explain now is how to implement Auto refresh functionality inside SRS screen for Oracle E-Business Suite R11,R12 just like standard function implemented into SRS screen in newest version of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.6. Basically you will reduce the number of mouse clicks and [alt+r] on each request. I just want to help others to be more relaxed  and I hope so. Let’s get started: ----------------- 1- First step is to download SRS form called (FNDRSRUN.fmb) from $AU_TOP to your local machine and open it with oracle forms builder to modify it. 2- Second we’ll create a Control block with name (CTRL_BLK_REFR) and then add two items on the SRS form into control block we created recently and assign the properties of these items like follows:  Item 1 : - Name: AUT_REFR - Item type: Check Box - Subclass information: CHECKBOX - Label: Auto Refresh (&B) - Value when Checked: 1 - Value when Unchecked: 0 - Check Box Mapping of Other Values: Unchecked - Maximum length: 1 - Initial value: 0 - Database Item: No - Canvas : JOBS - Height: 0.2
  3. 3. Page 2  Item 2: - Name: REF_INTERVAL - Item type: Text Item - Subclass information: TEXT_ITEM - Initial value: 5 - Lowest Allowed Value: 1 - Highest Allowed Value: 30 - Database Item: No - Maximum length: 2 - Canvas : JOBS - Height: 0.2 Observing CANVAS value of two items, we created inside control block but we’ll display them on JOBS Canvas. 3- Third step is after add this item’s into the Block, arrange them into a proper location inside your canvas something like this:
  4. 4. Page 3 4- Forth step is to add this code to trigger (WHN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE).  This code basically to create timer. 5- Fifth step is to add new trigger (WHEN-TIMER-EXPIRED) on form level and put this code inside: Declare -- v_timer TIMER; -- Begin -- :CTRL_BLK_REFR.REF_INTERVAL := 5; v_timer := Create_Timer('AUTREFTIMER', : CTRL_BLK_REFR.REF_INTERVAL * 1000 , REPEAT); -- End; Declare -- v_timer TIMER; -- Begin -- v_timer := Find_Timer('AUTREFTIMER'); -- IF NOT ID_NULL(v_timer) THEN -- IF (:CTRL_BLK_REFR.AUT_REFR = 1) THEN -- Go_item('JOBS.REFRESH'); Execute_trigger('WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED'); -- END IF; -- END IF; -- End;
  5. 5. Page 4  Here we go to standard button (Refresh) and execute its trigger to do its job after timer expired and at that time for initial value of the (REF_INTERVAL) item is 5 seconds. 6- Now this the last step of extending this form, just we need to add new (WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM) TRIGGER on item (REF_INTERVAL) to handle the timer with new value of seconds entered in this item to refresh the concurrent based on that value. You to put this code: Now we are finished from extending SRS form and add new small feature that will save your nerves  Just move the FMB to the server and compile it into $FND_TOP. - For best practices you should mark this form as changed flag from (Applications Manager) to save your changes from any patch will apply and affect this form. Note: We are not responsible about production issue’s that may happen because of wrong implementation of this functionality. So please be careful and try it first in test instance to make sure 100% its working fine as see in the picture below: Declare -- v_timer TIMER; -- begin -- v_timer := Find_Timer('AUTREFTIMER'); -- IF NOT ID_NULL(v_timer) THEN Delete_Timer('AUTREFTIMER'); END IF; -- v_timer := Create_Timer('AUTREFTIMER', NVL(:CTRL_BLK_REFR.REF_INTERVAL,5) *1000, REPEAT); -- end;
  6. 6. Page 5 ---------- That’s it. Hope this helpful.